Official: T-Mobile Announces the Samsung Galaxy S 4G


Samsung and T-Mobile have gone ahead and made their first 4G Android handset official, and, no, it won’t be called the Vibrant 4G or even Vibrant Plus. While there is still room for that to change, considering the attached press release doesn’t offer too many details and a release is still a few weeks out, for now the Samsung Galaxy S 4G is the phone that will look a lot like a Vibrant with a front-facing camera, 4G radio, and Android 2.2 (not the 2.3 build seen in the above image).

The majority of the release panders to T-Mobile’s 4G network and offers little else in way of details on the Galaxy S 4G, but check it out for yourselves below.

T-Mobile to Deliver Fastest Smartphone Running on America’s Largest 4G Network

Galaxy S 4G Offers Rich Entertainment Experience at Lightning-Fast Speeds

BELLEVUE, Wash., and DALLAS — Jan. 20, 2011 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S.1, today revealed the Galaxy S™ 4G, exclusively from T-Mobile.

According to T-Mobile, the Galaxy S 4G will be the fastest smartphone running on America’s Largest 4G Network™. Powered by Android™ 2.2 (Froyo), the Galaxy S 4G is T-Mobile’s first smartphone capable of delivering theoretical peak download speeds of up to 21 Mbps, delivering rich entertainment experiences at even faster speeds through its brilliant Super AMOLED touch screen display.

T-Mobile’s 4G network, America’s largest 4G network, is currently available in 100 major metropolitan areas, reaching approximately 200 million people nationwide. With aggressive plans to expand and double the speed of its 4G network in 2011, T-Mobile expects that 140 million Americans in 25 major metropolitan areas will have access to these increased 4G speeds by midyear.

“With Galaxy S 4G, T-Mobile will deliver its fastest smartphone yet on America’s largest 4G network, providing rich entertainment virtually whenever and wherever consumers want,” said Cole Brodman, chief marketing officer, T-Mobile USA. “And with 4G data plans from $10 per month, we’re making blazing-fast 4G speeds and super smartphone experiences easily accessible to the millions who crave them.”

More information on the Galaxy S 4G from T-Mobile will be available in the coming weeks.

T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G network not available everywhere. See coverage details at T-Mobile.com. 4G used in connection with the Galaxy S™ 4G product name refers to the fact that the Galaxy S™ 4G is designed with HSPA+ technology.

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  1. the phone is garbage right out of the door. look at the original vibrant, and how well that worked out. this will have the same fate. and samsung is planning on announcing the galaxy s 2 lineup within the coming months too. not worth the money. the only way i would upgrade is if they offered me a $50 upgrade from my current vibrant! oh yeah, first…

  2. What tha truck!? This is what the original Vibrant should have been!! I would have kept my Vibrant had this one been the first one!! Actually, if the G2 never came out I would have went to the Nexus S and ditched that Samsung Touch Wiz, LoL!! But still!!

    Dugh!! This is such a Nintendo move. I guess Samsung think they ballin. “Oh yea the vibrant is getting the 2.2 update. Oh did you think we meant your Vibrant? No, we meant the Vibrant 4G. I’m sorry.”

    Well, bump this phone. I’m stickin to Vanilla Android, or I might try that LG Dual Tegra phone. But I know for certain if all else fails, Nexus S or Keep my HTC G2. I like the keyboard, so I might stay with the G2.

  3. Now if they could just add a tegra2, an sd card slot and Verizon, this would be the perfect phone. (maybe add a kickstand while I’m dreaming :)) Why is T-Mobile the only carrier that gets Vanilla Android phones? I’ve got nothing against T-Mobile, they just don’t have the greatest coverage in my area. Do the other carriers not want to offer Vanilla Android?

  4. mIn, Samsung

  5. Damn! I was thinking Nexus S in my last post.

  6. Removable SD card? GPS that works? Non creaky metal case? Dual core processor? Updates to the latest OS less than 4 months after the rest of the world gets them? Gee, can’t wait to buy one.

  7. samsung vibrant to begin recieving froyo jan 21


  8. Stupid Samsung this is what my vibrant should have been. Im done with samsung. Now giving it froyo and its the same phone as the vibrant. What a slap to the face.

  9. this one doesn’t have the touch wiz unlock screen. vanilla android maybe?

  10. Boycotting Samsung.

  11. I don’t think T-Mobile is the only carrier that gets vanilla phones, I think they are the only one that requests them from the OEMs. They opened the door to Android and it’s in their history to always stay true to it. The other 3 gotta get in the way and personalize things to their carrier, so sad. Keep telling the carriers what they have isn’t what you want, none of them want an exodus.

  12. That is NOT the new Galaxy S. Its probably a custom 2.2 rom with gingerbread theming and the ffc mod

  13. F@#$% KOREANS are tryin todo what has done in the past …by realesing new hardawre in the same f@#$ fone and calling something diffirent.
    F@#% U samsung..!!!!
    Ps.you f@#$ up my beloved N1.


  14. @ jae – you retarded. (face palm)

  15. Haha this wouldve been cool if I already didn’t have a ffc on my vibrant now. Even have the Vanilla Android unlock screen. I do agree with everyone else when they say this should’ve been how the Vibrant came in the first place

  16. All I want is an android phone that lives up to the expectations of being a “great” phone. The Vibrant had all the potential to be a lot better than it was. Is is really to much to ask for a camera flash? Or a camera button? We have all seen phones that came out and then were redone with new specs based on what the consumer wanted to see. Vibrant owners want some very basic things. I personally believe that they pushed out the Vibrant to cover up the backlash of the Behold II issue. Even that piece of…uh.. crap had a flash and dedicated camera button. This second release should have a bigger screen (maybe), the FFC, Flash, 4g, duel core and a whole lot more. As it stands its the same phone with 4g, FFC and ??? I think those are the biggest adds. except the 4g you can do this to the original. /Sigh

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