Android Tablet, Nexus S To Headline Back-To-Back IO Giveaways [RUMOR]


An unsubstantiated rumor circulating on Twitter suggests that Google won’t just be giving away a free phone to every Google IO attendee as they have in years past. This year, they’ll give away an Android Tablet on Day 1 and the Nexus S on Day 2. Even if you aren’t attending Google IO, you could win them both: now would be a good time to enter our Google IO Giveaway Contest.

The rumor originates from @phillyearl who claims a Google Employee spilled the beans,but doesn’t provide any concrete evidence to support the claim. It appears Earl is attending Google IO and is followed by T-Mobile, but other than that, not many clues exist. Other sites have begun picking up the rumor and having just arrive in San Fran, I’m sure other IOers would be eager to hear the news.

This would indeed outdo Google’s last two performances, giving away Android Phones at each. If Google keeps going at this pace, outdoing themselves every year, they probably WILL be giving away cars (that drive themselves) by the end of the decade (Oprah Moment).

The Motorola XOOM would be the obvious choice for an Android Tablet giveaway but it could be any of the Android 3.0 tablets. Do you think this rumor will come true?

(Don’t forget to enter the contest!)

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  1. One can only hope :)

  2. so if you go to this google event you automatically get the nexus s and a tablet O:

    1. And does the winner receive both devices?

  3. That would make sense. It’s not like Android tablets are selling like hotcakes. :/

    1. What even are hotcakes? Do they sell well? Maybe Android tablets are selling like them.

  4. Might we see a pure Google tablet out of this, untouched by any carrier or manufacturer?

    1. Isnt the Xoom Wifi exactly that?

  5. This is how they keep their numbers up. Take all the dead stock they have lying around, and hand it out for free. Boom! Look how many activations we had today.

    1. The number of given away devices given away against the total number of activated devices is insubstantial at best.

      1. But it sure don’t hurt.

        Sent from my iPod

      2. android is activating 300000 devices per day = 109500000 devices per year.  :)
        give away at i/o: 5000 devices per year.  
        5000/109500000 = 0.005% 

        semianonymous is right.  the number of given away devices is only 0.005% of the total devices.  i would have to say that is a rather small percentage.

    2. Since when is a $500 ticket free?

      1. Does that money go to the manufacturer? I don’t think so. They have shit products they can only get rid of by giving them away.

        Sent from my iPod

  6. Nexus S? Meh! I was hoping there would be a new Nexus. :( The S is such a let down.

    1. Nexus S is a letdown, but I don’t want to see a new Nexus phone now, because I want it to have Tegra 3 as rumored, so it won’t come till holidays.

      Now, if the Nexus tablet arrives now, then it means it won’t have a Tegra 3 chip either, since it won’t be available until August, so that means it will only have a dual core chip just like the others. Nothing special.

      1. Tegra 3 is so last week. Tegra 50 is the new best thing, and it will probably hit store shelves in about 30-40 years and it’s gonna be more powerful than god. You are going to see it in embedded brain processors, servers, and your cat.

        In all seriousness, the though of a quad-core tablet/phone just boggles my mind. It also makes me think, is everything moving too fast? How can engineers and developers be making such huge strides in the field of technology so quickly, without hitting any roadblocks (seemingly at least). If things keep going the way they are, I could imagine android and chrome laptops outselling windows laptops (who knows, maybe Valve would even put Steam on Android).

        All I know is that I’m excited for the end of this year, and the beginning of the next.

        1. Technically they are not making huge strides. They are really just retracing steps. It’s all been down before in computers. The nm die process isn’t even the smallest it can be yet.

          1. They are just making everything smaller..

      2. They might announce the devices now, and release them when the technology they sport is released. Allowing suspense, anticipation, n’such to build for a few months.

    2. Very cool of you guys to do this. Hoping for a tablet 8-)

  7. Nexus-T tablet by Toshiba!

  8. the tablet will most likely be one with an NFC reader. when I checked into the conference today i received an NFC capable sticker with my badge.

  9. a 3d android phone and t-mo g-tablet

  10. Maybe a Nexus T (With the T standing for both tablet and Three, as it is the third of the nexus devices)

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