HTC Desire 2, Wildfire S Headed to Cellular South


You have to love the traction Android has been getting with the smaller regional carriers in the states. After landing both the original HTC Desire and Wildfire, Cellular South is gearing up to launch the sequel to each. What we first saw at Mobile World Congress as the HTC Desire S looks like it will go under the Desire 2 tag, though the original name sticks for the Wildfire S.

No word on when you can actually expect either handset, but given the phones are already showing up in some sort of inventory system, we’d say within the next couple of months might be a safe bet. Then again, almost no bet is safe when talking about phone release dates.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Hmmm…now to choose between the Merge and The Desire S..decisions, decisions :)

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