T-Mobile Cans That Truly Unlimited Plan for Even More Plus Customers


A couple of days ago we learned T-Mobile would be introducing new unlimited plans for their customers and all of Magenta-land rejoiced! Unfortunately, half of that land – the Even More Plus half – won’t have anything to celebrate anymore: their unlimited plan would never see the late of day, or so says this email sitting comfortably on someone’s Android device.  We’re not sure if they’ll be bringing this plan back sometime down the line, but for now you folks are left outof the equation. Even More customers can still get their $79.99 data plan by calling, stopping in to a store, or going to T-Mobile’s website. [via TmoNews]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The people that write Tmo’s press releases, spend summers as carnival hawkers or some such thing… I get the sense that we are all being hypnotized be doublespeak.

  2. TMO = FAIL

  3. They must be trying to get rid of their no-contract folks to avoid dividing them up

    1. Agree! this is a dirty move. Perhaps, influenced by AT&T.
      Fuck them!

    2. That doesn’t make sense.. I find it highly unlikely that they want to get rid of customers, for something that may or may not happen a year from now. More likely they are looking at adjusting to something else for no contract folks.

  4. WooHoo …… truly unlimited 2G data!!!

    Wait, what?

  5. Erm, this doesnt mean they got rid of their old plans, so STFU

  6. I got mine upgraded to the 59.99 today and I’m being capped right now as I had already hit the 2gb Cap. Does this mean tomorrow it will be reverted?

    1. Didn’t say, unfortunately. Just said that the plan will be removed from the system overnight.

    2. From my understanding, you are capped until the end of your billing cycle…don’t take this the wrong way but STINKS TO BE YOU!

    3. Seriously? You upgraded today and you are already being capped? I don’t think so.. I have corportate email sync, rarely stream, sometimes navigate, frequently surf, and connect to wifi for app updates and while at home. If I want to listen to music or talk at work I also connect to wifi…but that is rare. I use about 300 mb per month! Whatever you guys who are using 2,5,10 gb per month are doing…I’m tired of subsidizing you! As far as I know, my $59.99 Even More Plus (500 voice and “unlimited” everying else still stands and I’m happy…no one pays less. Oh, and to the rest of you who are judging them for something they never officially offered…Are you serious?

  7. I see a bit of ATT’s deceptive behavior in this maneuver. Well, that’s it for me. I was going to buy an LG GX2 off contract…here goes the deal.

  8. 59.99 for unlimited plan AND no contract…..I had a feeling it was too good to be true.

  9. I just dumped (April 1) my Even More Plus Unlimited plan for a new LG Optimus V. Totally replaced it with Google Voice, NetTalk and a $25 plan from Virgin – 300 minutes but who’s counting? Hint: If you want to keep your current number, first port it to Google Voice….. then it doesn’t matter which phone GV sends your calls to…. and then get your Virgin account.

  10. T Mobile is already turning into a shady company like AT&T I recently signed a two year contract with T Mobile and they didn’t disclose that they were selling to AT&T. I found out on the web about a week later. I know I signed the contract but I would have never signed it if I knew about the sale to AT&T. I would never give my business to AT&T they treat people like mud and I don’t want to have anything to do with a company like that.

    1. Well, the sale still has a little less than a year to go. Hopefully the FCC will block the entire sale, or else we are all screwed.

      1. att has nothing to do with it.t mo is still opearating on their own.

    2. Um…where are they obligated to tell you about this merger though?

      But I’m sure a lowly sales rep knew about this merger.

  11. Wow! US contracts and phones are expensive and there doesn’t seem to be any handset subsidy. It may not be perfect in the UK but I’ll take our system over yours any day!!

  12. Time to sing
    A, B, C, D
    Can I bring my friend to tea?
    E, F, G, H, I, J, I love you.
    Pink, brown, yellow orange and blue I love you
    Look at me
    All together now

  13. I’m leaving TMob b4 ATT gets them.

    If they can leave me alone with their spokesmodel for three hours……I’ll “stick it, er..with them” through the Summer. Hooooo yeah! Num num!

  14. I was able to switch from the Even More Plus 500 plan for $59.99 to the Even More Plus Unlimited for $59.99 at around 2PM eastern standard time. So I would still try to roll the dice if you’re interested. The 2GB throttle will have zero effect on me because I use wifi a lot.

  15. 8:30 pm Mountain time. Just switched to this plan. Hope you guys can if you want to also.

  16. I called around 10:00am this morning and I was changed over the truly unlimited plan. I called back at 5:00 to just make sure that I could keep the the plan and I was told yes.

  17. So people are getting upset over something that TECHNICALLY never was said? Oh.

    I was having this discussion over on Engadget the other day. I never even saw a Even More Plus shown on the screenshots, only Even More.

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