Android 3.1 Announced; Being Rolled Out Today to Motorola XOOM Users on Verizon


The folks at Google have just announced Android 3.1, the first major upgrade to the tablet-specific OS since its inception. What’s changed? First up, you can now resize widgets. That small Gmail widget can now be resized to give you a better look at your inbox without having to jump into the application.

Furthermore, Android 3.1 now adds USB host support, meaning you can use your keyboards, mice, gaming controllers and import media from your cameras without fail. Google’s also just announced a movie rental feature on the Android market and they’ll be packaging the accompanying application in with the rest of the other bits and pieces I’ve already mentioned.

What’s more is that you folks won’t have to wait for Android 3.1 very long – it’s available now, in fact. Verizon users with the 3G version of the Motorola XOOM can go ahead and pull the over the air update starting today. We haven’t had a chance to check ourselves so let us know if you can find it and be sure to fill us in on all the cool stuff that’s been added that we haven’t talked about here. We’ll have more photos and video for you folks in a bit.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Android 3.1 Coming to Google TV this Summer, Android Market in Tow

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  1. That’s awesome. Hope somewhere,there is something for us wifi people. Didn’t see it but does this update enable the microsd slot?

    1. No, the SD wont be enabled until the OS is reworked to allow the use of SD.

  2. Can’t find it yet still saying i’m up to date

  3. Ah, the beauty of a stock OS.

    1. Is the Wifi Xoom less stock somehow?

      1. It’s likely Verizon paying Motorola for early updates. Same reason the wifi model didn’t come out with the 3g version.

        1. yes! it’s a conspiracy!

        2. Another reason to be glad I didn’t get a Xoom.

  4. Great fragmentation on tablets already

    1. I’d hardly call creating a .1 version of honeycomb that will likely be on every single device ‘fragmentation’.
      The only fragmentation problem here is people like you making comments like this.

      1. That will likely be on every single device? Where did you get that piece of information? They sure as hell didn’t announce that.

        Considering its going to the Verizon 3g customers, and no info on the Wifi users, thjs is classic fragmentation. But you don’t seem to understand that simple concept. Considering the lack of brain power you have, an Apple product is probably best for you.

        1. They said it’d be available for everyone (regarding the Samsung 10.1 give-away and others) over the next few weeks.

          Just that Verizon customers are first in the pipe. It’s the same as they did with the 2.0 to 2.1 update. No one will be left on 3.0. It will disappear from the ecosystem the same way 2.0 did.

      2. no it’s not. the fragmentation is another update that is rolling out to one device. it is not even all xoom’s it is only the 3g verizon xoom. i own android products and i will continue to do so but this needs sorted. and me commenting on it does not make it true or not. the facts are facts

        1. You my friend are a moron. What exactly needs to change? Should Android for tablets NEVER get upgraded? Or you think Google should force all developers to upgrade all devices the very day the software is announced?

          As far as we have been told and from what we can expect, their will not be software written for 3.1 that will not be compatable with 3.0. So to whine like a bitch because Google dared actually making a new software update is pointless. People like you will complain about anything, it’s just to bad you herd the word fragmentation and started parroting it.

  5. I really hope the wifi version get’s updated soon. I believe we are the majority by quite a bit after all.

    1. @fef4124d8c7fe8d2d6613aca4ebbce57:disqus Ah! 3G version – You pay more for your money

  6. Does the USB support include printers and hard drives?

  7. Where’s the A500 update?

  8. Just checked, nothing yet on my VZ 3G version. Though getting devices on launch day morning doesn’t guarantee faster updates. Similar experiences with my NS and DX.

  9. Is there a way to manually get this update, like you can with the Atrix?

  10. Are the sticky transitions between screens gone?

  11. How do you get USB support when the docks dont even come with USB ports? Or do you just need something like a female to female adapter?

    1. @f6a5b32b63b4c3ba96e019cfe043f205:disqus The device itself has. The right accessories will surface in the shops soon I am sure

  12. Greta news!! Hopefully this takes care of some of the more annoying HC issues. (any word on micro sd support?)

  13. Missed in all this is the fact that 3.1 gives the XOOM specifically a performance boost. Lag is nearly killed entirely and pinch-to-zoom within the browser matched the iPad 2 to a ‘T’

  14. Can anybody confirm if this update is actually going out.

  15. If you want ‘uniformity’ then go for the ‘tailor-measured’ iPad 2.
    We are talking about OpenSource here – two heads will never be the same.

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