AT&T Files T-Mobile Merger Proposal with FCC


Despite the continued protest of Sprint and others in the wireless industry, AT&T has submitted its proposal detailing the acquisition of T-Mobile to the FCC. Detractors argue that the merger would stifle competition as Verizon and AT&T would emerge as the only viable contenders in the US. AT&T is prepared to argue that acquiring T-Mobile will allow them to bring 4G LTE services to 97 percent of the United States, tracking the growing demand for wireless and bringing high-speed services to areas that otherwise would be left without. It’s a tough call, but luckily we aren’t the ones that have to make it. One FCC official sees no way the deal will pass, but something tells us this one won’t be that simple. In the end the results will trickle down to the consumer, good or bad.

AT&T Files Public Interest Statement With FCC on T-Mobile Acquisition

Dallas, Texas, April 21, 2011

AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) today filed with the Federal Communications Commission its Public Interest Statement regarding its proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA. The filing demonstrates the numerous benefits of the merger, including the deployment of 4G LTE network technology to more than 97 percent of the population. When the parties announced this transaction in March 2011, AT&T initially stated that it would deploy LTE to 95 percent of the U.S. population. After conducting a more refined analysis of the combined network, AT&T is increasing the scope of this commitment to 97.3 percent. This deployment will help fulfill this Administration’s pledge to connect every part of America to the digital age, and it will create new jobs and economic growth in the small towns and rural communities that need them most.

The publicly available filing, with certain portions containing competitively confidential information redacted, is available at

Additional highlights of the filing include:

AT&T has helped make the United States the global leader in mobile broadband and smartphone sales. AT&T’s mobile broadband leadership, however, presents it with unique spectrum and capacity challenges. A smartphone generates 24 times the mobile data traffic of a conventional wireless phone, and the explosively popular iPad and similar tablet devices can generate traffic comparable to or even greater than a smartphone. AT&T’s mobile data volumes surged by a staggering 8,000% from 2007 to 2010, and as a result, AT&T faces network capacity constraints more severe than those of any other wireless provider.
AT&T is using up its spectrum at an accelerating rate, and the wireless broadband revolution is just beginning. Over the next five years, data usage on AT&T’s network is projected to skyrocket as customers “mobilize” all of their communications activities, from streaming HD video and cloud computing to a range of M2M applications like energy management, fleet tracking, and remote health monitoring. In just the first five-to-seven weeks of 2015, AT&T expects to carry all of the mobile traffic volume it carried during 2010.
This merger provides by far the surest, fastest and most efficient solution to that challenge. The network synergies of this transaction will free up new capacity – the functional equivalent of new spectrum – in the many urban, suburban and rural wireless markets where escalating broadband usage is fast consuming existing capacity.
This transaction will thus benefit consumers by reducing the number of dropped and blocked calls, increasing data speeds, improving in-building coverage, and dramatically expanding deployment of next-generation mobile technology.
The transaction’s benefits arise from the uniquely complementary nature of AT&T and T-Mobile’s GSM/HSPA+ technologies and spectrum holdings.
The combined company expects to integrate a significant portion of T-Mobile cell sites into the AT&T network. Upon network integration, which will benefit customers in as little as nine months, this will equate to “instant” cell splits – increasing cell density and effectively doubling the amount of network traffic that can be carried using existing spectrum in the areas served by those cell sites.
Groups across the political spectrum, including a broad range of consumer, disability, civil rights, and rural advocacy groups have highlighted the transaction’s potential to empower consumers, workers and small businesses to participate more fully in our nation’s broadband society.
The U.S. wireless marketplace is fiercely competitive, characterized by escalating usage, product differentiation, rapid innovation, fierce advertising campaigns, new entry, and sharply declining prices for wireless service by unit of consumption (e.g., minutes or megabytes). In fact, the FCC found last year that approximately three-quarters of Americans live in localities contested by at least five facilities-based wireless providers.1 These other competitors are rapidly growing and investing and will ensure the wireless marketplace remains vibrantly competitive after the transaction.
1Fourteenth Report, Implementation of Section 6002(b) of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, 25 FCC Rcd 11407, 11621-22 42-45 (May 20, 2010) (“Fourteenth Wireless Report”).

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

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  1. Pleaseee dont let this go thru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. F*ck that! Don’t let At&t fool you. They’ll say anything to become the #1 carrier in the US. Trust me. This isn’t good for any body except them.

  3. I honestly hopes this goes through…..being both a mobile and att customer I love the ideal of expanded spectrum and enhanced network density. Everyone here knows that neither att or tmo can achieve full LTE roll out without combining their spectrum position. I’d rather have a fast lte network deployed everywhere than a sparse network. Att is not as bed as everyone portrays .

    1. As a former AT&T customer, yes they are.

      1. agreed

    2. keep dreaming

    3. Your experiences are ur own, but if you really want 4G, why not switch to VERIZON. WIRELESS. We already have LTE…

      1. Yep, in LIMITED markets. Tell me, how do you like them shitty 3G speeds you get bumped down to when you are out of range of the LIMITED LTE? Quite a difference eh?

        1. Limited markets, that’s kind of a loaded statement. All coverage are limited markets… If u took the average speed all across the US, VERIZON Has the fastest. True, our 3G is only about 1.5 mbps. Verizon has never bumped down our speeds so I’m not sure where ur factscome from. ATT uses 1 line to run both data & voice. Its not wonder ATT is almost last in call quality. If Verizon had 4G LTE everywhere you went would u still be singing the same tune? ATT just hasn’t invested in their network as much as verizon. That’s why other carriers (majority) no longer have unlimited data plans. ATTs network can’t handle it. Verizon Wireless is the largest carrier yet we continue to deliver without delay. ATT customers, Tmobile, Sprint are not the enemy, the companies are competitors, no more no less.

          1. Love that Evo 4g……

          2. He said nothing about the Evo 4G you idiot. He talked only of the networks, not the devices. Yet again, you fail.

      2. Verizon sucks big swinging hairy animal testicles…the only reason that their LTE network is faster than AT&T’s HSPA+ is 1 AT&T’s 3G network is faster than Verizon’s so it takes more backhaul to sustain all the phones on the network…If AT&T capped 3G phones to get a max of 3Mbps the 4G phones would be getting 10-15 Mbps and 2 not many people own LTE handsets so the LTE network has little to no traffic and is able to pull ridiculous amounts of bandwidth that won’t be there when more 4G handsets come out…AT&T will have a dual layered 4G network with both HSPA+ and LTE running together so if there was a problem with LTE you would still have HSPA+ and comparable speeds from the HSPA+ side of the tower

        1. That’s why HSPA+ is 3G+, not 4G. It’s merely an upgraded network, not a new network, or new technology. This is by AT&TS OWN admission. No matter how many people are on Verizon’s 4G network, it doesn’t impact our 3G network. In fact it improves it. If u think LTE is not the future of wireless technology, why is AT&T trying to launch it themselves, it Tmobile, even Sprint?

          Limited marVERIZON Has the largest 3G network, and fastest 4G by a landslide. ATT uses 1 line to run both data & voice. Its not wonder ATT is almost last in call quality. ATT just hasn’t invested in their network as much as verizon. That’s why other carriers (majority) no longer have unlimited data plans. ATTs network can’t handle it. Verizon Wireless is the largest carrier yet we continue to deliver without delay. ATT customers, Tmobile, Sprint are not the enemy, the companies are competitors, no more no less.

          1. I know LTE is the future of Wireless Technology….Theoretically LTE is capable of 100 Mbps downstream correct? HSPA+ is theoretically capable of 44.4 Mbps downstream so if Early 4G speeds are in the 10-20 Mbps range AT&T having both of those technologies running together creates a fall back if the LTE network has problems…If there was an LTE outage on a Verizon tower you would fall back to Ev-Do and get 1.5-2 Mbps. If AT&T had an outage you would fall back to HSPA+ and have speeds between 10-20 Mbps like you did on LTE…

          2. Also…if Sprint didn’t start their marketing WiMax as 4G and T-Mobile wouldn’t have felt obligated to say well our HSPA+ is actually faster than their WiMax so that must mean HSPA+ is 4G also…4G became an advertising war…I honestly think If T-Mobile wouldn’t have called their HSPA+ 4G AT&T would have said called them their fastest 3G phones

        1. Your posts have become so boring and thoughtless. In fact, it’s practically become nothing more than a link to a youtube video. How stunning. Create your own opinions with real facts for once. Or else, I’ll just shoot you down like all the rest.

  4. ma bell at it again…

  5. If this goes through, I can’t think of a single company I would go to.

  6. F-U-C-* att they are a big rip off and a evil company

    1. Don’t forget verizon here they suck too

      1. Says you. I have plenty of friends that actually like Verizon. I have a Samsung Moment with Sprint, so I can’t even make an informed decision about Verizon. You shouldn’t be either.

  7. What kind of BS is AT&T trying to pull with this page?

    You know what I see when I look at the chart? 6-12 months after a merger prices rise, not sink – With the ironic exception of when Sprint bought Nextel.

    Seems to me Sprint knows what they are talking about when they say this is bad.

    1. Sprint is pissed because they got outbid…that’s the only reason they don’t want it to go through…they can offer people unlimited every thing for 70 bucks a month and still they get their dick slammed in the dirt by AT&T and Verizon because their service is shit

      1. At least if Sprint had bought them, there would be 3 companies of comparable size. This would cause a duopoly. I had Sprint for 7 years. I switched to Verizon to be on a family plan. I liked Sprint. I had great service.

        1. Please tell me how many pissed off T-Mobile customers are going to go to Sprint because they don’t want to pay for AT&T or Verizon…I honestly think AT&T buying T-Mobile is going to get Sprint another 10 million subscribers…plus converting Sprint’s network to GSM this late in the game would have been a nightmare

          1. Tmobile subs keep their plans. Even if they couldn’t, they’d go prepaid
            before going to Sprint.

          2. They wouldn’t have converted to GSM. Sprint is CDMA for a reason…best call
            quality. They would’ve merged networks with Lte.

          3. What ground would Sprint have gained? their coverage area is no bigger than T-Mobile…If anything they could have offered Deutsch Telekom 50 billion and sell the network to AT&T for 25 billion and keep the subscribers for themselves

          4. ATT isn’t gaining any ground either. Their coverages overlap. If it gets
            approved…which is highly unlikely…they will prob have to divest most of
            the subs. They would just run with the spectrum.

          5. Their coverage does overlap in places which takes strain off of burdened towers and the merger put’s T-Mobile’s network team at their disposal which gives them more manpower to overlay LTE faster and expand outside their current coverage area

          6. I’ve had Sprint, I’m NEVER EVER going back there again. Their worse than AT&T! I’d rather go without a phone than deal with what is left in my area if this goes through.

      2. apparently you one of the many to stupid to realize your stupid ppl and have att i have sprint i just left att after gettin my 3rd 300 bill they can go to hell the friggin thiefs… OH YEA IPHONES SUCK !

        1. I know the iPhone sucks…I’m actually grandfathered to an 850 Minute Cingular plan with unlimited data on my HTC Inspire, with 4 lines on my account and have never went over my bill is around 150 a month…I’ve never been randomly mis-billed so if you go over…you pay your overages or call and request a re-rate and their CSR’s will be glad to go back and change your bill from the last month to a plan that would minimize overages…now if you go over on data because you aren’t fortunate to have the unlimited data plan like I do that’s not anyones fault but your own for not watching your data usage

      3. And you base this on?

  8. Get a life guys its a cell company. There are a lot more I portmanteau things in life

    1. I pay 55 dollars a month for my Nexus one on T-mobile. On any other carrier, I pay probably would pay 80 or 90 dollars.
      30 dollars out of my pocket a month? That’s pretty distressing.

      1. I actually have a nexus one on att with the bare minimum data and text package and my bill is 100 a month after tax. I really hate att with a passion but I love my nexus yet I pay 40 extra dollars for what you get on t-mobile for 55 because I dont have enough choices. At the end of the day thats what this all boils down to. Yes an unholy merger such as this IS distressing.

  9. Ya right they are trying to have it all again just like they found a loop hole to get the bell-south brake up back to gather and run the world . and from what i understand is they are not on top of there game as others like t mobile with there 4g thats why they want t mobile and to bring the prices up ! please I should know i work for them for 37 years and they are crocks !! if you pay for 3mb DSL and only get 1.5 mb They are trained to tell the customer thats within the guide line! how is that if you pay for 3mb and they sale it as that!

  10. Att claimed months ago the covered 97% of all americans with their shitty ass network. Att is nothing but a bunch of lies and the worst service/customer support. I hate them.

  11. @mobile mainframe T-MO is as good as people say and the subscribers know it. Which is precisely why they aren’t in favor of the merger. We don’t want to deal with poor customer service or dropped call or messed phone bills or pricing that’s too high. If we wanted that we would already be AT&T customers. I don’t see how that’s so hard to understand. Frankly I don’t how what has been proposed can be called a merger. BTW I’m glad you like AT&T, someone should.

    1. At all of you guys I have had unlocked an Unlocked Nexus One and Unlocked Acer Liquid on ATT next to my iPhone and the iPhone would have no data and the Android handsets would. Apple knows that the iPhone using the infin eon chips is not as shit compared to other handset makes ATT just took the brunt of the blame not illustrious Apple. The Verizon iPhone even has had issues. And as far as ATT and Tmobile I have a business account with both and ATT treats their corporate customers much better than Tmobile. I know this from first hand experience. Tmobile does good in customer studies on the consumer side. Also if Tmobile didnt do anything Tmobile Eurpope would probaly have to divest Tmobile USA because of the insanely high churn rate and endless quarters of reported losses.

    2. My AT&T service is great…They are still priced better than Verizon…I don’t have problems because I don’t own an iPhone…I have never had a problem with AT&T customer support (I have a business account) AT&T’s network is not as bad as people think, the iPhone isn’t as good as people think, and that is the biggest problem with AT&T’s network…which isn’t a network problem, it’s a phone problem…but iFanboys would never believe that it’s a problem with an Apple product…In closing don’t judge a book by it’s cover…Most the people complaining about AT&T customer service are iPhone customers who want credits on their bills because their phone doesn’t work (and note I said their phone not the network)…

      1. Priced better? Their plan prices are identical. However, you get unlimited data on Verizon…2 gigs on att.

        1. Grandfathered unlimited bitches…and Verizon is going to limit customers in the near future too…just wait and when they do AT&T will offer exactly the same data or better plans than what Verizon is going to offer

          1. OOOO you can post a link to a youtube video! A third grader can do that! Even my mostly technology illiterate grandmother can do that! How intelligent you must be… /sarcasm

      2. “My AT&T service is great.”

        yup…gotta love Amazon appstore and gameloft games…oh wait. AT&T blocked them.

          1. OOOO you can post a link to a youtube video! A third grader can do that! Even my mostly technology illiterate grandmother can do that! How intelligent you must be… /sarcasm

          2. See? I just copied and pasted from my response below to here! I must be technologically advanced and “smart”! /more sarcasm

  12. AT&T faces network capacity constraints more severe than those of any other wireless provider
    ^ funniest line of the whole press release :)

    1. the problem is that fucking iPhone

  13. BOTTOM LINE HERE….Rather they have the spectrum or not is not nobody’s problem. At&t is well known for saying one thing then doing something else. They anly want to purchase tmobile for the spectrum nothing more they are a joke and the landscape in the wireless industry should not have to be disrupted because of them. This merger will not take place watch we will all see..I won’t even get into their representation of android and how all the devices on their network are treated outside of the iphone. At&t is a joke and so is their network and service.

    1. I have a question for you then Richard. Would it have been alright to you if Sprint jad acquired T-Mobile? Are you just upset that it will put Sprint at the back of the pack? Honestly, when it comes down to it, I would rather have AT&T then have Sprint…I am a die-hard Android fanboy and though AT&T is not the most open or have the most Android phones, they are still a fast network. If my mom would move us to Verizon I would gladly take one of their android offerings…. You know, come to think of it, even of Sprint had acquired T-Mobile, they would still be in 3rd place… So, with that being said, you can keep your ugly a*s evo3d and roll on!

      Disclaimer, I love HTC phones(I just hate E3d)…

      1. *Sprint had*

        *even if *

        Was typing it on my Aria sorry yall!

      2. I loled then disregarded most of what you said after seeing the phrases “if my mom” and “Was typing it on my Aria”.

        Quite simply I am currently deciding weather or not to stick with sprint due to a bad data area that lasts about a 5 mile radius with my house in the center. (and clear showing 3 4g towers but no service on sprints map) That being said even if I do switch I would hope that the at&t merger fail and sprint gets a second chance. Having a crappy company like att get even larger and control more areas will only result in higher prices for everyone out there… (not to mention if sprint would have got the deal it would have put more pressure on att and verizon to keep competitive)

        Go ask your mommy how economics work when you ask to move to verizon…

        (BTW evo3d aint the best looking but look at the specs compared to your phone)

        1. @BloodKil
          Okay, 1 I am not old enough to have a contract of my own (only 17). My mom asks me about phone stuff. I’m the one who deals with the crap that AT&T tries to fool my mom with like getting rid of our unlimited because “their is no need for it”. 2, I passed my economics class with a 100 and am passing my government class with a 100. Trust me, I get it. I do realize that that is not the best thing for the economy. 3 I am only okay with AT&T because i was grandfathered in with my unlimited data. 4 Verizon has a better foothold in my area. Yeah, I have an Aria… It was either that, or back to Blackberry since I won’t even consider Palm. I realize that about the specs… Never was talking about the specs… just the look. I wish my phone had better guts than it does but sadly, that’s not to be. I do plan on upgrading soon though…

          Dude, you’ve been defending him way to much lately lol. When I said back of the pack I meant of the big 4(should’ve clarified). You were right and I’m fairly certain that, even if it does go through, that our “Government” would break it up because it isn’t ‘fair’ to everyone.(By that I mean redistribute the wealth…ie: not everyone is equal…)

          1. This is (I’m fairly certain) only the second or third time I’ve defended him in any way. All my other responses, and believe me there have been a lot, have been correcting his ignorant, wishful, stupid ass. But since I’m trying to be an unbiased, see-it-from-all-sides kind of guy, I’ve got to give credit where credit is due (grudgingly). I did post something in direct response to him, but either it didn’t go through, or one of the moderators deleted it. I remember it was about his usage of “not nobody” which is actually someone, laughing at him if the deal does go through since he seems to firmly believe without a shadow of a doubt that it won’t, and telling him to just keep his mouth shut unless he’s got something constructive (not destructive) to say.


          3. @Richard, You don’t know that. I don’t know that. Heck, even the people who are really deciding the matter don’t even know at this point in time. They still have many more months of research before they can even make an informed decision. Shut your ridiculous, lie slobbering mouth.

          4. Mr. Matthew M….Boy do you have alot to learn in this smartphone arena. I will help you out with this biggest is not always the best and paying high prices does not mean the best service….Talk about sprint all you want most dweebs here on this site spend a great deal of time trying to bring the NOW NETWORK DOWN but for some reason it just keeps ticking and ticking their is no end….Sprint know’s that if tmobile becomes ass t&t then yeah many many people will leave and come to sprint they will gain emensely but sometimes leaving things as they are is best….The government will see to it that things will REMAIN AS THEY ARE TODAY …..(4) CARRIERS…….

          5. What an uninformed loser. You can’t possibly “bring the NOW NETWORK DOWN” (literally) by posting stuff about it on news sites such as these. All that we’re doing is talking about it and pointing out your obviously wrong “facts”. To actually bring a network down, as your next statement implies, there would have to be enough traffic to overload the servers/communication nodes. Say… everyone in the DC area simultaneously trying to download huge files through Sprint’s network. You need to go back to grade school and learn how to count. There currently are NOT 22 4G devices on Sprint. If you can’t count, you shouldn’t be giving “advice” to people.

      3. (I can’t believe I’m sort of defending Richard but) if Sprint had acquired T-Mobile, it would’ve been the bottom 2 major wireless carriers (of the big 4). Not the first or second (can’t remember which position AT&T was in) buying out the fourth (T-Mobile). A Sprint/T-Mobile merger *might* have put either company on par with AT&T/Verizon. Now it might make an already large carrier even larger, meaning more power to do whatever they want, which is part of the reason Sprint is raising hell on this issue. Note: All of the “placements” are in terms of size of customer base. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong/have my figures off.

      4. How could you love htc phones on ass t&t they don’t allow htc phones to operate as intended….ass t&t is monkey balls and you know that you can stick up for them if you want and enjoy your capped services and overpriced bills monthly…Ass t&t is worse than verizon HANDS DOWN

        1. His choices, his preferences. If he wants to stay on AT&T, that’s his choice. If he likes his devices on AT&T, that’s his opinions. Who the f**k are you to basically tell him what he thinks/feels is wrong? That’s right, a nobody. You’re the one who thought that Sprint had simultaneous voice and data. If you’ve ever owned a Sprint device, you’d know that just simply isn’t true.

  14. I have tmo and never really liked but recently there service is getting better and their phones are kick a$$!! I hope this doesn’t happen so tmo get like 3 billion or whatever to expand their 4g!

  15. Whats the pioint of all these great speeds when u only get 2gb limit. Att will screw all their customers and pretend it is only 2% of their customers. I will mist likely support sprint after my contract is up.

  16. Please explain this BS that this merger will help AT&T to get to 97% of the country, when TMobile is not in those areas???

    Don’t drink the cool Aid

    1. They will have both AT&T and T-Mobile’s network teams working on it…so they could get the major cities 4G deployed faster and then work their way out to the rural areas that each carrier covers…(also remember they said 97% of the population the other 3% of the population is outside both companies coverage areas)

  17. I want this to happen…With this merger the combined company will be able to fully roll out LTE before Verizon is finished with their roll out…Sprint is irrelevant and they butt hurt because they got outbid…AT&T buying T-Mobile will be good for Sprint because there will be the T-Mobile customers that don’t want to migrate to AT&T and don’t want to have to pay more for Verizon so they will go to Sprint

    1. IF they can, that will be great for the majority of consumers, however very unlikely considering this year alone we will have 4G in over 150 markets, that’s before ATT even starts.

  18. Pyrofreak said it best. Att said in a marketing campaign that they covered 97 percent of Americans. They lied or they believe that gaining .3 percent more Americans is enough reason to form a potential oligopoly.

  19. Been with AT&T for 6 years, don’t have a problem with them.

  20. I’m a little confused. ATT is saying the merger will benefit consumers by offering LTE? Verizon Wireless already offers LTE!!! The merger is estimated to take about 1 yr for the FCC to render a decision. Verizon Wireless is expected to cover majority of the U.S. by end of next year and over 97% of the U.S. by 2013.

    1. It gets LTE to their customers…and it puts two LTE carriers into competition with eachother.

  21. Cant blame at&t for trying to fix their broke pos they call a celluar company. But really I mean really they cant fix their ish without buying another company? Haha LOSSERS!! Duh why dont you spend that $39 billion on fixing ur pos service!

  22. Better merger sprint and tmo. if there was to be a merger at all. if this goes thru shit cricket here I come!!

  23. What does att and verizon and a hooker have in common? They all cost money and they all suck ballz!! Thank you goodnight you been a wonderfull crowd

  24. Hi,please please don’t let this happen because att its a realy bad bad company they charge for everything,t-mobile is a very good company and very honest…

  25. Umm…tough call? Are you serious!? Let’s go ahead and get the worst customer service company together with one of the few small innovators…ruin them, and get a company large enough to kill Sprint, which will soon be the only unlimited data service you can afford…yeah, screw that. I used almost 2 GB of data in a single weekend with a 4G connection (Sprint), so there’s no way I can afford to pay for VZW’s terrible tiers that are coming.

    AT&T already has the terrible tiers…screw them. Instead of limiting bandwidth and our country’s ability to keep up with the rest of the world technologically…SPEND THE MONEY TO UPGRADE THE TOWERS!

    1. They could have a tower every 5 feet and it wouldn’t change anything… if they don’t have enough spectrum, then those towers are worthless. The purchase is over spectrum.

  26. thank god i am using Verizon.

  27. Priced better I pay on t-mo for unlim. everything on Three phones $145.00

  28. And its 5gb data on tmo not 2

  29. Yep if this goes through the FCC can’t oppose verizon when they tries to buy sprint.

  30. Watch advertising campaigns, most carriers say we cover over “x” % of the population, not stating whether its voice, 2g, 3G or 4G. If you put a tower in los Angeles, and new York city, that’s approximately 4% of the population. Advertisements are becoming more and more misleading and there doesn’t appear to be any accountability for false claims.

    1. [Sarcasm] The claims aren’t false. It isn’t their fault if you aren’t 3 inches away from your TV with a magnifying glass speed-reading the fine print at the bottom of the screen. [/Sarcasm]

  31. Our fggcked up govt SHOULD NOT LET THIS Fggcking deal go through or everyone gets FUGGKED….. Every Big company maneuvers for a monopoly…… And with less competion both ATT AND VERIZON will RAISE PRICES……. and innovation will slow…… YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK.

  32. Those old boys at ATT are longing for the days of the Ma Bell MONOPOLY……. Who gave the government the right to break it up in the first place…. Those old boys knew they could put the broken pieces back together.

  33. Im about to get the Sensation 4G this summer and if this goes through… Hello Evo 3D

  34. I have att and hope the deal does not pass I hate monopolies and they would be the only GSM carrier where I live and as for att blocking what is installed I romed my phone from day one so att doesn’t control my phone anymore other than cell service which works.great for me but I’m in a market that has WCDMA 1900

  35. Please help and stop this merger by signing my petition:

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