PSA: If you’re still holding onto your Sprint SIM card, it’s time to change


When T-Mobile merged with Sprint, it was expected that there would be a bit of a transitional period where T-Mobile would have to get Sprint customers to switch over more to its own network and services.

Now, if you were a Sprint customer that was still holding onto their Sprint SIM card, then you might want to take note. According to a report from The T-Mo Report, they have obtained an internal memo where it seems that they have started to send notices to customers who are still using their Sprint SIM cards.

Basically, these notices are informing customers that their SIMs will soon be reaching “end of life” status and they will need to switch over to a T-Mobile SIM ASAP. According to the memo, customers will have until the 1st of May, 2023 to make the switch otherwise they will lose their connectivity and will face service interruptions.

T-Mobile has reportedly started sending out notices so if you are still using a Sprint SIM, you should have received such a message, if not, T-Mobile will continue sending them out again on the 1st of March, followed by another on the 3rd of April if these customers still haven’t made the switch, so it’s probably best to get a new SIM quickly to avoid any potential issues.

Source: The T-Mo Report

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