Sony Ericsson Bootloader Unlock Site Now Live For 2011+ Models


Well this came about sooner than we thought. We knew Sony Ericsson would be introducing a site to help new Xperia owners to unlock their bootloaders, but we didn’t expect it to be published for a few weeks. It’s up right now, though, and the process is simple: give them your IMEI and your email address and you get a shiny new code to unlock that Xperia Play, Arc, Neo, Pro, and whatever other models are set to come out this year onward.

Sony Ericsson says that this “may void the warranty of your phone.” That statement can be taken a couple of different ways but we’d say just consider your warranty void as soon as you enter that unlock key. Go to unlockbootloader.sonyericsson.com to get started. (Full instructions and everything you’ll need can be found there.) [via XperiaBlog]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Woah, they actually kept their word. Now all we need is an awesome phone with an awesome keyboard. I’d instantly become a sony customer that way.

    BTW, I find it ironic that sonyericsson is going the complete opposite route of what Sony Computer Entertainment is doing with the PS3.

  2. Sony Ericsson is obviously my next phone.

  3. awesome. yupt .. gonna have to see what sony ericsson phones are available. they’ve just won me over!

  4. Before Sony settled out of court with geohot, SE was definitely not my next device (no matter how tempting xperia play is). With the settlement and unlockable bootloaders; looks like play time, hope gsm support comes soon.

    1. you do know Sony and SonyEricsson are not the same thing right?

  5. More manufacturers should do this. Just give people the option whether or not to void the warranty. I am sure manufacturers would save money as that would be less phones for them to support.

  6. I’m willing to bet, its just a way of control. If they unlock it then they will know what’s on the phone and who’s doing what with them, so its easier to track you. If anything they are really just taking control of the situation unlike SEC having to get a court in their home state to take all of our IP addresses and the sites we visited and what we may have or may not have gotten from it. This method is cheaper for them in the long run to track down people rather then how ever much it cost SEC to do it through a court. Not to mention if the distribute it then we it comes down to press charges for something(game sharing) then they will automatically get home court advantage literally

    1. that is simply stupid. it’s easyer to say that with a locked phone that you don’t have complete access to. Hidden tracking apps and so on, BUT never with a unlocked rooted phone where developers have complete access to.

      You’re not thinking straight.

  7. Wow! Im impressed! Thanks sony! Even if your phones specs arent what im looking for, this is a game changer! Just hope vzw doesnt force them to lock it up like they did to htc. But idk ikf they could make them close the website. *cough htc this is your chance to let us unloc! Cough*

  8. This is really great why not Motorola and HTC give users this advanced option, I think now they have to think about this. For the first time ever, I’m jealous of Sony Ericson owners.

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