AT&T Gives Us the Motorola Atrix 4G Mobile Minute [Video]


Last week AT&T gave us a 60-second rundown of the HTC Inspire 4G, and now the Motorola Atrix 4G is getting the same treatment. If you want the quick and slick story on the Atrix 4G, this is the video you want to watch. Even though the laptop dock’s $499.99 price tag (with or without the Atrix 4G) is a bit discouraging, the $199.99 price point for the phone alone is more than reasonable for a handset boasting a dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. In case you need a refresher on the rest, here’s the vid:

[via YouTube]

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  1. It’s a nice phone, with a “More Than Likely” locked bootloader… Simply terrible.

  2. Second! Crap i did it wrong.

    also.. I really doubt the 499$ price is right…

  3. Excuse the noob question, but what does a locked bootloader stop you from doing?

  4. Hot. But I hate AT&T

  5. My friends in China will clone the dock next day. Why not. Iol

  6. Powerful phone, but it’s not attractive at all.

  7. @Techdude its to do with being able to load custom ROMS And rooting. If its locked, it makes it difficult.

    @sillyrabbit its already been confirmed by an att press release, not a mistake unfortunately. Hopefully other retailers like Amazon or best buy might sell them for less, nut I doubt that. If they did, I wont mind paying the extra for tethering.

    Att performed an abortion – they killed the atrix before it had a chance to live.

  8. Damn the Atrix is one hot device……minus Motoblur

  9. If you pay full price for the dock does that mean you don’t have to pay for teathering?

  10. @Techdude
    It means you can’t Root your device and put custom roms on it. If Motorola fails to update after 2.3, you’re stuck.

  11. One question…why does the laptop dock cost so much when it literally contains nothing in it? You’re better off just buying the multimedia dock and link it to your own laptop. To me that is an outlandish price.

  12. The lap dock is way to much. Spread the word and tell everyone you know not to buy the Motorola Atrix, unless the genius that set the price for the lap-dock,drops to at least $150. $500 is just stupid!!!

  13. I couldn’t agree with you more. I

  14. The laptop dock with/without pricing thing is just perplexing.. They should just lower the price by the $199 and give customers the option of buy it now or later.. you know it’s going to happen down the road anyways.

  15. Does the stand alone dock support HDMI mirroring? I’m currently w/o audio. If so, it’ll be a cheaper solution than the laptop dock.

  16. I will preorder the phone but forget the laptop dock. Also you have to pay an extra 15/mo for some lame tethering thing.

  17. Can’t understand why everyone is crying about Motoblur…nothing wrong with it, there’s still enough customization, way more than the iPhone.

  18. this phone is SEXII!!!!! im getting it…

  19. Customization isn’t the problem, but rather the ugliness of the UI. Those blue and green home screen buttons have pissed me off since day one. The app drawer is flat–as are all the other OEM shells. I love vanilla Android’s app closet because it mirrors the apps as they appear and disappear giving, depth to the drawer. IMO all shells should be trashed, and OEMs should offer their widgets on the market for compatible devices. The only OEM shell that holds its own is HTC Sense. Sense 2.0 looks pretty stellar, but I still prefer stock Android. That’s why I switched from an HTC Hero to an HTC Nexus One.

  20. I’ll probably be picking up the Atrix when it comes to Bell here in Canada, however all my interest in the laptop dock has died with that $500 price tag. I can get a full fledged laptop for that price, if its just a shell that runs off the phone how is it at all reasonable to price it that high?

  21. I could care less bout the laptop dock now. i’m just getting the phone and THE HD DOCK. What’s the point in buying a expensive ass battery with a blank screen and the battery is only 4hrs? Laptop dock is a rip off damn u at&t. but I’m still getting my Atrix.

  22. I’m just going to get the phone. It’s still kick-ass.

  23. If it wasnt for the price of the dock, it would have been a useful accessory. Not gimmicky
    The price makes it gimmicky now when you can get net books and laptops for less. And get a monster laptop for around the same price.
    That said, laptop dock or not it should still be a nice phone. The dock doesnt take away from the other specs and features of the phone. I would got the HD dock anyway if I had to choose.

  24. Sorry – I do not get it. This is hip over smartness. Nice phone but why would you want the heart your desktop computer (laptop/desktop) to be a device (cpu/filesystem) that is completely biased to energy savings ( battery life) to the detriment of everything else (cpu, internal data speed, bandwidth, graphics, sound, connections) especially if it is docked to a product that can easily be plugged in to electricity. It is just stupid from a cpu and computer bandwidth speed standpoint. Also in the age of cloud apps ( gdocs, gmail, evernote, …)the main advantage goes away – since everything on your phone will be on the cloud and therefore on your laptop/desktop. No need for this physical connection with the slowest cpu/ filesystem you own.

  25. The bigger (and mostly unreported) issue with the laptop dock is that it REQUIRES the tethering plan to use.

    That’s right. To use the dock and firefox, even if you purchase it separately, you HAVE to buy BOTH a data plan and a tethering plan.

    RIP OFF.

    And I was really excited for the atrix…

  26. hey , i was wondering once this phone is rooted successfully and you can get tethering for free due to the hack, wouldnt you be able to use the docks with out At&t’s tethering plan? just wondering, im just switching from my iPhone to android finally….so i know nothing about how that operating system works. apologize if this a noob question

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