Google I/O Registration Opens Monday, Tickets Won’t Last Long


If you plan on attending Google I/O this year, you better camp out a spot in front of your computer come Monday. The AndroidDev team just tweeted that tickets will be on sale after the weekend, but don’t expect them to hang around much longer than that. Google I/O is an extremely popular event with an unfortunately limited number of open spots for those who wish to attend.

Google already opened up pre-registration for some past attendees, but this is the general public’s first crack at making their way in. Phandroid will be there, that’s for sure. Will you?

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  1. I want to go just to get the goodie basket!!! I can hear the news on here! :-P

    I wonder if they’ll be giving away XOOMs or Atrix’s.

  2. Agreed with first post. Hoe much are tickets?

  3. $450 You shouldnt buy a ticket just to get a gift because there’s no guarantee that you will even get a gift. with that said…it’s totally worth the money just for the knowledge that you will gain from all the awesome sessions!

    If your an Android dev or interested in becoming an Android Dev you should definately go to Google I/O!!!

  4. It’s frustrating that I will have to battle to get a ticket with non-dev’s, looking for a free Xoom. Last year I got the early-bird invite. No such luck this year. Google should open registration to registered devs first.

  5. well the track record is the last 2 or so years everyone got a new phone, I mean shouldnt this year be the same? Also do students get the goodie also?

  6. Just the transportation costs and hotel will put you way past what any new device might cost you. Only if you live in the bay area would it even be a possibility. Most people are not going to spend that kind of money for just a chance that a device might be given out. That would be foolish. Google i/o is for the developers and most people attending will be developers. Come on now, how many are really interested in spending $450 on a 2-day conference listening to powerpoint presentations, when that money can actually be put towards a new device. Let’s get real here.

  7. Last year, they gave away evo and nexus one. Easily worth $1000

  8. good luck fellas, I am no way near to lay my hand on the ticket, wait for the news!

  9. If you’re going to go just for a device, please don’t. Most of us are dedicated developers who want a chance to learn a lot straight from the source of it all. Those who go just for the perks are ruining the chance for a talented developer to improve their applications, and in turn the Android environment as well.

  10. I wouldn’t worry Anuj, all these idiots need to to do is the math. The cost of the conference plus food and transportation takes you well over $1000. Besides, Pedro is misinformed. Last year, devs got 1 device, not two. There were a couple of different devices handed out, but it was one device per developer. However, there is no certainty that will happen this year anyway. Google is trying to promote Google TV as well, so perhaps it maybe a Logitech Revue instead, which would be much cheaper for Google to give away, than a phone. You think these fools are willing to take that chance with those kinds of dollars? I don’t think so.

  11. Actually, last year they did get devices. First was either a Verizon Droid or Nexus One and second phone was an Evo with prepaid data plan.

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