LG Optimus 3D Gets Listed Well Ahead of any Proper Launch [Update: Invite Confirms MWC Unveiling]


Back at CES LG teased a bit of their mobile 3D technology in a non-functional smartphone, promising that the glasses-free display would be finding its way to a working handset sooner than we might expect. We all assumed we would be seeing said device at Mobile World Congress, but well before we pack our bags and ship off to Barcelona, a Dutch retailer’s website has launched a now-defunct “coming soon” page for what is being called the LG Optimus 3D.

Aside from obvious name being obvious, nothing else can be said of the device. The phone shown is a placeholder image of the Optimus One, but considering the phone’s emphasis will be 3D media, we don’t think LG will be skimping on the hardware. We’re imagining something close to or as powerful as the Optimus 2X with the addition of a nifty 3D display. We just might have to wait a few more weeks to have our suspicions confirmed or denied.


The above invitation is going out for LG’s MWC press event, and if the listing for the LG Optimus 3D wasn’t enough to convince us, this teasing of “the new dimension” surely confirms that a 3D mobile device is coming from the manufacturer.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Only Dan Hesse knows….

  2. Great articles. Don’t see the point in a 3d phone. Im not even. Huge fan of the tv’s

  3. If this is Sprint’s Feb 7th surprise, I hope it runs Android 2.3 and has at least a 4 inch screen.

  4. I’m not that interested in 3d phones (at least not yet, I’m sure they’ll be awesome in a few years) but it really seems like LG wants to get to the top, being among the first ones to release a dual-core phone and now a 3d phone. Let’s just hope their products will be good.

  5. When will lg release the lx optimus 2x?

  6. I hope Sprint gets a powerful large display device.

  7. Come on, Sprint – and release this before April Fools Day.

  8. Sharp already showed off a 3d phone a few months back

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