The Android Invasion Is Stronger Than Ever, Resistance is Futile [Images]


I knew this day would come, dammit! And you know what? I’ll gladly submit to my green Android overlords. HTC, in a stunt to promote the launches of the Flyer, Sensation and some of their S devices, has filled the Antwerp Central Station in Belgium with their own-branded Android figurines. It’s frightening, really. But I’ll comply, if only to see what the inside of their ship really looks like. More at the source link. [via Gadget-Review]


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The photo is almost like the Apple cult members waiting in line for the next iPhone. The big difference, those things are fake and plastic. The Apple cult is just fake. 

    1. Couldn’t say that any better 

      1. That would make you an incredibly inarticulate person.

    2. omg….nice one….


      Nice for pictures, but other than that, I dun see the point

    3. You meant to say:

      The difference is the Apple cult is plastic, but sadly not fake

      1. No, they are fake. They want to be what they see on TV, or the people they se around them. They have few if any original ideas or thoughts. 

        1. I see them more as lemmings rather than independent thinkers and leaders. They are more comfortable being told what to do, when and how to do it etc.

          These little green things are inatimate objects so…errum…a lot of similarites I guess.

    4. These are mindless robots.  Just like Apple cult members.

  2. /want one

  3. Going there in about one week. Let’s hope they are still there then..

    1. They cleared them all out already… Was the middle of Central Station so they couldn’t really keep em there for that long xD

  4. The other pictures are amazing!!!  That had to take forever to set up.  HTC/Android ftw!

    1. That’s… what interns are for =P

  5. LOL Love it…Take me to your leader!

  6. where can we get some of those?

    1. go down to the station and grab one of them… or two.

  7. Haha!  The Android in the spaceship was an awesome touch.

  8. We are the Droid, resistance is futile!  :)


  10. I can just imagine them coming to life and taking down any iPhone/iPad user they see!

  11. Wow you fandroid really are just as bad as people who are apple fanboys… it’s a phone for gods sake does it really matter :S. I use an iPad it’s a good device, I also know a lot of people who use android phones and have an iPad for a tablet :o shock horror. Before any of you start calling me a fanboy I have owned many types of phone android, iPhone, blackberry. I am using a HTC Desire Z at the moment and I am enjoying it :)

    1. So you have nothing you are passionate about? If not, I feel bad for you. If so, someome else probably thinks it’s dumb.

  12. This would have been better if they outside an Apple store…

  13. would have been fun to run through there with a lawnmower  >:)

    but I’d feel bad afterwards… poor lil android guys.

  14. cute

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