Angry Birds Season Valentine’s Edition Coming Next Week, Here is an Early Look


This weekend brings the Super Bowl and an early teaser level for the upcoming movie tie-in Angry Birds Rio, but you won’t have to wait much longer to get even more new levels to waste away your days on. For Valentine’s Day, Rovio will be offering an update to their Angry Birds Seasons that will bring a whole batch of new, love-themed levels to distract you as you wolf down ice cream and cry about not having a date.

Rovio knows not to mess with a winning formula, so don’t expect any earth-shattering changes in gameplay. If you want to see a bit more skin before you take the plunge, however, here are some sneak peek screens courtesy of AllThingsD.

[via AllThingsD]

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  1. @Brian
    Ur som useless you don’t even count
    :i am first

  2. Why is the ‘first’ trend sweeping phandroid? I thought those kind of posts were reserved for 12 year old iphone owners…

  3. I agree hotmann.

  4. @Meh
    Grammar! Let me translate: “You are so useless you don’t even count. I am first!” If you can’t take a few minutes to spell it out, don’t post crap like that. Better yet, don’t post crap like that regardless!
    I’m pretty pumped for this. I loves me some Angry Birds, and I three-starred all of the Christmas levels.

  5. I am going to race my 5 year old to see who can compete these levels first, he on his itouch (because he’s 5 and doesn’t know any better), me on my droid Incredible.

  6. Did anyone else notice the HD in the First Screen Shot. Will all the new angry birds be displayed in HD……….

  7. Welcome to YouTube comments. “FIRST!”

    Jeez, grow up. Who cares if you’re first or any number for that matter.

  8. Last! Until somebody else writes something, and then I will be second to last – but I will have been the first to declare last. I have not achieved 3 stars on all the seasons levels but I am purposely holding the accomplishment at bay until my next boring business trip on a plane.

  9. Coming soon, Angry birds cereal for your little piggie at home. It launches from your spoon and explodes in your mouth.

  10. Yay! I was wondering when we’d get that! :-) <3

  11. HD means IOS version on Ipad

  12. Enough with the new versions of the same poorly written app. Can we please get a version that will run on a slower phone. My phone has the same processor as the iphone 3g, and supposedly it runs on that. A paid version without ads would be a big help too.

  13. @ brian. Fag!

  14. Spring is around the corner. While everyone is walking and playing the game, the REAL Angry Birds will fly down and peck the hell out of everyone who comes close to their nest. Can anyone say Anger Management?

  15. Maybe this update will let me install seasons on my phone…. I have regular angry birds, but every time I try to install seasons on my droid 2 it fails and I get unknown error 18…

  16. Cut the Adds and let the slower phones play without lagging .

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