T-Mobile Announces New Unlimited Plans Starting at $59.99


T-Mobile has officially announced two new unlimited packages for their subscribers to launch tomorrow, April 13th. The $79.99 Even More plan and $59.99 Even More Plus plan include unlimited talk, text, and data. That data is technically capped at 2GB, though going over won’t get you hit with overage charges. Instead, TMo will throttle back on your data speeds until the next month’s billing cycle takes over.

The Even More plan will be available to those signing up for a two-year contract, while the Even More Plus plan goes to the month-to-month crowd. Full release below.

T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced that new, single-line unlimited plans are available starting tomorrow for just $79.99 per month, with an Even More™ plan and a two-year contract, or $59.99 per month, with an Even More Plus™plan with no annual contract required. Available for a limited time, the new plans offer great value for new and existing customers with unlimited nationwide calling, texting and data on America’s Largest 4G Network™.

“Consumers today are looking for even more value and flexibility from their wireless plans,” said John Clelland, senior vice president, marketing, T-Mobile USA. “While data plans for many of our competitors continue to be very expensive, T-Mobile is lowering the price of our unlimited plans and offering more options, making it easier than ever for customers to step up to a richer mobile data experience on our 4G network.”

Combined with an extensive lineup of affordable smartphones, T-Mobile’s new Even More unlimited plan allows customers to save more than $350 per year on an unlimited smartphone plan, compared to similar plans from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint1. Customers have the flexibility to purchase any phone in T-Mobile’s lineup and sign up for an unlimited rate plan — with or without a contract term commitment.

In contrast to some competing offerings, T-Mobile’s new Even More unlimited and Even More Plus unlimited plans enable customers to use mobile data on their smartphones without incurring any overage charges. Consumers exceeding 2GB of usage in a billing month will still have access to unlimited data at reduced speeds until their new billing cycle starts. On average, T-Mobile 4G smartphone customers consume about 1 GB of data per billing month.

In addition to its unlimited plans, T-Mobile continues to offer one of the industry’s most affordable entry-level data plans, starting at just $10 for 200 MB per billing month. The company also strives to help customers on these data plans avoid surprise bills with SMS alerts when they are reaching their data limit.

The new $79.99 Even More unlimited and $59.99 Even More Plus unlimited plans are available starting tomorrow for qualifying customers. To find the T-Mobile plan that best fits their needs, customers can visit http://www.t-mobile.com.

T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G network not available everywhere. See coverage details at T-Mobile.com.

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  1. Unlimited should be “UNLIMITED”! No Caps, no limits, NADA!…

  2. when are they going to learn that anything with an end to it, is not longer unlimited.

    1. It doesn’t end, it just slows.

    1. What does it matter, just switch over to single lines on the same account.

  3. I’m going to Sprint…

    1. Well suffer the BS most other carriers will slap you with then.

  4. Kiss my ass. Throttling is not unlimited.

  5. Will be willing to pay an extra $10 a month to take that data cap up to 5Gb on the EM+ $59.99 plan. Or just keep the current EM+ price of $79.99 and have truely UNLIMITED DATA with no data cap at all per month. I might not use that much data per month but i don’t wonna be throttled…just wonna have a cushing incase i feel like using more data in a particular month with out incuring more charges. All in all…unlimited plans are just a safety net for the customer who doesnt wonna be hit with extra fees…the carrier always has an edge cuz like stated above most customers use roughly 1gb or at most 2Gb a month.

  6. Still a steal of a plan for those who don’t use a lot of data. And for the fact that they don’t charge you for overage is very good regardless of throttling. I rather be throttled than be charged out the ying yang.

  7. Also with the unlimited plans …when it comes to voice and text…most customers dont use that much talk mins or txt. In my case usually less than a thousand peak talk mins, or less than 2000 text msgs seldomly above that. Here also the carrier has the edge cuz most ppl use less per month…

  8. Management is showing signs of being passed around too much. I’d advise customers to go to Sprint or Verizon, because this seems like a bait and switch ploy.


    1. I advise that too, before you possibly get handed off to one of them you might not prefer, so that the merger can go through.

  9. Good luck having that be any good when/if AT&T completes their takeover of T-mobile!

  10. I left Tmobile for VZ for the T-Bolt and I’m never looking back.

    1. Hah, well how about that Sensation.

  11. Unlimited my ass…assholes!!

  12. [CONSPIRACY THEORY] It might be a way for for T-mobile to get customers to leave so that the merger with AT&T will be approved…

  13. I’m confused. It’s $20 a month cheaper to not sign a contract with them for the same plan?

    1. when your on contract you are also paying for your subsidized phone

  14. This isnt that bad for me. Sounds good. But am I missing sumthing here when they say unlimited data but it slows down after 2gb but your still getting data so isnt it still unlimited data.

  15. Fascinating, Never thought about it like that.


  16. My unlimited plan is $49.99 a month with T-mobile. I got the T-mobile loyalty plan. They are good, and best costumer service. It sucks that they will become AT&T


  17. Limited unlimited is a bunch of BS. FU T-Mobile and AT&T

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