Apr 19th, 2011

The Motorola DROID Bionic was one of the finer-looking devices at CES this past January so it was disappointing to hear that the device may have been cancelled in favor of a device everyone’s calling the Motorola Targa. (Which isn’t a bad looking device, for the record.) The Wall Street Journal has heard it from a Motorola spokeswoman that that may not be the case, though – it’s simply delayed.

They cite the desire to incorporate enhancements and new features as reasons for its delay. Verizon and Motorola originally gave us “Q2” as a release window, and while we’re only over half a month into that frame, the lack of leaks suggest Verizon hasn’t gotten the device into the hands of testers for the final push.

The new window, according to WSJ, is “sometime this summer” – not the most specific, but if they get this thing out early June they won’t miss their original “Q2” promise, but “summer” gives them room to push this thing back to the end of summer and early fall. Yep, that’s quite a lengthy delay for a phone Verizon professed to be a staple of their DROID lineup. [via AndroidForums.com]

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