Verizon Details Thursday’s 4G LTE Rollout; Not As Much of a “Mess” As We Expected


Verizon yesterday tweeted about new markets for their 4G LTE network. They said that a “mess of new cities and towns” would be getting it which led us to believe that a large portion of the list of confirmed cities they afforded us a few months ago would be included. If you were hoping to see that list sooner rather than later, here it is (other surrounding towns and cities for respective markets are listed in quotes):

  • Clarksville, TN – “Fort Campbell, St. Bethlehem & New Providence. Also Oak Grove & Hopkinsville, KY.”
  • Cleveland, TN – “McDonald &Prospect areas.”
  • Columbia, SC – “Lake Murray, Irmo, 7 Oaks, Oak Grove, W Columbia, Cayce & Gilbert”
  • Lehigh Valley, PA – “Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and Lehigh Valley Airport”
  • Hilton Head, SC – “Moss Creek, Bluffton & Jasper”
  • Wilmington, NC – “Wrightsboro, Kirkland, Ogden & more”

Once you break it down like that, Verizon didn’t lie – that’s a long list of cities. It just doesn’t consist of the major cities we thought would get some 4G love. The rollout doesn’t stop here, of course, but Verizon’s not announcing any new expansions as part of Thursday’s party. [via @VerizonWireless]


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Columbia, SC? Oh man, I was on the fence for going down there for a friend’s wedding.. but this might just tip me over.

    1. You fail at life if going to a friends wedding is decided on your cell carriers internet network connection speed. This is so much of a fail its almost a win!

      1. haha, I think it’s a definite win.

  2. While they might have oversold it with their verbage… I appreciate these smaller groups. The initial large shot of cities was great… but this continued rollout piece by piece at least says they aren’t sitting still in this deployment.

    1. agreed. when was the last time we saw a WiMax rollout announcement? (sorry to bring that into this–but it’s true by comparison)

    2. Except when Sprint did the same thing. Then it was somehow criminal?!

      Verizon fanboys certainly are entertaining.

  3. Darn, no Texas love this round. Oh well, maybe by June….

  4. atleast they are rolling out more areas. Can’t wait til they get to more cities in PA.

  5. What the hell, people? move out of the sticks.

  6. That’s a HOT mess of a roll out. Where’s Kansas City?

    1. We don’t get nada… when we do, it’ll go to the beige part first.

    2. I’ve only heard Aug or Sept. Dunno how accurate my source is other than they do work for VZW, and I’ve know them for a number of years. Flip a coin, hopefully sooner than later.

  7. It includes my area. Cool! :)

  8. Well, Verizon tweeted “LAST ONES…for now”. Does that mean that was the only cities they would tell us at the time and it’s possibly going live in more, or does that mean that’s the entire list of cities for the moment? I cannot be too sure.

  9. Allentown PA FTMFW – bout time Verizon. Hell my Vibrant might be going up on Craigslist TONIGHT. Switching to Verizon hells yea

  10. Where’s the west coast love? Come on verizon give oregon some decent networks, the only 4g we have is sprint and everyone knows that their network is garbage and cough cough gag tmobile

        1. Yes Mr. Spoon the thunderbolt is in a league of it’s own simply cause no other smartphone device is being used on that network. Sprint has a combonation of 22plus devices runing on our wimax network including smartphones, mifi’s, and usb sticks with much more coming.

          1. If you’re going to include Sprint’s mifi and usb modems, have the balls to include Verizon’s as well. Look on Sprint’s website. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t see “22plus” 4G devices currently available. I only count 8. Thats including the mifi, usb modems, and 2 laptops. Your “facts” are wrong.

          2. To add just a bit of clarification, my statement of “devices currently available” is meant to be synonymous with your statement of “devices running on our wimax network”. For a device to be running on a network, it generally has to be publicly available. Something over half of your “22plus” devices are not.

      1. You demonstrate your “brightness” once again. Deltaechoe said nothing of the devices on said networks, only the networks themselves. Posting a link to a Thunderbolt vs. Atrix article, with the exception of the relatively miniscule 4G comparison sections, means absolutely nothing. Yet another fail for you….

        1. Your a total failure as usual and so is your verizon network sorry your in denial of the circumstances. You should start sticking to your network and whatever useless device you are using on that network and don’t worry about sprint or the Evo 3d or evo 4g cause until you can find something better they rule android and so does sprint

          1. Wow. You need to learn to remember what you’re told. I am on the SPRINT network with my Samsung Moment, a SPRINT ONLY phone. I have an account under the name “squiddy” over at SDX, an almost completely Sprint phone website like XDA. I have well over 100 posts pertaining specifically to the Moment. If I wasn’t a Sprint customer with a Sprint phone, I’d have no business being there. Much the same way you have no business commenting in articles about Verizon. Have the balls to take a bit of your own medicine.

          2. I just noticed that you yet again brought something into the argument that has no point being there. You are the only person (at the time of this writing) to even mention either Evo devices on this entire PAGE. I certainly didn’t say anything about them, yet here you are bringing them into the argument. But fine, you want to talk about them, lets. While I agree that the original Evo was practically the flagship device for Sprint for an entire year (based on the heavy marketing ads and such), the Epic is a comparable phone. This year won’t be any different. I’m sure several ads will pop up about the Evo 3D, and it will be the most marketed phone on Sprint. But there will be at least one comparable phone coming out shortly after the Evo 3D. There always is. Just like it was with the Evo 4G/Epic. Use just a little bit of common sense trapped within that small brain of yours. It might do you a favor. For instance “You should start sticking to your network and whatever [omitted] device you are using on that network and don’t worry about [any other carrier]”. Sound familiar? They should. They’re your own slightly modified words after all. The fact that you posted that in response to me after posting on a Verizon article shows that you have no balls and are a complete and utter hypocrite. Good day.

          3. lol fanboy syndrome right here, I’ve tried all the networks in several areas around the costal side of oregon and as far as 3g goes, verizon has taken the cake in just about every area in the greater portland metro area, salem and eugene which was the extent of my testing. For 4g, i had trouble even connecting with sprint and with tmobile it was pretty hit and miss, sometimes i got decent speeds other times my verizon 3g was just as fast if not faster

  11. Wilmington!!!!!!!!!

  12. This roll out includes every market surrounding my area except, of course, my area. lol However, I was told by a Verizon rep that 4G would come to my area in 6 months, but would be safe to expect it this summer. I feel a lil bit better about that seeing this. C’mon baby, come to Myrtle Beach.

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