May 2nd, 2011

Eric Schmidt had already mentioned that the next major revision of Android would be a dessert starting with the letter “i” and trusted sources of ours have already assured us that “Ice Cream” or “Ice Cream Sandwich” would be the codename, but it doesn’t get much more official than this. Romain Guy – a known Google – responded to a Google Code issue on the Android project hub to let the inquirer know that the issue will be fixed in “Ice Cream Sandwich”.

While we still haven’t been able to confirm what exact version number Ice Cream Sandwich will receive, Android 3.1 is the most popular. Eric Schmidt did confirm that this version would be bringing some features of Honeycomb to smartphones (where the fusion would make sense, of course). Another thing we haven’t been able to confidently peg is a date, but Google I/O’s coming up in a bit over a week and Google’s been known to make some juicy, sweet announcements there. [Thanks Yuankai!]