Galaxy S 4G Goes Live On T-Mobile Website


Well I’ll be darned if tonight isn’t post unreleased phones to your website night – the Atrix 4G, Inspire 4G and now the Samsung Galaxy S 4G. Last week T-Mobile officially announced the Galaxy S 4G and since then we’ve even seen it in the wild. Well T-Mobile has publicly tamed their beast and put it on display for all to see on their website:

It’s ditched the Vibrant name so it appears there won’t be a Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile and we’re not sure why. Either T-Mobile felt the brand equity wasn’t good enough, they felt like Galaxy S was stronger, or they might have had to pay extra to carry it with its own name attached. Who really knows. Any way you look at it we’re getting closer and closer to those 4G speeds T-Mobile was showing off at CES and it’ll be interesting to see them in action. And we KNOW you won’t forget the TMO 4G commercials with the pretty TMO girl – we are eagerly awaiting those as well!

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  1. So what’s with the picture? is that the back of the phone? Or…

  2. sounds good

  3. Ok, so this means I will see an increase on my G2s speed also right? I know not the 21 but an increase. Average about 8-10 mbps maybe?

  4. @bela

    T-mo always does that. They gray the image out and make you wait to see hat it is. But everyone knows.

  5. That’s been up for a week, and you just now make an article???

  6. why won’t tmobile get a really good htc phone? even at&t is getting something good. :(

  7. All i can say is BS Samsung my epic has had 4g since launch and it isn’t running froyo yet. How are you going to upgade that. The hold out better be because sprint is about to upgrade the epic to handle simultanously voice and data with the 1x advance and they are still trying to build it into froyo.

  8. Should name it the Samsung impotent 4G.

  9. @ Bela
    It looks like the Vibrant except that it a different color battery cover. It also has the Galaxy S webcam which the original Vibrant could have had but T-Mobile gave it the axe.

  10. Anyone who wants their cell phone to be called “Vibrant” probably thinks Gem is truly truly truly outragous.

  11. Why are people following phones they don’t like! Dude this phone for me will have everything I will need! The only futuristic thing I can think of that isn’t in the US but overseas is 3D! But I can’t wait! Also to pheniox t-mobile has both HTC G2 and HTC my touch 4g and HTC HD7 all are awesome phones! Also to Noriega713 yes your G2 will have the same increase in speed and by the end of this year 42 mbps!

  12. @phoenex T-Mobile does have two really great HTC phones. The MyTouch 4G and the G2.

  13. Isn’t the galaxy s2 coming at some point? How long after the vibrant 4g? It seems like you’d be really disappointed with this phone if the sgs2 dropped shortly after. Not that you should be buying a samsung phone to begin with. Thieving bastards. Besides, I’m pretty sure the galaxy s 2 still packs the fuzzy 800×480 “super” amoled. I was hugely disappointed in my vibrants screen, wasn’t a bit better than my nexus. Seriously android, it’s time for a hi res screen. Android is so fuzzy compared to the retina display (made by LG) it makes the i4 look like it’s from the distant future. I hate samsung

  14. No more Samsung products please!

  15. Specs? Not that I’d buy, but I am curious.

  16. Notice it says 2.2…….lol couldn’t help myself!

  17. i agree with mrjoeyloke x100


  19. Optimus 2x please

  20. Richard, Stfu w the yelling, wussy ass Sprintless fanboi, lol

  21. @g1-and-only
    My patience is running out, how bout yours?

  22. Who cares? It’s Samsung..

  23. Words can’t describe how unimpressed I am with this new Vibrant Plus Galaxy S 4G Shitbag phone. I wonder if TMO realizes how terribly BAD it makes them look to even consider selling this piece of shit?

  24. Samsung doesn’t support there products with any software/android updates so why would this phone be any different.. 2.3 is out now. Why are phones allowed to be shipped with outdated software.. Google better start pulling this fragmented OS out of the manufacturer and carrier graveyard or it will remain there.I have an epic 4g and thought that having a super successful group of phones would provide us some more service as in OS upgrades… no flash – no SD card options – laggy OS : no more Samsung for me, once HTC offers something comparable to the epic…sorry the little evo slide phone does nothing for me and its hardware is already not the strongest available…I’m going to them

  25. Damn samsung…… Ugh. This is so sad.

  26. Calm down people! You’re not going to die if you don’t get 2.2. Move on to a different phone if you keep crying about an update!

  27. Wow, i’ll pass. Its a vibrant with 4g and ffc, i can live without it. T-Mobile needs a good HTC, with the real htc sense not the skinned expresso crap they have.

  28. Until you root and put custom ROMs you will be at the mercy of the carriers and manufacturers who have a different agenda than you. Still happy I bought the MyTouch 4G. Rooted with CyanogenMod 7 (Gingerbread). Still better than every phone on the market at the moment. Yes you, Evo/Nexus(1&S)/Vibrant/Epic.

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