Verizon Now Counts Over 500,000 4G LTE Subscribers


Since its initial rollout in Q4 of 2010, Verizon’s 4G LTE service has grown to now accommodate more than 500,000 subscribers. The number is split fairly evenly between those using one of Verizon’s LTE modems and owners of Big Red’s first 4G handset, the HTC Thunderbolt. Since its launch in March, the Thunderbolt has led to 260,000 subscribers.

For such a new service, the numbers are quite impressive. We already hear that the Thunderbolt has been outselling the iPhone 4, and expect the lure of 4G LTE to tempt even more smartphone buyers to go Android. The Samsung Droid Charge is prepped for launch next week and let’s not forget the Motorola XOOM will eventually receive an upgrade to house a 4G radio.

[via BGR]

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  1. Iphone on verizon has sold over 2 mil…. Are you sure they’ve TRUELY “outsold” the iphone?

    1. Who cares, iPhone sucks. Full stop!

    2. T-bolt is outselling the ViPhone 1:9, it’s the new math!

      1. How is the Thunderbold outselling the Verizon iPhone when Verizon just announced that 2.2 million were activated and this article said that there were only 500,000 LTE subscribers?

        1. The T-bolt is presently outselling the iPhone as of the day teh T-bolt was released, not in total units. It is admittedly somewhat fuzzy math from a lot of perspectives. The Thing to take away from it is that the VZW iPhone didn’t destroy Android like they said it would. It peaked for a while, then took a backseat to Android sales.

        2. It’s not…..not in any way. It’s funny that whenever I post a link stating something people like jroc74 are quick to say, “that’s not proof”…..”who confirmed that??” but fandroids so willingly accept the word of an analyst who offers NO hard data, NO official numbers, nothing more than pure guesstimation…contrast that with the OFFICIAL release of Verizons numbers: 2.2 million sold in less than 8 weeks….the iPhone is selling twice as fast as the Thunderbolt….game over

          1. lol….you call my name out about some mystical pics of some demoes of the iPhone, some articles written by some person online about when it was being developed……and try to compare that to THIS??


            Check the source link….yea SOURCE The info which you can get from Verizon’s site, or USA Today, or CNBC ya know actual news sources…

            Stop grasping at straws.

            And for the Thunderbolt getting taken to the woodshed. Uh….the Thunderbolt outselling would have to be…like….ya know….AFTER the Thunderbolt came out….cuz…….ya know…..the iPhone on Verizon came out a month BEFORE…


            Yea…they talking about LAST MONTH, not total sales…LAST MONTH as in when the Thunderbolt was released…are you even serious? Remember…according to fanboys like you the Thunderbolt wasnt gonna have any sales now that the new king iPhone was in town on Verizon…Sometimes, I wonder about fanboys like you…

            But the iPhone is supposed to be this amazing phone that the whole world wanted, remember? The Thunderbolt selling 100 phones kills that notion.

            Why cant Apple, iPhone fanboys like you understand ..everybody doesnt want the iPhone?

            EDIT: I want to leave my post unedited as a reminder. When I first came here I never commented on the numbers until I fell for the troll trap. Why didnt I comment on the numbers….cuz I didnt take them as gospel. What I did comment on is contrary to what folks like iKing and his kind think, ppl on Verizon STILL want Android after the GOD phone arrived.

            Thats all I commented on. Then I fell into the troll trap. Dont do what I did ppl.

          2. There is absolutely nothing in either of these links that you’ve posted that confirms what you’ve claimed: that the TB has outsold the Verizon iPhone since it’s release. I’m going YOUR route on this one: every link that I’ve posted concerning the iPhone’s timeline has been challenged by you bcuz it wasn’t confirmed by Apple, or an official interview by Steve Jobs, etc. So I give you a dose of your own medicine: who has CONFIRMED this??? Verizon??? HTC??? For someone who requires “proof”, you sure are ok with the words of an independent analyst and his guesstimations who doesn’t offer anything more than “Yep the TB is outselling the iPhone”……Hypocrisy run amok!

            And I believe it was fandroids like yourself who deemed the Verizon iPhone a failure: 2.2 million sales in less than 8 weeks, 1.1 million a month, 550k every 2 weeks….BAM!!!!
            Thunderbolt : 260k 2weeks

            Game over…..

          3. Not every iPhone fan is this unreasonable, jroc….

          4. The real iKing: now I have fandroids pretending to be me???? Figures….you fandroids are accustomed to pretending…

          5. OOOO Richard below me knows how to post a link to a video that has absolutely nothing to do with the comment he was replying to… I’m sooooo impressed. /sarcasm

          6. Verizon sucks eggs and so does their thunderdud, droid charge, and sorry iphone4

          7. • Thunderdud? hmmmm…let’s see. On April 8th, 2011, yarrellray wrote:
            • “There’s no doubt this is an exceptional device. I owed thunderbolt owners an apology cause I downed this device in many posts on various sites as well as here. The other day at best buy i had a chance to hold a thunderbolt and play around with one for 30mins and i was truly amazed. This device was STUPID FAST and very snappy and i was truly amazed at the time and effort htc put into this device. The sense ui was snappy the dnla feature was refreshing to see and all the personalized features for lock screens and various scenes were much new. I had the chance to compare it to an htc inspire 4g and it was amazing how close these devices both resembled eachother and the Desire Z. The only thing missing from the Thunderbolt that the Inspire 4g had was htc likes and and I can’t figure out why that was missing. I was very impressed with the thunderbolt and i can say that yes it is better than the granddaddy of 4g my beloved Htc Evo 4g 11months worth of better. Customers on Verizon should be proud they have a great device to support android. My fellow Evo owners on sprint we had our day June 2010 to March 2011 being on top now that belongs to the Thunderbolt on Verizon. Our new member to the Evo family on sprint will be born soon then we will see who’s best again. Hats off to the thunderbolt.”
            • So which is it? Do you have a single iota of actual knowledge regarding technology, or are you simply parroting what you’ve read? You and some of the other trolls attack each other, and you have a fit and change your story just to try to insult people? Seriously, what is your problem? Do you genuinely hate other people because they are not on Sprint and enjoy the service they have? Do you actually hate people because they don’t use an EVO and you do? I thought this was a phANDROID site; not an EVO site. Yes, EVOs are good phones, I have one myself to play around with ROMs and making themes, but they’re not solving world hunger or ending wars. At the end of the day, they’re all just smartphones. Good God man, personal attacks, insults, and red dildos? Do you understand that carrier fanboyism is even more ridiculous than iPhone people coming into Android websites to insult us? *shakes head*

          8. Please have the decency to acknowledge that I just MIGHT be a Sprint customer who is actually only being unbiased and not think Sprint is god. You insult only yourself.

    3. iPhone 5 is not getting LTE (4G)!!! hahahahahahahaha lol!!!!!


  2. hey guys….im considering leaving tmobile IF the merge goes through and go to verizion….can anyone in newyork city tell me if the 4GLTE is worth it??

    1. hell yea… 3G on VZW avg about 1-1.5mbs down load. with LTE on VZW it’s rated 5-12 mbs download but people now are getting well beyond the rated 5-12 mbs

  3. From what I’ve experienced you only get 4G around downtown NYC, if I travel north like to white plains I loose 4G coverage several miles outside of downtown. But its great right across the river in NJ. I drive from Montvale NJ all the way to philly and pretty much have constant 4G coverage.

  4. GOD i hate Verizon’s lack of dual core phones….by the time big red has them, the rest of the world will be rockin quad core phones

    1. Please explain exactly what you need dual and quad core phones for? So calls are clearer and signal strength is better?

      1. Why do you need youtube, games, facebook, or any other
        App on a phone? Why do you need anything faster than a stock og droid? Why would anyone want to use a smartphone???…..

        1. Good question. Why do you. I personally have no interest in watching youtube on a 4″ screen or playing games. Even if I did, I would not need a dual/quad core to do it anyways. Facebook…..yawwnn again, how is dual/quad useful. Why not get a better computer for that money?

          1. btw, you do not do cpu intensive things on a phone and pay zero for it. Your battery will be dead in no time. So go crazy playing 3D games on your quad core phone. The battery will probably last about 5minutes!

          2. To each there own I suppose, I use my phone constantly at work, streaming radio or pandora, on my breaks or lunch if im
            not doing anything, ill play some games, browse the web, shoot some tweets, whatever. I personally LOVE having a powerfull,
            portable, Smartphone, and I think 4″ may already be too big of a screen for a phone. And BTW, the thunderbolt is a single core
            battery hog, multi core processors are more energy efficient, a dual/quad core phone will outlast a comparable single core
            processor running the same apps.

    2. Straight up verizon is behind the curve you are so right but others have chosen to ignore that fact because their devices go so fast on that new LTE network. Truthfully who cares the true test will be when they can say they have 22 or more devices runing on their network then the whole world will see how fast and great their netwrok really is…Until then one device on a new network yeah it should be fast. But regardless all their devices are last year’s specs simple as that

      1. So either you can’t afford Verizon, you own stock in Sprint or ATT, or you are jealous, either way, great post.

      2. Stop trolling around, troll.

        1. Wow. You know how to link to the same video in three separate conversations. Way to demonstrate your “intelligence”.

          1. Don’t be hate…paticipate

          2. @Richard, The fact that you have so many misspellings in such a short, immature statement is only a testament to your lack of intelligence. Please. You couldn’t make me do anything even if you were standing right in front of me.

      3. Abe said nothing of the network you dumbass. Here you are again making the original comment into something that it clearly isn’t. Yet again, you’re an idiot. Look on the Sprint website. I count only 8 different 4G devices currently available. Sure, there may be 22 different 4G devices IN THE COMING MONTHS, but not now. Until all those devices are available to the public, stop saying “22 or more devices running on the network”. They’re not “running on the network” if they’re not available to the public. There aren’t even half of your “22 or more devices” currently on the Sprint network. If you’re trying to put in a good word for Sprint or something like that, it’s not working. You’re on these forums stating nothing more than a lie.

        1. You need to get a life and stop misleading everyone with that verizon GARBAGE. Your network has no devices on it and it is UNPROVEN.. Sprint is the leader in the industry with the most 4g devices on one network including smartphones, usb sticks, mifi’s, it’s services are endless…

          1. As I have said MANY times you idiot, I have a SAMSUNG MOMENT on the SPRINT network. Why would I lie about that? In tech years, the Moment is an antique, but I am proud to have it because of the devs at SDX who breathe new life into it on an almost daily basis. Can I make it any clearer?

            Yet again, you lie. You yourself have stated Verizon has the Thunderbolt, a 4G device. What you have (always) failed to acknowledge is that Verizon also has usb modems and mifis, just like Sprint. And those have been out for many many months. I’m not misleading anyone. I’m telling people (and you) to look for yourself. Go to the phone section of the Sprint website and select the “4G” option. Count for me the number of devices that show up. If you can prove to me (via image or video) that 22 devices do indeed show up, I will retract my statement and apologize. I doubt you will be able to follow through, but the offer still stands. Why would I lie?

      4. 1. I’d rather rock last year’s spec, or so you claim, + LTE on verizon than any phone on Sprint.

        Why? Becuase:
        Great phone + ok network (sprint) = mediocre user experience.
        Good phone + great network (verizon) = great user experience.

        hence why Verizon is … you guessed it .. #1. sprint is what? #3 … soon to be dead last if ATT’s acquisition of TMob goes through.

        2. You DON”T have 22 4G device RUNNING on Sprint’s net work at the moment. So far it’s less than 10 that’s CURRENTLY running on your 4G sprint network. Even if you did have 22 4G device RUNNING on sprint, still isnt worth a damn. Why?

        So TWO … not just ONE tests .. TWO. Even one from a big known source ( PC WORLD ) even did a test to prove that Sprint’s 4G isn’t really 4G as they on average gets around 1-1.5 MBS download. Which is what Verizon, Tmob, and AT&T is getting with … their 3G .. that’s 3G, spelled THREE G .. network.

        So your 4G on sprint isn’t even 4G speed. Atleast get an average of more than 4mbs .. then talk. till then .. STFU

        We verizon customer arent ignoring anything. It’s your dumb ass who can get the facts straight.

        Get that sprint DILDO out of your butt that you love so much. You’ve been sniffing/kissing up sprint’s ass so much that you look brown.

        1. … who can’t get … ***

        2. I’m not a Verizon customer, but I’d rather not “guess where” the “overpriced network” and Thunderbolt are being “sholved” (really?). Why don’t you spell it out for us? Oh, that’s right, you can’t. You have no real balls. You insult people when you’re backed into a corner and/or you are found to be completely wrong instead of just admitting it. What a sad sad little man you are. You put the world to shame with your ignorance, bias, lack of education, and stupidity. By the way, good job at linking to a youtube video that has nothing to do with the comment you are replying to… again.

          1. Get with the program trade in that useless Samsung Moment I did’nt even know they still existed…Shameful device

          2. @Richard, They do still exist and are in fact around quite a bit more than you might think. Need proof? Go look at the 2.2 section for the Moment over at SDX. People are posting there on an hourly basis. Pretty much the only reason Sprint/Samsung stopped selling them is because the Moment had a data lockup issue. To “fix” it, they came out with the Moment 2 (Intercept), leaving the original in the dust. It might be pretty old, but considering all that can still be done with it via rooting, it’s still a pretty damn good phone. When my upgrade comes around, I will trade it in, for just about anything other than the Evo 3D. I don’t need or want 3D technology. It hasn’t matured enough for me to want it. Before she got the Epic, my mom had a 3 year old Rumor 2. Worked just fine for her, and for the time being, so does my Moment. That’s all that matters.

          3. Looks like you spend lot’s of time in that lonely dark basement at your mom’s house with that samsung moment you poor soul…

          4. @Richard, Who says I’m in my mom’s basement? Maybe I have my own place. Maybe I’m rooming with another college friend. Maybe I’m living with my dad. Maybe I’m… I could go on and on. Don’t ever assume crap you can in no way back up. Such a childish retort. I actually feel sorry for you that you can’t come up with anything better. And wherever I am, it’s got to be better than your place. They say the way you conduct yourself in public describes the sort of house you have. You are irrationally opinionated, heavily biased, a sore loser, and a complete liar. That must mean your home looks like sh*t…

      5. YARRELL. Is right verizon needs to start putting out some better specd phones and more 4g phones the lack of 4g dual core phones is starting to piss me off

        1. This is the first time I would agree Verizon doesnt have the best line up of phones.

          Depending what come out this year on Verizon, it might be that way for the whole year.

      6. Shut up already Richard. No one care what you have to say on this site.

        1. STFU Richard.

        2. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
          Read your own comment again and take a good hard look at your last sentence. You, Richard, are just like the trolls you are insulting. You are a Sprint/HTC fanatic, which means you have no place on a Verizon article. Stop trolling anything Verizon you hypocritical son of bitch. At least I acknowledge the fact that I’m trolling. I’m trolling your sorry ignorant ass!

          1. @DICK, What the F**K is that supposed to mean? Am I trolling your sorry ass? Yes. I’m pretty sure I stated that weeks ago. See how annoying it is to have me replying to almost every one of your comments? I’m pretty certain that’s the same way over half of the readers here feel when you post your meaningless Sprint spam/anti-Verizon crap all over everything. Am I a “twat face”? I think not. An ass maybe, but definitely not a “twat face”. Yet again, you demonstrate how immature you are with this petty name-calling. Come back when you can insult me like a man instead of a child.

    3. actually big reds getting a cuad core phone from motorola well its still a rumor but its suposedly going to have a 12 megapixel camera and a few other stuff heres the link from mobile burn

  5. God I love my Thunderbolt.

  6. That 260,000 figure was as of the end of March.

  7. I have the Thunderbolt and love it!! The only way I would consider going back to the iPhone is if they have the 4G LTE capability AND if they allow more customization in iOS. With that said, I’m guessing that I’m going to be sticking to Android. :)

  8. To clear up the confusion, the Thunderbolt has sold more units than the VZW iPhone since it’s (Thunderbolt’s) launch. However, the VZW iPhone HAS sold more units total.

    Also, I don’t understand how one can say that “Verizon is behind the curve” when its 4G LTE network is one of the global pioneers of this technology, and the majority of the world will be playing catch-up over the next few years to institute their LTE networks as well.

    1. By the end of 2012 Verizon’s LTE will equal their 3G network. And in 2013 it will expand beyond to cover areas they did not have coverage before. While AT&T said they will use T-Mobile’s frequencies for LTE? Well they have to let people use their smartphones for 2 more years, therefore they probably won’t start LTE rollout until 2013. And T-Mo will not help them stay in the lead for long, because people sign up with T-Mo because they have cheaper plans, which means most of them will jump ship to Sprint.

  9. This it’s surprising, since dual cores are just a few months away.

    1. We’re all buying the thunderbolt because unlimited LTE plans will go away any second now.

  10. Well I got 2 Thunderbolt’s in my family plan, and I gotta say, once you go LTE, you won’t call anything else 4G. I’m not hating. Wimax, and HSPA+ are significant improvements (I used both Evo and G2), but LTE is something else. I wouldn’t give it up for a quadcore phone.

    1. Great phone + ok network (sprint) = mediocre user experience.
      Good phone + great network (verizon) = great user experience.

  11. Dual core battery life lasts longer than the 8255/8655 Snap dragons. People saying otherwise do not understand how the chips operate.

    1. True for desktops but not necessarily for portable devices designed (FROM DAY ONE) to be battery misers!

  12. So by claiming all verizons phones are last years tech that means that as soon as any device reaches the hand of the first consumer it is immediately last years tech. Where do people come up with this crap. Not being dual core =/= last years tech. The processor in the thunderbolt is definitely this years technology. I base this on the fact it is much faster than LAST years version snapdragon and it started shipping this year.

    1. Keep telling yourself that…I owned a thunderbolt too it was a overrated phone

  13. iphone is kicking android’s butt

    1. Anonymous, and rightly so. LOL! Troll

      1. Well I’m not anonymous! He’s right….the iPhone is taking the TB to the woodshed!!!

        1. Yup, this graph clearly shows that! Just look at that split wood!

          And if you believe comparing a platform (Android) to a product (iWhatever) is a fair fight you are dillusional. iWhatever already has the odds stacked against it just because of that!

        2. Piss on the iphone and verizon

          1. Why don’t you piss on yourself you ignorant piece of crap? Whether you like it or not, the iPhone is (in terms of sales figures) ahead of the Thunderbolt. Check how many were sold in the first month of each device’s release if you don’t believe me. In fact, Verizon even put out a press release stating that initial iPhone sales were the “best in history” among all of its devices. Ever. As for your hate of Verizon, why don’t you think about this: If it weren’t for Verizon, carrier competition would be much less and as a result, prices would most likely be higher on the remaining carriers. Competition breeds more, faster advances with (generally) lower prices. Ever think of that, Dick?

          2. The iphone arrived on asst&t first for years so yes the sales were high their first long before verizon they just came in as second fiddle nothing more nothing less…Verizon is not leading the way in anything THEY NEVER DO…And as for a piece of crap YOU MUST BE TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF you FACELESS BUM you need to get life I know you don’t have one maybe you can see that big red dildo you use daily and scrape up enough cash to buy a life…

          3. @Richard, I didn’t say anything about AT&T in my comment above. I said iPhone and Verizon. Have you seen the wireless coverage maps? Verizon has the most voice coverage of all the networks. Why do you think Sprint has a roaming agreement with Verizon? I would know, because I have roamed with my Sprint device on Verizon’s network. Sure, Verizon is playing “second fiddle” when it comes to the iPhone on their network, but keep in mind, Verizon was the FIRST to have a CDMA phone that is now capable of being on T-Mobile and even Sprint. You sir, need to get a life and stop posting meaningless links to youtube videos pertaining to Sprint. Get yourself an education. The world might actually be better off for it.

  14. iPhone 5 is not getting LTE (4G)!!! hahahahahahahaha lol!!!!!


  15. I don’t consider a $500 – $600 Android smartphone cheap! Looks like somebody is hating being in second place now!!

  16. I truly don’t care whether the thunderbolt has outsold the iphone since it was released, but I could certainly believe it. The real statistic that I question is how many of those 500,000 subscribers of verizon actually receive LTE service. I could go buy a thunderbolt and be considered a “subscriber” by verizon, but the fact is that I would have to drive 200 miles south to NYC to actually utilize the service.

  17. High end Android phones are running the same price as the iphone4, and compared to the Atrix and SGSII, the iphone4 is a piece of turd. Sure, the iphone5 might be nice when it comes out, but then either Sony, Motorolla, HTC, or LG will come out better when it launches if not before. As sure as there are some idiots that buy a $200 HDMI cable from MonsterCable, there are just as many that buy an apple product thinking its superior because its got a fruit on it and is over priced, lol

    1. You made the fatal mistake of trying to respond to an obvious troll post. Too bad so sad. It was a total waste of your time.

  18. I wish I was still paying the same rate for 1-2mbps down as I do now for 13-20mbps. I also miss how much apologizing about my dropped calls made me a more humble person.

  19. Well the “real” iKing that responded…I give up. If its really someone pretending to be you….this is too much to try to deal with…lol

    Now I feel like watching Total Recall tonight, or Face Off..

    To the “fake” iKing…I see you didnt even look at the time I made the edit of my post. That means your entire reply was a waste. Like I waste my time replying to folks like you. And for you to even begin thinking I’m a fanboy….you have failed miserably on so many levels its not even funny.

    I respond to fanboys, like you. You are the fanboy, thru n thru. I can like a product without being a fanboy of it. I like Moto phones to death for reception, but a Moto phone might not be my next phone.

    I love Android to death, but IMO WP7 is smoother, more fluid than BOTH Android and the iPhone. I can like a product at the same time recognizing its cons. Fanboys like you think Apple or the iPhone have no cons at all.

    And the cherry on top: I used to visit macrumors alot for info when I was gonna try Mac OS for the first time. I still do, but just to read about whats going on in Apple land. I visited Apple Insider to see the thread about the F700. Did I ever join either site JUST to post my opinions thats opposite from the majority, no. I could. But I didnt.

    Do I join sites of products, sport teams, etc I dont support or like JUST to post opposing views, no.

    Fanboy = you and folks like you.

    1. Verizon stinks like a pig pen and so does the iphone and all Verizon fanboys. I won’t name names but look above at the monkey’s who love Verizon or apple.

      1. Why don’t you ever use facts to back up your ignorant opinions? I would love, just once, to see a reply based in real facts with evidence coming from your dumb mind. You have no idea how stupid you sound…

    2. ….like Richard

  20. Lets see, two major facts that will affect Apples cash cow the iPhone 5 for 2011 and 2012. First, the iPhone 5 is not getting 4g LTE or HSPA+. Second, Apple is getting countered sued by Samsung…ouch. Apple is very dependent of the iPhone sales since they don’t see much from iPads and Mac computers. Now it makes total sense to me way Apple sues everybody and their brothers, I guess, if you can’t beat them sue them! Android FTW!!!!

  21. Apple is the choice of stupid non technical people who fear exploring. They just want to turn on there little phones and pray nothing goes wrong so they don’t have to send their precious little iphone back to apple. Why don’t you open your horizons to reality and take that stick out your butt

    1. I know some pretty technical people who own iPhones. The fact that you don’t pretty much shows how few friends you have. I would never own one myself, but I can see its appeal. For the most part it really does “just work”. In my travels on the SDX forums, I’ve read numerous posts of people returning their Android phones (general Samsung Moments) because they bricked it, or the GPS doesn’t work, or it’s not receiving any cell signal anymore. I had to have mine replace once too. The iPhone isn’t the only device in the world to be returned to the carrier/manufacturer.
      “Why don’t you open your horizons to reality and take that stick out [of] your butt” quote by Richard Yarrell.

      1. Please with this iphone crap…You sound pretty silly about these so called technical people who have iphones where are they and why would they even care to have an iphone if they are so technical???? that is all in your useless head….You can keep your desire for the iphone to your self and grow up learn more it’s pretty clear you can’t be to technical your self

        1. You were the one who brought up iPhones and Apple in the first place you idiot. If anyone is to blame for this conversation, it’s definitely not me. As I have said before, I don’t want an iPhone. Stop assuming that because I’m defending it, I must want one. I don’t. Just because I don’t like them doesn’t mean I have a need to bash them and call them names every chance I get. It’s called being fair, honest, and most importantly, impartial. Look up that last word, it’s definitely not in your vocabulary. Do you even know what a kernel does or even what it is? Do you know what a ROM is? Do you know what a PRL is? Heck, do you even know what “root” (not the part of a plant) is? I know that much and more. Who’s the technical one again?

  22. Ok, I know this the Internet, its all anonymous n all…

    But who in the hell gave this garbage a like?

    Thank god for the internet where you can be anonymous, huh…


    1. I wouldn’t have gone so far as the nigger and crack-whore bit, but he’s mostly right. Richard has lied and does it on a constant basis. Just look at all his posts stating something around the lines of “…22 4G devices on the Sprint network…” There aren’t even half that currently available. If that isn’t a lie, I don’t know what is… Richard also posts links to videos pertaining to Sprint, even when it has nothing in common with the article EXCEPT that both involve Sprint. He really does show his ignorance and stupidity on a constant basis. I will admit, I stoop down to the level of name calling/cussing, but “nigger” and “crack-whore” are just flat out uncalled for.

  23. My 6yo just came to me with his 4th Gen iPod and wanted to know why he can’t listen to music and take a video at the same time. How do you explain that to a 6yo? Well son, apple products can’t multitask…. and he always wants to use my old Touch Pro2 to watch videos or YouTube. I kept trying to explain to him that his IPod can do all of this, he replied but it doesn’t stand up so I can watch the video (the Touch Pro2 screen swivels up for those that don’t know). I don’t sit here and bash on apple to my son, he comes to me and points out why other products are superior to apple stuff. He wanted an iPod and I bought it for him.
    My friend at work has an EVO 4G and he even admits the TB is superior. From the kickstand to the 4G network. He only stays with Sprint for the price.

  24. @squiddy20… You real sad sad man.. what a mental case you really have become i will pray for you. Samsung moment I feel like laughing at you but I won’t we all like/have what we have such is life. Sprint customer you should not be turn in your sprint card WE DISOWN YOU AND WILL CANCEL YOUR SERVICE IMMEDIATELY

    1. Who is this “we” you speak of? I don’t hear anyone but yourself telling me to get off Sprint. Which I won’t because it’s my damn choice. Not yours. And YOU can’t possibly “CANCEL [MY] SERVICE IMMEDIATELY”. You want to know why? I’ll tell you. You don’t know much of anything about me other than the fact that I own a Samsung Moment, and am somewhere around the DC area, which is quite a big, populous area. You don’t know any other relevant info than that. You don’t know my real name, you don’t know my account or phone number, you don’t know anything. Have the balls to refrain from threats you can’t possibly keep up. You have no idea how stupid you sound. You, on the other hand, I could find with very little effort. You used your real name (stupid idea especially considering all the hate you spread) for your Disqus account. You have your Facebook linked up to Disqus, as well as the other comments associated with it. Your Youtube account is pretty easy to find, all you have to do is google “Richard Yarrell”. Based on that info and cross checking it with various free “find x person” software, I could easy find out specifically where you live and all sorts of other info. But I won’t because you’re just not worth it. How about that for straight up Facts?
      Yeah, I’ve got a Samsung Moment. So what? I had 2.2 before the Epic thanks to the devs at SDX, and they’re already in the process of porting 2.3. Who knows, maybe we’ll have it before your precious Evo. The reasons I didn’t get a better phone was because I didn’t feel like paying $200+, it was my first step into the world of Android, and I knew I’d be rooting it from the second I got it back home. Which, in fact, I did. The other phones that were available at the time I didn’t want because: Evo and Epic just came out = few custom ROMS/themes, I wanted a hardware keyboard so Hero was out of the question, and those were my options, leaving only the Moment. I love screwing around with ROMS, themes, and mods to the phone. I wouldn’t want to accidently brick a $200 phone when all I’m doing is switching ROMS.

      You sir, need to shut up, take a step back from your computer/Evo, and just not ever reply to this or say anything ever again on these websites. You have no idea what you are talking about. You never really have. You don’t know me, you don’t know anything about me, nor do you know the circumstances of my life. Heck, you don’t know anything about anyone on these sites. I certainly don’t. No one really does. So don’t assume that you do. It’s petty and childish of you to think so. Keep your passive threats, heavily biased opinions, utter stupidity, and your complete ignorance to yourself.

      1. Your a sad soul….Hiding behind your fake name as well as anything else you might say on these sites. Honestly your a farce someone with know direction or knowledge…I challenge you or anyone else for that matter any day of the week..I don’t need to hide or create fake names on sites I am who I am rather you like it or not which I could care less what you like or think you put no fear in heart that’s for sure…Take your samsung moment and stick it….

        1. I’m not hiding you fool. It’s called being Internet smart. I don’t want my personal information all over the Internet for anyone and everyone to see. I try to minimize how much I put out there simply because it’s better to do so. I don’t want you, John Doe, or Jane Doe knowing what kind of car I drive, my favorite flavor of ice cream, what I like to do in my spare time, where I live, etc. You are right about one thing for once; I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I’m 20 and about to finish my 2nd year of college. Don’t know where I’m going after this. But who does when you’re 20? As for knowledge, I’ve got enough to get me by. That’s really all that matters. I’m obviously more knowledgeable about rooting and phones than you are, that much is clear. At least I have my education and can spell correctly. What the hell do you have? An elementary level education? Sure seems like it when you can barely put a complete thought into words.

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