T-Mobile could soon be paying Sprint customers to swap out their SIM cards


With T-Mobile successfully acquiring Sprint, the company has been trying to consolidate all of their customers, which makes sense, especially with Sprint’s 3G network already being retired, and with Sprint’s LTE network set to retire at the end of June.

We imagine that there are still plenty of Sprint customers out there who are still using the carrier’s SIM cards in their phones, but it looks like T-Mobile has a plan to actively try and encourage those users to swap over to a T-Mobile SIM by paying them money to do so. This is according to a post from The T-Mo Report where they obtained an internal document revealing T-Mobile’s plans.

It seems that to encourage Sprint users to make the switch, T-Mobile will be paying these customers $10 in the form of bill credit per line. This means that if your current plan has 5 Sprint lines in total, making the swap to a T-Mobile SIM will net you $50 off your next bill. The catch is that everyone in the plan needs to make the switch, meaning that if there is one person holding out, then you won’t get the credit.

According to the leaked document, it has been suggested that this offer will come into effect on the 30th of June, and customers who successfully make the switch will receive a text message confirming their bill credit.

Source: The T-Mo Report

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