Netflix for Android Updated to Support Previously Listed Devices


Yesterday, Netflix updated their Android market listing to show a massive list of new devices that can playback streaming video using their application. Unfortunately, those devices were still unable to actually use the application as Netflix forgot to update the .APK file along with the market listing. Well, they’ve realized their mistake and have issued that update in the Android market. Download it, install it, and enjoy your Netflix subscription on the go before you’re forced into a new plan. The full list of devices – new ones included – is below. [Thanks Bryan!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. confirmed working on my charge, good times!

  2. now all we need is netflix for tablets!

  3. Doesn’t work on my Thunderbolt still :(

    Edit: Uninstalled and installed it again. WORKS!!! AMAZING :D

    1. Same. I updated the app from the morning and it works like a charm (on the Thunderbolt).

      edit: Oh, I’m on a stock Thunderbolt w/ the MR2 OTA update

      1. Yeah I’m on stock MR2 too.

        Are you experiencing video/audio sync lag? I was watching a video then someone called and when I went to resume the video, the video lags, but it is out of sync with the audio.

        I’m on Wifi.

        1. I am experiencing the same video/audio sync lag…bummer.

        2. Hmm, I just called myself and when I disconnected, I was brought back to the netflix queue screen where I was able to hit the “resume” button next to the episode (watching a tv series). When it reloaded, nothing seems out of sync. Speech and lips look just right.

          I’m on a 4G connection right now.

          Edit: I also, in the middle of the stream playing, brought down the notification pane which caused the video to pause. After hitting play again it jumps right back and audio/video is still in sync.

  4. Hurray! Now my train commutes will contain 100 percent more Futurama

  5. Droid 2 Global – installed app. Signed in. Selected a video to watch. Video started to open and then the app restarted. Sigh, I really wanted this to work.

  6. Where is the Xoom!?

  7. I just tried it on the Xoom and it works!

  8. Doesn’t work on my Droid 3. The video screen pops up and it sits at 0:00. I tried pause/play a few times to getting it going – no luck. I dragged the timeline ahead, it buffered, but still doesn’t play. Uninstalled/re installed to thew same result

    1. Worked fine on my Droid 3. Picture was fantastic! Try rebooting. Some other app might be gumming up the video. I’ve had that happen before. Reboot cleared it up.

  9. Captivate 2.2 working great as well now!

  10. Still can’t download it for my SGS.

  11. Installed it on my Tab10.1 and it works well. Its not just a glorified queue manager anymore.

  12. Working on GT 10.1 and the Vibrant-on the same day-omfg.

  13. FUCK MOTOROLA AND NETFLIX. They don’t even support MY ATRIX.

  14. Working fine on my stock Xoom now

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