Google Announces Movie Rentals from the Android Market


Though Music Beta may have been the focus of rumors leading up to Google I/O, it wasn’t the only media service that was unveiled for Android today. Users now have the ability to rent movies from the Android Market and stream them directly to their Android devices. Rentals last for 30 days, and once a movie is started users have 24 hours to complete viewing. Thousands of movies are available for perusal via the Android Market web interface or from your Android tablet or smartphone.

A new Movies app is coming to tablets and phones to facilitate the whole process. On tablets, videos can be viewed in HD with the ability for offline viewing when an internet or data connection is absent (such as on a plane). The tablet app is coming as part of the Android 3.1 update, and Movies will hit Android 2.2 phones in a few weeks. You can check it out for yourself over at the Android Market now.

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  1. what about google tv?

    1. Probably this Summer when they turn on the Marketplace like they mentioned earlier. Once Google TV is updated to 3.1 like mentioned it should easily offer this.

    2. this is more along the lines of Samsungs Media Hub. Which is fine with me as it lets me stream HD movies to my phone. Hope the prices are lower.

      edit: nvm I guess googles also does multiday rentals… hope the price is still lower than samsung hub.

      edit 2: the prices are about the same :( Why can’t we have 1 dollar online rentals for 1 evening or 1 viewing?

  2. hey, if this works then netflix missed the android boat. But truly I already pay for netflix so I’d still use it. Waiting for the cranial rectum extraction of the person who has been holding netflix up.

  3. Not much info on Just the listings for some films to rent. There was no information as to whether they would be streamed in HD though this article says so. It’s really not competition for Netflix but with HD would be more competition for VUDU and other services whose renting services are structured similary.

  4. I just tried the link – it doesn’t work. I’m in the UK – is this another ‘US only’ service like Google Voice? Let’s hope not.

    Would someone from Phandroid please ask the question: WHEN DOES THIS COME TO EUROPE!?!?!?! :-)

    1. I’m in Canada I feel you pain but sadly this is going to be the same issue we’ve felt 100 times before.

      Companies pay good money to be the exclusive distributors for content like TV Shows and movies. So Google needs to make deals with distributors in each company to keep things legal. If the local goverment/companies don’t play ball, theres nothing google can do.

      It’s a case of old distributors and regulations not keeping up, and saying “the old out dated way or no way” just because they can.. and it makes them money.

    2. Really???!!!… you guys are bitching about Apps and services, when Europeans are the first to get new and cutting edge phones and tablets??? I would love to trade places with you in that regard. I’m sure these services will be available to you across the pond, eventually. But, give is Yanks a break. You get the hardware first. Its only fair.

      1. Not really: the Motorola Xoom it was released in the US first so was the HTC EVO…

      2. Ya, ur kinda nuts. US gets all that stuff 1st and foremost with only a very few exceptions.

  5. Netflix is $8 for a month. Redbox is $1-2 depending on if you get a DVD vs Blue-ray. These are looking to be $4 per movie from what I’ve seen so far. Eh, might use it in a pinch but for the price, I think I’m better off sticking with the other services.

  6. Cmon….let the Dutch join in….we are nice….:D
    Same with music beta……gief us a taste!

  7. google movies will work great on the android set top box on your HDTV @fef4124d8c7fe8d2d6613aca4ebbce57:disqus

  8. Do I have to keep a data connection in order to watch the movie (in that 30 day window)? Otherwise ehh ok I reckon. But I’d sure like the ability to download the movie and watch it on the plane….?

    1. Yes, you can download it to watch it on a plane. That was specifically demoed. And once you start watching a movie, you have access to it for 24 hours.

  9. I don’t get why it cost a fourth of the price to own a movie for a lifetime, just to rent it for a day. We are being robbed, and I won’t contribute a penny to this same as I did with PSN.

  10. Do we really need another service to offer movie rentals at $4 a pop? We have Amazon VOD, iTunes, PPV with cable carriers, and a few more that I don’t even care to look at.

    They should be focusing on making good apps not duplicating media companies’ work.

  11. This along with htc watch service as well as blockbuster on the htc evo 3d makes for a great combination on sprint. Content is king

  12. Amazon Prime Unlimited Video already works on my EVO 4G running 2.2 and is only $ 80 a year …. plus free shipping from Amazon for all my purchases. Add to this the soon to be Netflix for Android I see no benefit in renting a movie.

  13. Booya! (or however you spell it) I loooove choices! Keep those choices coming my way!

  14. Ok. Seriously Netflix. I just don’t believe your DRM BS anymore. Google is allowing you to not only stream movies but to download them to your android device, and movie studios seem to be going along with it. There must not be a limitation in android in protecting from piracy I guess. This is ridiculous.

  15. Google, also offer some sort of subscription based model for tv shows, documentaries, etc. that is tightly coupled with GTV so that I can drop Netflix.

  16. Now THIS is what I’m talking about! Apps are great and all, but one thing Apple completely excels at is their content services available on their devices. With Google offering unified services like this, they’ll be able to compete with Apple on all levels. This is exciting.

  17. AWESOME!!

  18. I hope it becomes available in other parts of the world soon… :/ I know it’s not really Google’s fault, but it seems like movie producers/studios and music studios do not really want my money… :/

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