Jan 6th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 5:06 pm

I thought she was a celebrity that I was supposed to know but didn’t. Maybe she was Catherine Zeta Jones beautiful daughter? Apparently not… she is indeed famous, but famous for the very commercials she was introducing (which doesn’t make her any less gorgeous). At the T-Mobile Press Conference at CES 2011, the T-Mobile Girl announced T-Mobile’s brand new 4G Commercials:

Update: Her name is Carly Foulkes (thanks Keller!)

And oh yeah, the commercials were pretty good too, right?

Both commercials highlight T-Mobile’s 4G network. The first uses video chat as an example, with “other” networks displaying pixelated holograms that are breaking up while the T-Mobile folks are crystal clear. The second commercial features a shirtless iPhone customer who, when the T-Mobile girls asks where his shirt went, claims AT&T took the shirt off his back. Both good commercials- not out of this world, but simple, straightforward, playful, and get the point across.

Regrettably I ended the video about 20 seconds early. Afterwards, the actress claimed she was so happy she wasn’t representing AT&T because then she would have had to take her shirt off for the commercial. An awkward moment ensued, one in which much of the male infused audience probably wished she represented AT&T. It was actually pretty funny and I’m guessing an honest and innocent accident rather than a provocative suggestion- I giggled.

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