LG: Smartphones with 3D Displays are Coming, Optimus 2X Headed to Australia this Spring


A pair of mostly unrelated LG stories here: During CES the Korean phone maker showed off a bit of functional glasses-free 3D technology housed in a non-functional smartphone casing. The 4.3-inch LCD display uses applied parallax barrier technology to create its 3D effect, and could be making its way to a working handset shortly, says Pocket-Lint after speaking with an LG rep. They wouldn’t be the first to successfully marry the technologies, as Sharp already has a line of glasses-free 3D Android handsets in Japan. Word on the street is that Sprint and HTC might have a similar offering up their sleeve for their February 7th press event.

The second LG story concerns the Optimus 2X. It will be landing in Europe this month, but now we are hearing that Australia can expect it, too. When? Sometime in March or April seems to be most likely. It should be a carrier exclusive for one of the country’s big three mobile providers, Telstra, Optus, or Vodafone.

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  1. somewhat makes sense with an illusionist presenting it

  2. Hope there is a 5000 mAh battery included. It seems that the new 3DS is going to have very low battery life thanks to its 3D screen.

  3. Gadget University aquired this information during our CES booth visit at LG. We already had confirmation that LG is putting 3D displays in their phone.


  4. i think the new 3DS also has dual screens. you can maybe safely assume you’ll get double the battery life of the 3DS? not that it is a lot but worth mentioning.

  5. Are you sure, that Optimus 2X will be available in Europe this month? The release date in Expansys UK is set to 21st March…

  6. needs front facing cam

  7. @Mr.BlueBalls look closely, it has a FFC.

  8. There are so many different pieces of information on the 2X release date that I don’t know what to believe. I hope it to be out this month and expect it to be released in March.

    About the 3d screens… cool, I guess. I haven’t been very impressed by the 3d movies, but I guess if it’s glasses-free, it might be better than a normal screen. If they are actually good, I guess there’ll be a need to get a new phone next year. Again.

  9. Given the country in question is in the southern hemisphere and therefore will be receiving the phone in Autumn, any chance you could stick with the unambiguous “Q2” notation in future? :)

  10. @al True but only the one that has a high resolution is 3D. Also the 3DS isn’t a phone so I don’t even want to know how many minutes thus will last on todays batteries. The main thing the kills the battery on a phone is first talking then the screen.

  11. I don’t follow smartphones THAT much, but I’m trying to do my homework on this phone because I would love to have it.

    So my question is, for anybody who might have an idea, does this new information about the phone going to Australia in the “spring” have any impact on when it might come to the states? Last I heard was a late feb/early march timetable for the US. Is that still a possibility

  12. If this phone is branded the EVO 2 or EVO 3D..ill forget and finally let go of my beloved TP2

  13. Is there an LG road map on the directions of its handsets?

  14. I just want to know when i can by this here the states.

    If Lg wants to be the first dual core they have to release it world wide now in the states.

  15. i think it is going to T-mobile, I would get it in a heart beat if it does..

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