Apr 19th, 2011

Well isn’t this quite a surprise? (Not.) ComScore, in an interesting but ultimately pointless report, has revealed that Apple beats Android by a wide margin if you’re counting mobile devices that aren’t necessarily phones. Yep, that’s right, when you take into account the iPod Touch and iPad, Android is but a small fish in a very big sea of mobile technology.

ComScore’s findings has iOS beating Android by a wide 60% margin as there are 37.9 million iOS users opposed to Android’s 23.8 million. It’s certainly no surprise to us enthusiasts who know Android 3.0’s going through the pains of growth that Android handsets once had to suffer through. (And look how far that has come.)

And yes, there have been tablets available long before Android 3.0 made its way to the forefront, but they were cheap uninspiring models with little to no marketing. As far as the apps ecosystem on Honeycomb tablets goes, that also is nothing to be proud of at the current moment. Simply put, Android is only flourishing on phones right now and everyone already knows it. Not much more to see or say here. [via ComScore]

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