PSA: Sprint’s New Phone – HTC Arrive – Isn’t Android


Alright we can stop playing the guessing game: it’s Feburary 24th and Sprint has officially announced their latest phone. (We did hear about this yesterday, though.) No, it’s not Android – we originally warned you that Android isn’t the only smartphone operating system in the world. (Bummer, right?) It’s a Windows Phone 7 device called the HTC Arrive. We’re not going to say much more than that on it as we’re not a Windows site, but this was just a quickie to inform you guys that the EVO and Epic 4G are still the best Android phones on Sprint’s network until… we don’t know. Let’s hope CTIA brings the goods. [Sprint]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. the inspire 4g IS the EVO for ATT, you mean the samsung Epic 4g

  2. last time i checked the inspire 4g isn’t in sprint line-up.

  3. i am totally surprised that they did not have a press event for this htc w7 phone.

  4. whoops, I’ve been playing with the Inspire 4G too much lately.

  5. I wonder if they have MTV NEXT for the smartphones…NEXT!!!!!

  6. …and cue Richard Yarrell’s screaming,mouth-frothing, Church of EVO rants.

  7. It has a 5 row keyboard like the G1. Hopefully HTC brings that to more Android phones.

  8. @Dj… You silly little boy… We all know what ctia will bring 30 days from now no need to worry. Everyone needs love even Windows mobile and htc makes devices on that platform also… HTC ROCKS…


  10. At least its not the dick slap to the face they gave us with the Kyocera Echo. I have an interest in WP7, but not so much that one.

  11. They are certainly overdue for a new android phone.

  12. LOL @PleaseBeOnSprint

    I have to agree. I’m not getting a last year’s model phone at this year’s price especially not if I have to pay $10 more for premium data without 4G. Thanks, but no thanks – I’m sticking to my HTC Hero.

    BTW, I’m a Premier Gold member who has refused to upgrade (eligible since July 2010) unless its a dual-core processor with a tegra-class gpu with a longer battery life. What’s the point of upgrading if the phone is pretty much the same and I get a downgrade on battery life? The Evo doesn’t cut it due to battery life, and the Epic doesn’t cut it because Samsung’s poor customer’s service. Does Sprint have any top phone this year?

    P.S. Can’t really blame Sprint for not having a dual-core phone announced yet. It’s HTC’s fault for going with qualcomm 100%. I’m assuming the first dual-core phone on Sprint will be a Samsung Galaxy S II variant which has the Tegra 2. But since it’s Samsung, I’ll wait unless it’s the Nexus S2.

  13. sprint always pick the ugly one in the bunch, i would much preferred the Samsung focus, that if i chose to go with a window phone.

  14. It’s especially sad when a last year’s model phone requires a current year’s model top-end price.

  15. the Inspire 4G isn’t EVO. If it was like the EVO it would have HDMI out and a front facing camera which is why I’m not buying the Inspire

  16. @ Richard Yarrell
    Seriously, do you ever actually read what you type? Or do you just scream into a voice recognition device? “Silly little boy?” You work in a kitchen or basement ( “We all know what’s happening at CTIA” (Which, by the way is an acronym, which are SUPPOSED to be capitalized); no, “we” don’t know. If “we” did, there wouldn’t be much point in having CTIA, would there? “No need to worry?” What, precisely, was I worried about? I don’t have Sprint, I’m not a dishwasher, I can afford a good provider. I will give you that HTC makes great phones, otherwise, I wouldn’t already own an off-contract EVO to run ROMs and Themes on and wouldn’t own a DInc for the same reason AND also be buying a Thunderbolt – if I don’t lose interest in the thing and something nicer comes along after all of these delays. If your going to try to insult someone, get your facts straight, junior. To be fair, for the most part, you were approaching something resembling “normal” in the past week or so. Don’t screw it up now by making yourself look like your parents are fraternal twins again. Have a nice day :)

  17. weirdly enough, doesnt show squat for this new device:( boo hiss

  18. Omg windows phones suck so bad :P
    Its honestly all about android :)
    I love everything about it

  19. We don’t want everything to be android anyway. Without competition, android ain’t going anywhere. Google like every evil empire before them will be just as evil given the chance.

  20. @ DroidFTW +1
    I agree with you 100%. As much as many people say they wish the iPhone would go away or “be killed”, I don’t. Not because I like the iPhone; I never did, even before Android existed, they just werent for me. But to think that the iPhone, Symbian, RIM, WinMo, and even Palm hasn’t influenced Android innovation in some way or another is naive and absurd. As you said; competition drives innovation. All of these platforms have influenced one another in some way (which is why everyone is always suing everyone else). Off topic a bit, but on the subject of competition and innovation, I wonder if the iPhone5 will actually be in any way significantly different due to the fact that perhaps 8 or 10 months ago Steve Jobs said there was “no chance in hell” that Android would ever overtake iOS or be significant competition (haha). I am sure a lot of the innovations brought forth with Honeycomb and the Moto Xoom were pushed further due to the iPad and its entrenched place in the tablet market. I love Android, but I wouldn’t dream of a world where there were no other smart device OSs to keep Google pushing ever further.

  21. I want competition but this is a waste of time. MS should forget WP7 and work on Windows 8 for ARM.
    I mean do they actually think an OS with blue and white (or white and orange) icons will sell?

  22. @ DJ post #16 – Great post man, way to put that tool in his place.

  23. By the time my contact is up in 2 years, my phone will basically be an Atrix. That’s amazing to think about.

  24. No surprise here… Sprint has some serious brain block when it comes to handsets, or shall we think conspiracy?

    It’s not yet 2 years to match the release of the EVO with contract holders, so maybe Sprint doesn’t see the need for urgency to keep up with the Jone’s new phones on other networks, but they are WRONG! It will certainly be interesting to wait and see in June what they have up their sleeve, but by then… all the new phones will be old once again, you can’t win.

    I’ve been with Sprint from the beginning and was able to get the upgrade (premiere) in October but have held on waiting for their NEW – yes, “NEW” ANDROID phones to hit the network… how disappointing to say the least! Tisk Tisk Sprint!

    For now, I’ll hang on to my Hero as well. Rocked and OverClocked, it runs just fine!!! ;)


  25. @Dj… Poor guy you sound and look like you need a break from these pages… I Happy for your choice of an off contract evo great indeed… Now go rest yourself and leave these pages for the big boys… We got this junior

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