LG Optimus 3D Pictured Live For First Time [EXCLUSIVE]


Earlier this month, we learned LG was working on a glasses-free 3D display that we might see in a new phone. Just a few days ago, the Optimus 3D appeared – albeit with an incorrect profile picture – on a Dutch retailer’s website and shortly after LG sent out MWC event invites for a phone that would take us “into the new dimension”. That phone will be the LG Optimus 3D and guess who an anonymous tipster sent the first seen live pics of the device ?

We’re not 100% sure the above is the Optimus 3D but that’s our guess. We’ve already officially seen the Optimus 2X and the Optimus Black and the above picture is neither of them. Unfortunately, there is also no way of telling whether the above display is 3D from looking at the picture. There are, however, a few things we do know:

  • Our tipster tells us the screen is definitely larger than 4 inches although they were unsure of an exact size. Looks like 4.3-inches to me, and in terms of delivering a visual 3D experience that wows, this sounds about right
  • It has a Dual Core Processor & Multi-channel RAM – this is definitely a high-end phone on par (or better) than the Optimus 2X. With a “new dimension” event coming up and the above phone the only leaked image of an unannounced LG Android, our bets are on the Optimus 3D. And oh yeah, we’re really diggin’ the dual core.
  • You can see a front-facing camera on the top right

That’s all we’re able to scrape out of this pic, but it’s enough to have us even more eager for Barcelona. If this indeed is the LG Optimus 3D that everyone is expecting to be announced at MWC, I can’t wait to get a live look. And if this bad boy comes to the American side of the Atlantic, expect some excitement and shock value – that would definitely be a magnetizing sell to consumers. For all intents and purposes, the Optimus 3D seems like a more powerful version of the Droid X that also has glasses-free 3D… Sounds like a winning proposition to me.

We’ll be sticking to this story like blue on Phandroid and we’ll be attending the LG event at MWC on February 14th, so stay tuned for followup info as it becomes available! Don’t be shy – come on over to our Optimus 3D Forum to discuss the phone ahead of its launch!

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  1. That thing looks huge or that’s a small hand…

  2. I just don’t get the whole 3d phone thing. OTOH if it doesn’t cost any more, whatever, but it seems about as useful as an electric bow-tie, but then again I’m older than 20…

  3. To me the whole 3D thing means what future technolgy can bring… starting to get real scifi in here

  4. If it’s Glasses free 3D and the phone still doesn’t cost more than $500 then it would be “neat” to have and show off. But I wouldn’t pay a dime for 3D tech.

  5. My thing is, phones are progressing 2 fast, 6 weeks after my Captivate came out, its obsolete. Now 2 months after my Nexus S, and its already losing its top spot :(

  6. Wander if this has something to do with sprint’s announcement and their theme of illusions for an upcoming event

  7. I hope Verizon gets this! Looking to upgrade from the Droid later this year and the dual core, front camera, and bigger screen are definitely what I’m looking for in an upgrade. Even if most apps are unable to make use of the 3D feature, I’m still stoked for it…

  8. Hey what’s the story with “LG” as a manufacturer? Do they make decent\quality stuff? Or are they the Samsung in disguise?

  9. Sammy is still king

  10. I prefer LG to htc or motorola. Yeah Sammy is still king but LG shouldn’t be too far behind.

  11. @ Ryan, Buy an iPhone ;)

  12. screw the motorola Atrix, it’ only 4″ screen! if this LG has 4.3″ screen, dual core, support ATT HSPA+, i’m getting it!

  13. What’s going to make or break this phone for me is whether or not its possible to adjust the 3D effect. I know the 3DS has the ability, so the technology definitely exists; here’s to hoping LG’s incorporating it.

  14. If it has LG’s superior-to-Nintendo 3D screens (and it will) then I’m a buyer.

    I’m actually more excited about the fact it’s running STOCK ANDROID! YESSSSS………. please, no more LG horrible skins. I’ll need Honeycomb as soon as Honeycomb-for-phones is out.

  15. All signs point to this being a Sprint phone… regardless of carrier, can’t wait to get my hands on one and test it out.

  16. I wonder what color Dan Hesse’s Is…cuz his HTC 3D Phone is Black

  17. @Kai- apparently lg makes the retina display, which is phenomenal. I would definitely want an lg android based on hardware, if they don’t push their skin that’s all the better

  18. 3D technology is so overrated…imo. I agree with everyone saying its fine if it’s not going to cost anything extra but I’m not paying a cent more of it. And further more I’m completely uninterested if it doesn’t have stock Android Gingerbread.

  19. 3D is cool, but the first 3D phones probably won’t be, simply because there won’t be enough content (IMO) to warrant buying it initially. Once content picks up (if it picks up), I am sure we will see 3D phones becoming mainstream.

  20. @Johnson I have to agree with you. Just switch to an lg optimus V performance has exceeded my expectations. Coming from some one who’s had htc and motorola phones running andriod. it has a few minor bugs but with a little time I’m sure they will be worked out.

  21. Look – no Signal.. Must be ATT, LoL.

  22. If this does go to Sprint I have some serious thinking to do. I moved and Verizon isnt so good here. I moved near my job.
    And I found out from co workers Sprint and AT&T are better in my area.
    Do I get a network extender from Verizon, cuz my reception outside is ok, do I go with Sprint or AT&T?
    ..Decisions, decisions….

  23. T-mobile!!! we have no 4.3 in screen phone! Verizon and Sprint customers are so spoiled and selfish… LG spread the wealth to us Tmobile customers as opposed to playing favorites *cough* Moto and Verizon *cough*…

  24. Why are Android phones always that uuuugly ? Plastic look, buttons, buttons, buttons, much too big, screen cluttered with widgets… and if you buy one, it’s an ‘also-ran’ 2 months later, and lost 50% of its value. Also, you get no OS upgrades. Apps are not checked by Google, so you get trojans and spyware. And in summer, Oracles’s Larry Ellison comes along and hits the killswitch… Further, can you run purchased apps on any device (tablet or phone) of your household ? Something stable similar to Apple’s AirPlay ?

    Hardware is interesting to a certain point but to me it seems no solution to just overpower these handsets with even more strange sensors, 36MP cameras, 3D, screensize, plus plus plus. If hardware is the only argument of Android thats a questionable business model. At some point is just doesn’t make sense anymore. Like with that one. Hey, it’s still just a PHONE! Google better focus on the software and shop ecosystem!

  25. TROLL CALL!!!!

  26. the 3D effect deployed here probably isn’t so special. if i’m right, it’s simply a refinement of the same trick commonly used in those moving images you sometimes see on cereal boxes.

  27. apple apple what will you do? you’re getting shadowed by other companies…

  28. @Hendrik… you can remove icons and widgets to clear your screen up. That is the beauty with the android devices. You can choose which widgets and icons you want.

    @Johnson… Samsung is not king when it comes to phones. Both LG and Samsung make shotty products in comparison to Motorola and HTC smartphones. Other than Samsung’s Galaxy S phones, every other phone they make have major software issues. Same with LG. Being in the cell phone industry I am aware of technical and software issues with phones.

  29. This is coming for T-mobile its on their facebook page,well that or the G-slate 3d.

  30. Choose Sprint!!:) I have been with them for 7 years, stayed while they were pushed to the brink of being taken over or filing a potential bankrupcy from the recession. They hold a tiny industry segment and they go bold. They’ve always been a decent enough cell phone company, but that’s not saying a lot since a cell phone company is a cell phone company.

    When they were down and down and down and out, at least to their core I know, they were incredible. I gave them a solid 5 before, high marks.

    At the peak of their service, which was the depth of their financial crisis I would give them a 95%, with their perfect score ruined by one knucklehead I imagine they’ve managed out by now.

    They stay above 70% now, but to me it says a lot about a person, or a company to choose that route, the one that no one does because it seems so hard. That’s the choice of wanting to do business over a lifetime, who does that these days.

    It’s never happened in cell phones.

    Imagine a bank, or a car dealership, or a car company having good genuine service. I’m not expecting a saint, but I expect respect don’t you?

    Then they come out with the first 4G network, the first 4G phone, one that made my Mom and Sister’s jaw’s drop when they saw my wife’s (both I-phone owners).

    And then the hits keep rolling. 1st 4G Netbook. All of a sudden, folks start thinking technology, hopefully they DO think Sprint. But I hope what is not missed. Is that the cell coverage is great, the phones are cool. But the Service is unbeatable.

    Go Sprint Go!!

    (No I don’t work there, lol)


  32. With all the evil purposes cellphones are used for , this will no doubt accelerate Satan’s plans. Imagine all the rubbish & pornagraphy , now even more realistic in 3D. Christians be careful you don’t fall heads over heels over new technology – keep your eyes on Jesus !

    Technology is good , but determine & maintain limit’s for yourselve;s & for your loved ones.

  33. @Snooknexus1

    TMobile does infact have a 4.3inch phone. It’s the HTC HD2.

    Native WinMo6.5 but you can get pretty much any OS – save for iOS – on the dang thing!

    Android – in all flavors
    Win 7
    Win 97

    let’s see what else?…

  34. Go here to follow updates on this product at Twitter (and Facebook linked to there):


  35. 3d Smartphones sites are popping up everywhere, this 3d smartphone will change the smartphone world forever.

  36. Check this site out – 3dsmartphone.com

  37. Pretty cool! It’s a start! Soon others will follow!

  38. its no iphone… yawn

  39. Fingernails are awfully long, so it could be a female with small female hands who is holding the phone thus the phone looks bigger.

  40. Fingernails are awfully long, so it could be a female with small female hands who is holding the phone thus the phone looks bigger.

  41. great phone…. i love it…

    get more from gamzsite.blogspot.com

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