Jan 11th, 2011

One look at the giant Froyo sculpture outside of Google’s offices and you will realize the initial problem with calling a future version of the Android OS ‘Ice Cream’: unless you go with hand scooped the two could be easily confused. So thankfully Andy Rubin  while talking to TechCrunch happened to mention in passing that the next version of Android will actually be called Ice Cream Sandwich. Glad we cleared that up.

Which is the ice cream?

There is still no telling which version number Ice Cream Sandwich will receive. Initial speculation placed it at 2.4, though the current belief is Google may stick with the Gingerbread name for that incremental release. Whatever Android 2.4 is, it is said to be getting its coming out party at this year’s Google I/O. If Ice Cream Sandwich happens to be a true successor to Honeycomb, it could end up as version 3.1 or higher, but unfortunately Andy Rubin didn’t let those details slip.

[via TechCrunch]