Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Tab to Receive Update, No Honeycomb in Sight


I’m not sure if you should expect Android 3.0 Honeycomb to ever grace the 7-inch founder of the Galaxy Tab family, but if you are on Verizon a new update is prepped and ready to roll for the tablet. The 34.6MB update has some fixes and enhancements that promise better web browsing, more efficient (less battery drain) searching for Wi-Fi hotspots, and improved email and messaging. You can find all the info you need over at Verizon’s support page. The update should be rolling out now or in the very near future, let us know in the comments below if you have received yours!

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I got it today. My jaw dropped as I hoped against hope it was honeycomb for a split second…. yeah, so its not and i don’t see a lick of difference after the update. oh well.

  2. With a whopping 2 bars in the center of Manhattan (52nd and Madison Ave.) I really can’t wait to see how long the download takes! Not only did they charge 600 bucks for a machine they obsoleted within a month of my purchase, they refused to exchange it 31 days out. This company has the Ma Bell/Lucy Tomlin/wearethe phonecompanyresistanceissilly mentality down pat. Why make honeycomb available if you have already sold the device? Sell us up to the $1000 toy instead.

    Every Verizon website is soooo geared to sales, not support that I’m enraged every time I get near them – this from a guy with their full Fios package and the Tab.

    I can see a generation of kids in the not so distant future wearing machines that share lives with their BFFs – immersive 24/7 live 3d retina paint feeds, blink to switch channels, so immersed in the tech that they’ll easily attend to multiple feeds at once, subscribed to machine-generated lives far more interesting and adventuresome than their own. All courtesy of the of the oafs running VZ. Scary.

    1. Why should they exchange it 31 days out? Their policy was 30 days and if you disliked it that bad you would have figured that out within 30 days. They dont owe you anything. smh

  3. I can´t use any Android device without Android v5.8… any current Android version doesn´t work for me.

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