WatchESPN Gives You Access to ESPN Broadcasts on the Go


Reading text and viewing images not enough to fill your sports-enamored heart up? How about live broadcasts courtesy of ESPN from their most popular channels? The ABC-owned sports giant has released WatchESPN, a free Android app that’ll allow qualifying customers to watch what they normally would on that shiny HDTV at home. Channels include ESPN,, ESPN2 and ESPN U.

ESPN has committed to bringing their Goal Line and Buzzer Beater channels to the app when their respective  seasons make their way to the front of your calendar. Unfortunately, a vast majority of you won’t be able to take advantage as ESPN is only offering this to subscribers of Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and Verizon FiOS TV. Make your way over to the Android market to download it.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Cant someone just lie about their location or service provider? I just downloaded it and it didn’t ask for any specific information. It just said “congratulations you can watch ESPN”, lol

    1. Ok so if you lie about your service provider you still get 4 hours of watch time. Good thing I really do have time Warner, lol.

  2. Video plays, but I am not getting any sound. :(

    1. I’m on Droid X (rooted running GB .573) and no sound either……

  3. they really need to add comcast to this. i would love the have this on my phone

  4. finally something that works on the original droid

  5. Works on the xoom

  6. Wish it worked in Vegas for a provider other than Verizon.

  7. Crap, I keep on forgeting my verizon user name and password……this should look awesome on my tab……

  8. Lets get some Insight Communications support please!!

  9. What the hell! Where is Comcast goddamit?

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