May 10th, 2011

After what seems like ages (really it was just a year), Google’s Music service has finally launched, albeit as an invitation only beta. As reported this morning, the service will allow for the storage of 20,000 songs in the cloud for streaming to any computer or Android device. The emphasis during today’s Google I/O keynote was the smart abilities that Google has developed to help enrich the Music platform. Instant Mix creates playlists automatically based on any by analyzing your music library and matching songs together in a quick mix. Search is as smooth as any you’ve ever seen by Google.

Other functions include smart caching for offline playback of frequently listened to songs and artists. You can also manually cache music for playback when an internet connection is absent.

Those attending Google I/O are among the first to receive an invitation to Music Beta. Everyone else can head over to to request one, though we get the feeling you might be in for a wait. The service will be rolling out in stages to US users first. It will remain free so long as it is in beta, though specifics for a pay model were not discussed.