Need to Get Rid of a Phone That’s Broken? RadioShack Will Give You $25; Offering G2x for $99


Yea, I know $25 isn’t much (and you can probably get much more than that for a broken phone on eBay and Craigslist), but RadioShack is offering you that much money for your broken products. Unfortunately, this must be used in their store toward something else – an accessory or a phone upgrade, perhaps. This is hardly the best solution for those who are looking to get some cash for their phones, but if you have a phone that no one will take or fix whatsoever, it might be your only hope.

This includes smartphones with cracked screens, liquid damage, phones that power on but don’t function properly, or phones that don’t power on at all. But before you think about turning in your old Blendtec victim, The Shack can’t accept phones that are completely smashed or in pieces.

And you can’t just bring in any old phone. Here’s a list of what they’ll take:


·         iPhone 3G

·         iPhone 3GS

·         iPhone 4


·         Droid Incredible

·         EVO 4G

·         EVO Shift 4G

·         G2

·         HD7

·         MyTouch 4G

·         Thunderbolt


·         SCH-1500 Galaxy S

·         Nexus S

·         Galaxy S 4G

·         Galaxy S Vibrant

·         SPH-D700 Epic 4G


·         ATRIX 4G

I’d only take advantage of this in a situation where I absolutely can not get rid of it or get it fixed. It’s going on through May 31st if you’re planning on dumping a broken phone off on them. In related news, they’re offering T-Mobile’s G2x for just $99 today. Not bad for one of the fastest dual-core handsets on the market. (And with stock Android to boot.) Head over there now to take advantage.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Who can’t get $50 for any of those phones in just about any condition?

  2. Tip – try ebay first, my friend sold a 3G iphone (2 1/2 years old) for $175..

  3. so they give you $25store credit for phones you could EASILY sell for upwards to $200 on ebay/Craigslist? F-That.

  4. $25 for an Atrix? Just seen that on their
    HAHAHAHAHAHA Blow me Radio Shack.
    You can get upto $400 for an Atrix. Cracked screen or not.

  5. I can get $75 for my old ass palm shack, you just lost your street credit with me..

  6. i will not ever buy anything at Radio Shack. They are the worst. Anything i buy there breaks. F them and their mothers

  7. Lol. Really? What a deal radio shack.. “we’ll take ur old broken phones, but they can’t be old broken phones…just the new ones people. Duh.”

  8. What the hell? The oldest phone on that list (besides the 3g) the galaxy s even if it needed a new digitizer and display could sell for 100 at the least. Telling me $25 for my galaxy s (not that I have one) would’ve got them smacked up in the store. Lol.

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