ITG: Thunderbolt Sold More on Verizon Than their iPhone 4 Last Month


With all of these quarterly financial reports coming out this week, we’re bound to find an interesting tidbit or two floating about. ITG – an investment research firm – reports that the HTC Thunderbolt sold more units than Verizon’s iPhone 4. I can’t necessarily describe my response as being “surprised” considering early reports that said Verizon’s iPhone 4 wasn’t doing much better than AT&T’s, but I definitely am intrigued as to why the Thunderbolt outsold it. That shiny new LTE network might have a bit to do with it, I imagine. Sustainability is more important than a fast start, though, so we’ll wait another month or two to see if the Thunderbolt is able to continue outselling Verizon’s iPhone 4. [via NYPost]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Hah! Take that Apple.

  2. Thats interesting

  3. Why would people buy an outdated iPhone 4 when they can get a brand need phone with the latest tech (for the most part).

    1. outdated and overpriced. Just goes to show that the iShinyObjects are just as sensitive to price and technology trends as anything else.

    2. lmao brand new??? ive had it since november …mt4g

      1. lawl.

    3. Right, it’s not like Apple just reported more than 18 million iPhones sold yesterday….

  4. The TBolt may not be able to continue the trend but only because other LTE phones will be launching on Verizon. It would be interesting to see, however, what happens with 3G phone sales (including the iPhone) when more of these speed demons are out.

    1. What will be worth seeing is if the combined power of all of the newer Android phones can outsell the iPhone globally. The thing is, there is no one phone that can claim to represent “Android” as a whole. The Nexus phones are the closest and the problem is, they are outdated very quickly of their release by newer, more powerful phones.

      1. Every phone is outdated quickly with the release of newer, more powerful phones.

        The smart phone market is quickly mirroring the PC market. Who “Represents” PC’s as a whole?

  5. I don’t think this is really new-thread-worthy. obviously an old item isn’t going to sell as well as a new one.

    1. Its new for verizon

  6. Htc have taken over in the UK too.

  7. The iPhone sells a lot through Apple and not Verizon, so the Thunderbolt probably did not sell more.

    1. I know it’s hard to comprehend, but those are Apple sales not Verizon. Even if it were just based on activations, the iphone would still be beat.

  8. Isn’t that because all the people who originally wanted an iPhone4 got it last summer and are all now tied in to their contracts?

    And obviously why would you get a phone which is outdated by half a year when you can get a new one?

    1. Lol exactly

  9. My girl got her thunderbolt this past Sunday and I even like it, and I have a Dinc…

  10. Did you hear? Apple is making a WHITE phone ! The pillars of innovation are amazing, geniuses ! Steve Jobs says that Apple invented the color white now ! Now I can have a WHITE and bLACK phone !
    People will be so jealous. Is there an app for someone to ring me so I look popular when I am in restaurants or outdoors?

    1. lol..i just read they invented the volume button on the mobile phones.

  11. I wonder where iQueen is

  12. No way that this is true. The Verizon iPhone has sold around a million phones in one month which would be a record for HTC if they accomplished it. Obviously HTC hasnt broken their sales record because well they would of announced it.

    1. I sold 5 iPhones and 60+ t-bolt’s. Its way true!

  13. I hate Apple and their controlling ways.

  14. I can tell you a larger than normal % of thunderbolts are returned due to the horrible battery life.

  15. Hahahahaha what facts do you have about that? Pretty sure 4G isn’t everywhere, Verizon doesn’t have it nationally until 2013, and same with at&t, it’s only available in certain areas. And that’s completely not even stating the fact that htc doesn’t have good phones! Theirs just knockoffs and just tries to be exactly like the iPhone. I’ve had numberous problems with htc. Apple will take over the worlddddddddd!

    1. Are you an idiot, or trolling or both?

  16. I love these posts. Everything that beats Iphone by little is a big deal to all android fans :) Now imagine if iphone had LTE…. :)

  17. Duh, the thunderbolt is WAY better than some boring (same ole, same ole’) iBoring!

  18. The reason that this is a “big deal” is because … all we were told by Apple know-it-alls and “industry analysts” for Android to fall flat on its face was for the iPhone to come out on Verizon. Their opinion was that the only reason people bought android phones was because it wasn’t available on their preferred provider.

    Well, not only are we finding out that the above scenario didn’t pan out, but it seems that the VZW iPhone didn’t even make a dent in Android’s superiority in marketshare.

    Maybe once Apple fanboys realize that we don’t want to be their fellow knuckdraggers, they’ll stop spewing worthless vitriol.

    1. E X A C T L Y

  19. The Thunderbolt is hot, don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of those Apple guys that turns his head at the site of an Android. I love the feel and the ability to customize with an Android. But. I must admit that I still find my iPhone 4 has a much more superior feel, when it comes to touch response. I have yet to find another phone that follows my finger so well.

    1. Wow…someone that likes the iPhone better than Android….and isnt so fanboyish about it!!

      +1 to you

      You are restoring my faith in the comment sections…

      1. Ha. These fanboyish views are kinda like the guy/girl who stops listening to a band because they ‘sold out’ and got their song on the radio.

        1. LOL, not really!!


  20. ouch! Iking that has to hurt.

    1. iking uses several aliases, he’s probably around as someone else….lol.

    2. Check the OFFICIAL Verizon iPhone sales numbers now that they have been released….who’s hurting now???? Ouch!!!!!

      Ha ha

      1. I can tell you with 100% certainty who isn’t hurting. Verizon. If I was the CEO, and I read this thread I would need medication to keep me from laughing. All the way to the bank.

        1. So true…

  21. You fandroids really think I’m afraid of you all, huh? Nice to know I’m so much on your minds! Ha ha! Regarding this story, it depends upon who you believe:



  22. But the fruit fone is continually outdated when it hits the market.. Ohhhh it got a retina display!! Big fat deal!! Its the sharpest clearest POSTAGE STAMP sized screen out there.. I’ll take the larger screen with the damn near as good display thank you… And would the apple zombies even KNOW what to do with a phone they can customize?? Likely NOT, because messiah jobs hasn’t told them to like it yet.. Like he said himself, “The consumer has NO idea what it wants.. Because i haven’t told them yet”

    So you continue sippin the Kool Aid and doing what Der Fuhrer tells you to do with YOUR rather expensive piece of technology!! And don’t even come back with “OH I CAN JAIL BREAK” A pale at best comparison to being able to do whatever you like..

    And i AM a former apple user who WOKE up and quit paying for jobs new turtlenecks when i realized all the fruit fone is is rehashed tech from the previous model.. Never anything really worthy in a new one.. Just a prettier shinier packaging, something to keep the apple zombies in awe.. Which is ALL to easy!!

  23. iPhone 4 is old, of course the new harness would out sell it. Call me back when the iPhone 5 comes out and a new Android is out at similar dates.

  24. Hmmm….let’s see. Now that Verizon wireless has released their OFFICIAL numbers, let’s see who’s outselling who shall we????

    Verizon has reported that in the 2 months since they released the iPhone 4 on their network they have sold 2.2 million iPhones…..thats an average of 1.1 million a month, or 550,000 every two weeks. They have also stated that sales of the Thunderbolt have added up to 260,000 in the two weeks that it’s been on the market.


    So let’s review

    Thunderbolt: 260,000 2 wks
    iPhone 4: 550,000 2 wks

    Now correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like the Thunderbolt is selling at less than half the rate of the iPhone…..

    Who is outselling who???

    Ha ha….

    1. I guess you have a hard time reading. key words plain as day ” LAST MONTH”

      1. Based upon what??? These are the OFFICIAL numbers from Verizon wireless….2.2 million in LESS THAN 8 WEEKS…..where are all of you fandroids who proclaimed the Verizon iPhone a failure???? Hmmmm???? Thunderbolt sold 260k in two weeks??? That means it will take 4 MONTHS to reach the sales numbers that the iPhone accomplished in 2!!! Chew on that fandroids!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

        1. I could care less who sells more but your math of averages has nothiung to do with “last month” sales. Why so much time on phandroid? I spend no time on iphone sites.

          1. Whatever! You fandroids can’t come to grips with the fact that your precious 4G phone is getting taken to the woodshed by nearly year old, 3G phone. Verizon has not confirmed the rate that either phone is selling, so rather than take the guesstimations of analysts (like they’ve been sooooo accurate concerning Apple), I’ll let the NUMBERS speak for themselves…..
            iPhone = 550,000 avg 2wks
            Thunderbolt = 260,000 avg 2wks

            Game over…..

  25. I doubt it will continue to outsell the iPhone. Android might, but not thunderbolt (for long at least). In two months, the iPhone will still be the only iOS on Verizon or AT&T, while there will be a new Android with better specs than the Thunderbolt (or just “newer”). Android devices (especially on Verizon since they have so many) aren’t going to sell like that in the long run.

  26. I got a Thunderbolt a couple of days after it came out. Within a week I had three co-workers, two of them iPhone guys, get jealous and go get their own Thunderbolt. Not sure how they were able to do that or what their contract situations were, but I think it was telling. If you just use the Thunderbolt, the big screen, the screaming fast LTE connection, the SenseUI…. it’s a better user experience than the iPhone. You don’t have to be a fanboy one way or the other. I could never say my original Droid had a superior user experience, but the Thunderbolt most certainly does (as I’m sure several of the other high-end HTC devices do, I just haven’t had one of them).

  27. android os phones had have to sell more than ios this year. can anyone research this .

  28. Need option to tag spam

    1. do you see a flag when you mouse over a comment? doesn’t seem to work with firefox 4 i’ve noticed……

  29. Huge Android fan (Would easily choose the worst Android device over an iPhone), but if everyone knows that the iPhone 5 is coming in a couple of months, then there won’t be many people buying the iPhone 4. However the Thunderbolt is a brand new phone so people are more willing to buy it.

    1. But they’re not Martin….check the numbers Verizon released today….THE IPHONE IS SELLING AT TWICE THE RATE OF THE THUNDERBOLT !!

      iPhone = 550,000 2wks
      Thunderbolt = 260,000 2wks



      Sure is quiet in here…..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

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