ComScore: iOS Beats Android By a Lot When Non-Phones Are Considered [Duh]


Well isn’t this quite a surprise? (Not.) ComScore, in an interesting but ultimately pointless report, has revealed that Apple beats Android by a wide margin if you’re counting mobile devices that aren’t necessarily phones. Yep, that’s right, when you take into account the iPod Touch and iPad, Android is but a small fish in a very big sea of mobile technology.

ComScore’s findings has iOS beating Android by a wide 60% margin as there are 37.9 million iOS users opposed to Android’s 23.8 million. It’s certainly no surprise to us enthusiasts who know Android 3.0’s going through the pains of growth that Android handsets once had to suffer through. (And look how far that has come.)

And yes, there have been tablets available long before Android 3.0 made its way to the forefront, but they were cheap uninspiring models with little to no marketing. As far as the apps ecosystem on Honeycomb tablets goes, that also is nothing to be proud of at the current moment. Simply put, Android is only flourishing on phones right now and everyone already knows it. Not much more to see or say here. [via ComScore]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Pshh give it time thatl change..androird will be above and beyond and apple…apple will fall -_- sooner or later steve your gonna need to give it up

    1. If you are a consumer, you don’t want Apple to fall.

      1. Why is that? Apple is not doing anything to help economy or give jobs. Eat me. All apple fan-boys eat shit and then eat me.

        1. Less competition means less innovation…. NO apple means less reason to make something different then what we already have.

          1. No way!! Look at all these other companies going against each other. They all want to make something better then each other. We don’t need Apple, well actually I do so I can piss on it.

          2. You’re so stupid

          3. You are making no sense. As much Android fan I am I know Google didn’t even have a full touch based device before the iPhone. Apple is pushing and forcing other companies to innovate and sometimes even keep up.

            If you enjoy multitouch on you phone maybe it’s because of them.

            Just see the explosion of innovation we are having since the iOS vs Android fight begun. We “consumers” are winning by that.

        2. No competition means no innovation

      2. what kind of post is that? lock devices are not good for costumer just for monkeys without sense for a computing device

        1. unlocked devices are a waste of freaking time. full of bugs you have to spend countless hours on that shit, freezing up your phone then restoring it, you lose your info, you gotta be a retarded to think that’s a good waste of time. call me nuts but I see these jailbreaker’s gps not working, it resets at random times, the battery drains, and these are guys that are huge android fans who are keeping up with all the jailbreak updates. then the free apps you get (instead of just paying a few bucks for a program you like and will get future official updates for) those apps give you viruses and send all your personal info to hackers all over the world. is all that really worth the stupid background picture, the free 99 cent app, or a special layout that saves you one half second while selecting an app?

          1. if you bought an iphone from the UK, you wouldnt have it software locked to ATT and could travel internationally with the phone, swapping sims as you go. USA iphones are locked software wise to ATT(gsm) and verizon. makes it harder to jump ship so to speak. in the UK, everyones 3g bands are the same. dont like the company? swap chips, and get a new carrier with the same phone. simple, done. this makes phone prices cheaper, and increases competition between carriers. thus companis would have to have great service, great signal, and great customer service OR lose customers. period.

            in the US, sprint, verizon, att, and tmobile are all on different bands when it comes to data. thus in this smart phone world we have, you cant just jump carrier without buying a new phone. this alone reduces competition, and puts up a wall. unless you buy a nokia n8 or the lg g2x (uk/att 3g bands, tmo 3g/4g band) that runs on every gsm based network, your stuck and have to buy a new phone whenever you decide to jump ship.

    2. When one falls another takes its place and that’ll be google to take place of apple.

  2. I don’t think Apple will fall, but it would be nice to see them uprooted from their current smugness. As a former iphone4 user and now a Droid X convert I think the continuing success and fast growth of Android hardware and software will make it #1 in the field very soon. Android isn’t perfect but it allows so much more to the modding community – gotta love it!

  3. Android is still outselling iOS day to day by a pretty good margin, even with iPod and iPad and iWhateverelsetheysell being counted. This gap is large but closing.

  4. Wow… This was an uninspired stat…

    Really? An OS that has been targeted from the start as a Personal Media Player OS beats Android in the PMP markets? Say it aint so!

  5. I just read a report that states all new apple iPod devices sold ship with iOS. It also includes a graph drawn by the writers 3-year-old son that shows Apple owns 100% of that market share and somehow Android got -5%.

    It was a very in-depth survey and a lot of research went into it…I will try to find the link. I also believe the author of that article was offered a job with Fox News’ investigative team!

    1. Bwahahahahahaha! Best post I’ve read today.

  6. really. . . no kidding. consider that iOS has been selling on more devices for a longer period. . . duh.

    Let’s talk about who’s selling what now!

  7. It is most unlikely that these figures are true even within the USA, and if the global market is considered Apple takes only a tiny percentage. Easily checked figures show that apple phones are in 4th (maybe 5th) place globally.

    1. This is regarding all devices running Android vs all devices running iOS, not just phones. Android is still king in the smartphone race.

  8. “… going through the pains of growth that Android handsets once had to suffer through. (And look how far that has come)”

    Feel free to write things like that when my Bluetooth stereo works without crackling, my contacts auto link once more (seems to have stopped with Gingerbread) and the email client works properly, and major corporations consider it worth their time struggling to make apps for a fragmented platform (I STILL can’t check my bank statement on the fly).

    Android is great, but I would not say that we’re past growing pains yet! I often still find myself thinking “this would have been easy to fix on Windows Mobile 5”!

    1. When you have an overwhelming amount of functionalities loaded onto a Device, you cannot expect it to run without hiccups. That goes for Humans, Electronics, Mechanics, basically everything.
      Your Windows Mobile 5 and other OS’ have very limited functionality when compared to Android. You’d be better off with a Nokia 1100 :)

  9. This is not a pointless analysis. The whole point is to show how much larger the iOS ecosystem is compared to Android as a whole when many others are reporting that Android has surpassed iOS in the smartphone space. Developers don’t care whether it’s a phone or a tablet or a fridge as long as it has connectivity and can buy and run their applications, and the more ways to buy and the larger the customer pool the merrier. Making excuses for Android’s failure in the tablet massacre (not even a war, Apple is suffocating everyone else) by citing slow but assured growth is rather delusional when the iPad itself has only been out for a year, the iPad 2 just an incremental change, but Apple was able to hit the right note from the get go and remain miles ahead in software, hardware, and price, really with no change since 2010. This site even speculates about the possible delays of OEMs to release their tablets because Honeycomb is still so half-baked, yet this was never a problem for iOS at launch. This article is even more perplexing as the Phandroid front page use to be more self-critical of its platform of choice but now just relies on blind optimism and ignorance.

    1. It’s appreciable that you put some time into the reply. It would’ve been even better had you actually understood the actual scenario.

      “Devices” include Smartphones, Tablets, iPods, etc. How you assumed that “devices” referred only to smartphones is beyond me.

      A quote from the article:

      if you’re counting mobile devices that aren’t necessarily phones

      Did that line escape your notice, or did you choose to rather infer as you wished and boil down your own conclusions.

      Android “devices” have a greater overall market share than iOS “devices”, which means that Android (phones+tablets+other gadgets) have a greater share than iOS devices(phones+tablets+iPods). But if you consider only (tablets+other gadgets+iPods) – no Phones, then iOS has an upper hand. It’s an obvious fact since the iPods have been here for quite a long time, and the iPad had a year’s headstart.

      I would say it is you who are relying on blind optimism and blatant ignorance, unable to digest the obvious, living in your well of prejudice. Hop out and jump into the Ocean if you have the courage.

      1. That was a lot of work to be completely wrong. It is clearly talking about overall Android OS and overall Apple OS. Otherwise you would be suggesting that Android tablets have sold 23 million.

        Fine work.

  10. Oh, and by the way, if a fridge manufacturer decided to put an OS on it, it wouldn’t be iOS for sure. Guess what would? So first you have to understand a little bit of what the hell you are talking about, not only marketing crap turtleneckers feed you.

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