ComScore: Android Passes RIM in US Market Share to Become Number One, Mostly Everyone Else on the Decline


Take the title above, switch RIM with any major mobile operating system or their vendor and you’ve got a gist of what’s going to happen throughout 2011. 2010 was Android’s breakthrough year as it skyrocketed to relevancy and won the interest of users, developers and the enterprise sector. That’s not enough, obviously.

In 2011, you’re going to hear a lot about how Android surpasses RIM, Apple, Microsoft, Symbian and whoever else (in the phones sector, anyway) as Google has gone full sail ahead with their business model and it seems to be working out for them tremendously.

Researchers and analysts have previously predicted that Android would be the top smartphone OS in market share worldwide by 2015, while some believe it can achieve that goal much faster. Regardless, they all believe it’ll eventually dominate the phone wars. As you know, tablets are currently an entirely different story.

Take a look above at the hard numbers if you really care for all of the nitty gritty details. To summarize, RIM is now second, Apple follows them, Microsoft follows Apple, and Palm is still last. Only Google and Apple have grown, though the former has grown a lot more than the latter. Sweet! Let’s hope this trend will continue throughout the rest of the year. (We certainly expect it to.)

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Someone said in the article about that company predicting WP7 being at the top by 2015 that WP7 has actually dropped since launching. I kinda believed them, I guess this confirms it.

    How you gonna launch something new, a revamp of an existing product and still lose market share?

  2. Welcome to last week.

    1. Welcome to last Quarter

  3. This “survey” is such a joke. The Comscore one. 30,000 people polled in what is most likely an anoymous online survey. Yeah, nice data set there. Thousands vs. Millions of living human beings. Do the math

    1. and you dont know surveys..this is better than most.

      1. This is true. And Comscore is a marketing research firm, not a website with a poll. A sample of 1,000 is respected reasonably well in a study, much less 30,000. Haters gonna hate though….

    2. I like how you assume gross incompetence on the part of this survey company in the same breath as you reveal your utter ignorance of statistical analysis.

  4. I gotta love the pop up add on Phandroid for the Blackberry playbook. It is especially annoying to get rid of on a phone. What would you call that in light of this story? Irony? Hypocrisy?

  5. Ya but blackberry/rim as a company is easily outselling any other company by a huge margin. That speaks volumes for rim as one company competing against so many others. Moto, sammy, htc can all suck it.

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