T-Mobile Girl Announces TMO 4G Commercials [VIDEO]


I thought she was a celebrity that I was supposed to know but didn’t. Maybe she was Catherine Zeta Jones beautiful daughter? Apparently not… she is indeed famous, but famous for the very commercials she was introducing (which doesn’t make her any less gorgeous). At the T-Mobile Press Conference at CES 2011, the T-Mobile Girl announced T-Mobile’s brand new 4G Commercials:

Update: Her name is Carly Foulkes (thanks Keller!)

And oh yeah, the commercials were pretty good too, right?

Both commercials highlight T-Mobile’s 4G network. The first uses video chat as an example, with “other” networks displaying pixelated holograms that are breaking up while the T-Mobile folks are crystal clear. The second commercial features a shirtless iPhone customer who, when the T-Mobile girls asks where his shirt went, claims AT&T took the shirt off his back. Both good commercials- not out of this world, but simple, straightforward, playful, and get the point across.

Regrettably I ended the video about 20 seconds early. Afterwards, the actress claimed she was so happy she wasn’t representing AT&T because then she would have had to take her shirt off for the commercial. An awkward moment ensued, one in which much of the male infused audience probably wished she represented AT&T. It was actually pretty funny and I’m guessing an honest and innocent accident rather than a provocative suggestion- I giggled.

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  1. She is pretty(bit of a wide smile) but it’s nice to see she is so quirky…lol

  2. Can we please get her name….

  3. Google her name in images she has topless pics and ass pics

  4. Why did you stop it the video!!! bastard.

  5. Carly foulkes

  6. I agree with carmendiva about the wide smile bit. Pretty sure, gorgeous? Not so much. To each his own though. They do make some good commercials though.

  7. can we please get some new 4g phones -_-

  8. I have to admit, she’s adorable.

  9. Verizon only has gay families. where are our pretty ladies?

  10. Cute. Smile big enough to drive a truck thru.

    Can’t believe poster number 1 has a problem with that smile. Maybe he goes for the Gothic look. http://mystuffspace.com/graphic/gothic-girl-0.jpg

  11. Steve Jobs is even more adorable!

  12. I would happily switch to Tmo if she was the one to hand me the contract lol

  13. The guy who plays AT&T is named Dan Bakkedahl. I went to high school with him.

  14. Reminds me of Anne Hathaway.

  15. N1inAK – Annnnnd with that, back to the woman talking about taking her top off…..

  16. She was the chick having sex with Craig Robinson in Hot Tub Time Machine.

  17. she can sell me a bridge any time.

  18. Yea their coverage sucks but i’m thinking of switching after watching this :)

  19. Thought it was Liv Tyler at first.

  20. How is HSPA+ 4G can’t t-mobile get in trouble for false advertisement it’s the same thing at&t is doing by saying they are the fastest period…and neither have anything in their commercials stating where they base that info from

  21. She definately is “not” the girl having sex with Craig Robinson in Hot Tub Time Machine.

  22. marcus – um no. that was jessica pare. but they do look alot alike, cuz i thought so at first too.

  23. Tmobile, excellent job of drawing attention and comments away from the fact that yours and AT&T’s “4G” is a lie. I wonder if ya’all will call LTE “5G” when you finally roll that out?

  24. Hate T mobile but she is sexy

  25. where da ass, atleast have some tits. sheeshh.

  26. I think im in love with her

  27. She’s mid-range. Where’s the dual-core babes?

  28. Looks like the ol’ t-mobile rep is trying to cover up a wet spot on the front of his trousers…

  29. With everyone into Carly, it reminds me way back when everyone was into Ellen Feiss for her Mac commercial.

  30. AT&T, shirtless? Hmmm, I’d stare, errrr watch!

  31. @valnomien and SupraLance and anyone else who needs educating: When all of the carriers decided to start lying about their networks being 4g (starting with Sprint), the ITU (which is the international organization that sets the accepted standards) was essentially forced to expand their definition of 4G to include the forerunners of the technology, i.e. WiMax, LTE, *AND* HSPA+. SOOOO, Tmo and At&t do in fact have 4G, just as much as Verizon and Sprint. If you dont believe me, then do the research yourself. Anyone who continues to try to discredit HSPA+ as 4G is using an invalid argument, no matter what that argument is.

  32. I’m loving it how this girl is the top featured article. Someone was on the prowl at CES ;)

  33. @marcus,No she wasnt,just because they both got some ears on em doesnt mean they’re the same person

  34. Hey Rob, did you score her number?

  35. comment 36, amazing.

  36. lol haha the men in this article amuse me haha

    funny Sulli lol

  37. she is so hot

  38. all this talk about how fast their “4G” connection is. they can’t even offer 3g to most of their customers, yet they are focusing on 4g. they need to worry about making their 3g and “4g” connections available to a much wider audeince, otherwise all this will be pointless.

  39. Yes, she is banging. It also amuses me that some losers have to stomp in here and start complaining about TMo’s “false advertising”. Always someone who has to try to ruin everyone else’s fun I suppose…

  40. In a 2009 interview for Rugby she was asked what the one item was that she doesn’t leave home without. Her answer: “My Blackberry.” http://www.rugby.com/blog/post/2009/07/16/Meet-the-Models-Carly-Foulkes.aspx

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