Jan 31st, 2011

The LG G-Slate hasn’t been the most camera friendly device we’ve seen, but it’s popped up on YouTube yet again, this time getting hands-on treatment by YouTube “star” mysteryguitarman. That metal “with Google” strip you see on the device doubles as a kick-stand, as you know. The tablet has also reappeared with an LED flash, and we’re afforded a look at a couple of new connections we haven’t seen before.

And for the most important feature – there are two cameras on the back to record 3D footage, confirming beliefs that this will be a 3D-enabled device. My question: why hasn’t this mystery guitar playing man who has mysteriously gotten his hands on the LG G-Slate made a video preview of it yet? Bah! [via Engadget]

[Note]: The G-Slate action starts at about 3:38.

[Update]: Looks like the original video has been taken down. Never fear: things are never truly deleted from the internet. Courtesy of Engadget.

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