T-Mobile is wiping the debt for some Sprint customers


When T-Mobile merged with Sprint, they of course inherited Sprint’s customers as well. Like all carriers, there were probably a bunch of Sprint customers who still owed the carrier money from previously unpaid bills, ongoing contracts, and more, but now it looks like T-Mobile could have wiped that debt out for a lucky few.

This is according to a post on Reddit in which some users appear to have received a text message from T-Mobile informing them that they have essentially forgiven any remaining balance they might owe to Sprint. The message reads:

“Sprint is now T-Mobile: Good news! We’ve forgiven the remaining balance for the installment billing agreement(s) below. You now own your device in full, so you can use its trade-in value when you upgrade to a new device. This change will be reflected on your bill within 1-2 bill cycles.”

We’re not talking about forgiving one or two months. According to the poster, they claim that they still had a full year remaining on their installments, and now T-Mobile has basically cleared it for them. As to why T-Mobile is being so generous?

Some of the comments on Reddit suggest that T-Mobile might have had some trouble converting some of the contracts from Sprint to T-Mobile, so to make things easy, they decided to forgive some of those debts in order to migrate all these customers over to T-Mobile.

Whatever the reason, we suppose it’s still a good thing. We’re not sure how many customers and accounts were forgiven, but if you were a former Sprint customer, maybe check your text messages to see if you are among the lucky few!

Source: PhoneArena

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