DROID Charge Set to Get EE4 Update, Improves 4G LTE Connectivity


All you DROID Charge owners out there should be looking forward to an update soon as Verizon has just given the green light for its distribution. Build EE4 is not the biggest update at 9.9MB, but it brings with it some important enhancements. The most notable of which is improved 3G and 4G data connectivity. Another biggie on this list is restoration of mobile hotspot capabilities. Shortly after buying the device, tons of users have experienced broken functionality. We’re glad all that is about be cleared up. Take a look at the full list below. [Verizon via Droid-Life]

Call Features
+ Improved battery life when placing a voice call.
+ Easily return calls within the call log entry by pressing the phone icon.
+ Outgoing calls from the Visual Voice Mail application will be placed properly.
+ Pressing and holding the ‘1’ key will automatically route the user to the Voice Mail service (*86).
+ Audio has been adjusted to avoid ‘No Audio’ or ‘Screeching Sounds’.

Web Browsing and Data Access
+ Accurately detect and connect to the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE or 3G network.
+ Enhanced browser performance.

Email and Messaging
+ A new Email folder structure has been implemented. When a subfolder exists under a current Email folder, an arrow will appear to the right of the folder icon. When a user touches the arrow, the folder system will expand to show all subfolders available for selection.
+ When an Exchange password has been modified, the device will direct the user to the password screen to adjust the saved password accordingly.
+ Improvements in the Email and Calendar sync.

Additional Device Features
+ Restoration of Mobile Hotspot capability.
+ When in USB Mass Storage mode (UMS), the device will be recognized immediately when plugged into a PC.
+ Device recognizes ringtones purchased from the Verizon Wireless website.
+ Improvements in GPS performance.


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  1. yay?

  2. Seems like samsung is actually doing the right thing I just wish HTC would actually release an update to fix what they screwed up in the last update. Guess since it is droid branded samsung is stepping their game up with 2 updates already.

  3. Crap, I’m rooted.

  4.                                 A Dissenting Opinion
                         This one should go to the carriers…

    I once fought Verizon for crippling Bluetooth on the v710 and I won (Who remembers Jonathan Zdziarski?!) I also played a role in persuading carriers to unlock the power of user equipment, to allow a native handset GUI, and–eventually–to allow rooting, at least with indifference. I can hardly be called an advocate for the carrier.

    I am a heavy data user. Although I love what Android has done to my smart phone, I prefer to use a PC with a PC OS, instead of the tiny screen on my phone.

    But, I am lobbying for the carriers on this one. It ain’t easy to stick a needle in my own wallet, but let’s play Devil’s Advocate for a moment. Let’s look at this from Verizon’s point of view…

    Verizon smart phones are bundled with unlimited data for use on the phone itself (you could add a Bluetooth keyboard and even an HEMI monitor, but not, according to Verizon, tether or serve up WiFi to a separate device. That option is available for an additional fee of $20/month.

    Given the wording of the license covenant, it is still possible that a judge may side with Verizon. Although the phone is designed to support tethering and WiFi, it could easily be argued that these were incorporated to facilitate carrier options. After all, a tethering “app” is not an application as envisioned by the law. It isn’t a game, an email client, or a restaurant finder. It is a hack — a work around!

    But let’s say that the judge interprets the restriction literally and awards the claim to the plaintiffs (presumably to all Verizon customers). If I were the carrier, this could only result in one action. Good for some phone users, but bad for most: I would change the pricing model. No longer could I offer unlimited data for phone users, because each phone can act as a mini ISP and router. It could effectively pump an entire building and all the splitters and switches within. It could service an auditorium or a trade show.

    You get the point? Carriers would bill all smart phones for data by the gulp instead of the pipe. No law can prevent this. If you ship 1 Fedex package a month, you pay ‘X’. If you ship 30 packages, you pay more. In effect, we return to metered use. If you use 2GB, you get price A. If you use 8GB, price B, and more than 10G, price C. To those who use just the phone, this fight makes you the loser. You will occasionally hit the limit.

    I can think of only one other alternative. Perhaps, Verizon will simply raise the price for all you can eat. But the judge may allow a discount or rebate to users who never tether their phones. This scheme could effectively bring back unlimited use in the palm of your hand, while forcing those of us who tether to pay our dues. As we should!

    Ellery Davies clarifies law and public policy. He has used cell phones since 1983, the year of the first commercial network. He has used Verizon Wireless since 1986 (formerly Bell Atlantic, Nynex & New England Telephone).Direct feedback is welcome: ellery (at) starbus (dot) com

    1. Although I agree wholeheartedly, this is the wrong article for this post. I believe phandroid deleted the article this should be posted in.

  5. still no netflix, still no gingerbread :(

  6. I hope this make my 3G connection better! Where I used to have 3/4 bars of 3G, I now get 1/2 bars. Next to other android phones, my reception is always considerably lower than others. Hope this update improves this!

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