HTC’s Market Capitalization Surpasses Nokia and RIM, Reaches $33.8 Billion


Android does some pretty amazing things. For instance, it can take a large part of the credit for rocketing lowly HTC from the depths of smartphone irrelevancy to a $33.8 billion market capitalization value. At the same time, one company opposed to placing Google’s OS on their hardware has seen a fall. Yep, HTC has passed Nokia using this metric as a rule. HTC has also surpassed BlackBerry maker RIM.

For what it’s worth, the valuation shouldn’t be taken as a gold standard. Market capitalization is a measure of value among stocks available on the market. Given that not all companies make equal numbers of stocks available, you can see that the comparison may not always be fair. At best we can glean one undeniable fact: HTC’s value has grown while the value of RIM and Nokia has fallen off. More precisely, the price of HTC stock has grown by 33 percent while Nokia’s stock price has dropped by 19 percent.

Nokia’s move to Windows Phone 7 and RIMs recent moves to revitalize the BlackBerry franchise haven’t played out yet, but we are sure the coming months (and years) will see continued flux in this and other rankings.

[via Engadget]

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  1. HTC is listed on TWSE. That makes the 33 billion market cap that much more impressive. However, that also make it that much more volatile. HTC has done well riding this android wave. I’m sure they are eyeing the wp7 as well.

  2. Many props to htc and all they have done for android. They have changed the landscape and clearly provide great devices on all carriers. I also credit htc trying to enhance the experience for windows users as well. Inshort if your not packing an HTC device then your not packing AT ALL…

    1. Yup yup, what about you Yarrell are you packing or not packing?

    2. *you’re*

  3. @bluevoodo… Yes packing Htc Evo 4g since June 2010.. Awaiting Htc Evo 3d

  4. Excellent htc, keep up the great work!!..

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