Next Version of Android Actually Called Ice Cream SANDWICH


One look at the giant Froyo sculpture outside of Google’s offices and you will realize the initial problem with calling a future version of the Android OS ‘Ice Cream’: unless you go with hand scooped the two could be easily confused. So thankfully Andy Rubin  while talking to TechCrunch happened to mention in passing that the next version of Android will actually be called Ice Cream Sandwich. Glad we cleared that up.

Which is the ice cream?

There is still no telling which version number Ice Cream Sandwich will receive. Initial speculation placed it at 2.4, though the current belief is Google may stick with the Gingerbread name for that incremental release. Whatever Android 2.4 is, it is said to be getting its coming out party at this year’s Google I/O. If Ice Cream Sandwich happens to be a true successor to Honeycomb, it could end up as version 3.1 or higher, but unfortunately Andy Rubin didn’t let those details slip.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. If Honeycomb is 3.0, doesn’t Ice Cream Sandwich have to be 3.x?

  2. I’m just calling it ICS.

  3. couldn’t they have it in a ice cream cone if they wanted it to be called ice cream? idk lol

    but now i want an ice cream sandwich

  4. should just be called Ice Cream, and the sculpture should simply be ice cream on a cone
    “‘Ice Cream Sandwich” is too long and isnt as cool as Honeycomb, or Gingerbread.

  5. Damn, Google, always coming up with another dessert I want to eat. I love ice cream sandwiches.

    It makes sense too. Good call, Andy Rubin.

  6. I don’t know, but I assume that ice cream is our version of honeycomb for the phones. I mean nobody else has Gingerbread and Honeycomb is on it’s way. We don’t even get to play with the latest OS and other are coming. I love Android but I want Google to come out and say what is what and for what only.

  7. I don’t like that idea and I don’t think they will do it. It is a mouthful Ice Cream Cone is easier to say. Besides all the others have been one word, why would they choose three now?

  8. Ice Cream Cone would be totally cool. But Ice Cream Sandwich is cool too. Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for this version.

  9. what happens when they get to z?

  10. @ Anton: zeppoli? Actually, im much more interested to see how quickly gingerbread is deployed to existing devices rather than worrying about ICS, or even Honeycomb right now.

  11. why would it be 2.4 when honeycomb is 3.0. that wouldnt make sense.

  12. I think the one thing Google could do to make this killer.besides have all the promised features is get with all the OEM s and have them jump as many phones as they can to this release on the spot.

  13. i bet we are getting 3.0 honeycomb.. but in a “phone version.” whatever bug fixes they got for honeycomb they would do the same for the mobile version. IMO. but lets not skip ahead.. where is Gingerbread for my Droid!?

  14. All the while, U.S. Galaxy S users are still stuck with eclair… I want some frozen goodness!

  15. At this point, I’d settle for my piece of Froyo, then I can worry about when and if Sammy gives us ICS – Captivate

  16. @Phil: Would be nice but sadly its in the manufacturors and carriers best interest to let devices fall behind. If even 1 in 10 get a new phone instead of rooting that’s 10% more profit.

  17. @DJ..no what i mean is what comes after z lol

  18. i still havent receive 2.3 and already a new update wtf why does this happen why cant all the phones get updates at the same time some people havent receive 2.2 GOOGLE BETTER FIX THIS

  19. Anyone know when Samsung is upgrading the Galaxy S to Ice Cream Sandwich?

  20. It’s not Google’s fault, the code is out there for anyone to use. Blame lies squarely at the manufacturer’s door for abandoning their devices.

  21. George Bluth definitely approves…

  22. All the actual phones are garbage, I won´t buy a new phone until the new Ice Cream version is available.
    NOTE: comment from a troll…

  23. Enough already. Just give me brain freeze and be done with it. And you wonder why we’ve got so many people complaining about froyo. As soon as they get froyo they’ll complain cause they don’t have the NEXT cavity inducing treat. This endless circle is tiresome.

  24. When’s Jello, Key lime pie or Zabaglione and will my Droid original update…JK

  25. @ teckel…they need frozen yogurt first. Let Samsung crawl before they try to fly. haha cheap shot

  26. Obviously he meant Ice Cream Sammich.

    Go Steelers!

  27. so will ice cream sandwich, sandwich 2.x and 3.x into one?

  28. the name doesn’t roll off the tongue like a single word would. why not Icee? lol Yeah i know its trademarked. OR Icing? :) thats a perfect name if the UI enhancements are in that build for us smartphone users, Icing goes perfect with Gingerbread, and its a layer of desert.

    Test question: “When are we getting Ice Cream Sandwhich updates?” hmm
    “When are we getting Icing updates?” ;)

  29. The next One should be cream pie 2.5

  30. Yeah hope this is not true…these updates are indeed hard too keep up with…there needs too be a stop too this …and just manuel updates done too gingerbread…that sure makes more sense

  31. I’m getting fat just thinking about it. I’m not even done with my yogurt yet.

  32. If they don’t bring gpu hardware acceleration to this version I’m going to go insane. It’s a travesty that gingerbread didn’t deliver such a highly needed feature. It’s sad the iphone 3g and now windows 7, which just came out, has smoother scrolling and pinching than android. Idk what google is smoking on this issue. It’s the one reason why my iphone friends won’t switch to an android device: “it’s just not as smooth and fluid as my iphone”. Seriously google, what the hell?

  33. ICS….. Irritable Clown Syndrome?

  34. Or they could just use hard scoops of ice cream, and not soft serve.

    I win.

  35. The following version will be called jelly bean. You heard it here first folks.

  36. Brownie will, surely be one of the new names…just hope it does not come out in years …. .

  37. Frozen Gingerbread

  38. Still waiting for Gingerbread on my Nexus One.

    Most supported phone my ass. As soon as the Nexus S came out, they completely took a dump on all us N1 adopters.

  39. They are following alphabetical series. Now i for icecream.
    What would be for y,z.
    And then for the next series, would it be double i, or Double iceCream :)


  40. Google’s incremental updates are going to be a problem if the phone makers aren’t going to bother to keep up.

    Samsung being an example. They’d rather dump the Epic 4g at a cheaper price than bother to give it Froyo.

    HTC is only slightly better…slightly. Their 2.1 update wrecked my Hero enough to make me wish I kept 1.6.

    With an iPhone on many carriers, google needs to get their crap together, stop dicking around stupid names and get a mobile OS with a model that will work well for carriers and consumers.

  41. @ThePhysician thats a Candy you iTard. lol

  42. aww man! #FAIL i meant to reply to @ Phydeaux . im a iTard.

  43. what happens when they get to z?

  44. This is great news for all the Nexus S owners.. Im guessing that will be the first phone to recieve the update

  45. for Z there are foods like Zucchini, Ziti, and Zebra cakes haha

    Xyz will be pretty hard to come up with

  46. I dont Care whether its Ice Cream or not…just make sure the next one is Jellybean.

  47. FINALLY I can enjoy these articles because I now am a Nexus owner so no matter what stupid name Google picks for their next 2 to 3 updates I KNOW IM GONNA GET ALL OF THEM. I love when Google pays attention to me, have fun waiting 3 years myTouch owners. Ha

  48. @teckel The froyo update for US galaxy s owners is being pushed out April 30, 2731.

  49. too many syllables. asking someone if they have Éclair or Froyo was fine. asking if they have Gingerbread or Honeycomb still rolls off the tongue, but
    “do you have Ice Cream Sandwich?” just doesn’t flow…

  50. @davey0728, enjoy it while it lasts, when the next Nexus/dev phone comes out, you’ll be old news like the Nexus One phone that’s barely one year old. Still waiting for my Gingerbread.

  51. frozen donut

  52. I heard the next version will be called “Jizz”

  53. Future version of the Android OS ‘Ice Cream’ ?

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