Now is Not the Time for Texts on the Now Network, Sprint Users Experiencing SMS Outages


If no one is responding to your text messages today and you happen to be a Sprint subscriber, it’s not because they are ignoring you. The carrier is reporting SMS outages across their network and has taken to Twitter to reassure the masses that they are well aware of the problem and are hard at work on a fix. If on the other hand no one is responding to your text messages and you don’t happen to be a Sprint user, then yes, they are most likely ignoring you. What a pity.

[via Engadget]

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  1. That’s weird because At&t is experiencing the same problems as of late. Delayed texts and texts not received. I’ve confirmed it with multiple friends on At&t, however all of them have iPhones. I sent four texts to my friend’s iPhone yesterday and he didn’t receive a single one! Pretty awesome considering my contract costs $120 per month. Ralph Nader needs to attack American cellular service providers. Charging for mobile hot spots and selling expensive text messaging plans for services that don’t operate properly is just shameful.

    1. Verizon users have been experiencing SMS issues also. Very odd indeed.

    2. Oh look how reliable T-Mobile is, no outage whatsoever :)

  2. Yeah, I dealt with this for 4 hours. It’s back now though, in the Fox Valley, WI. I’m glad you guys always know whats up (:

  3. It was out here in FL but not for long(about 20-30 mins).

  4. Works for me.

  5. gf is having problems
    sprint and att are just awful awful servies
    t mobile 4 life

    1. Because Tmobile never had issues…….

    2. and you’ll be amongst the att folks once the merger is through

  6. ATT/Pacific Bell from 1996 both have the same cutting edge solution. Turn your phone off and on and you will be good to go. My GF has att and it happens all the time and she is always mad at me for not texting her. Way to make improvement in the past 15 years. LOL

  7. i thought it was only me….. they need to fix this

  8. Was experiencing this for a couple of hours yesterday but wasn’t a big deal since I ported my mobile number over to Google Voice (thank you Sprint!) and just used the Voice app =p

  9. There wasn’t and outage up here in Alaska. I guess we’re just lucky like that.

  10. This outage didn’t affect me at all and I definitely texted people after 5pm on Monday. Oh well guess I was lucky. Me and my Evo 3D just breezing along

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