Jul 11th, 2011

It seemed like ages passed as Android users pined for the Words with Friends only to be greeted with an app that has been riddled with bugs since its launch. Enter EA with the official version of the word game from which Words with Friends takes its gameplay cues, Scrabble. It’s free and is just about everything you’d expect and maybe a bit more. Online, cross-platform multiplayer with Android, iOS, and Facebook users will provide you with plenty of opponents to flex your vocabulary muscles or you can face-off against a random adversary. Teacher mode shows you the best possible move for your previous turn, helping you to become a Scrabble player with every tile you place.

If you are feeling a bit irritated with the poor performance of Words with Friends but need your fix of classic crossword action you have no excuse not to check out Scrabble in the Android Market now.

Android Market Link: Scrabble