Jan 27th, 2011

We just saw the Motorola Atrix 4G land on Amazon’s sales page for a puny $149 considering what you’re getting. Now the HTC Inspire has followed suit.. and it’s an even smaller suit. The HTC Inspire 4G is poised to be on sale at Amazon for only $99.

The specs of the Inspire 4G don’t quite live up to the Atrix 4G, so the $50 difference seems right on paper, but again – for what you’re getting a $99 pricetag for the Inspire 4G is a heck of a price. We literally JUST heard a rumor that the Inspire would hit AT&T for $100 on February 13th so we’re wondering how this will play out but it seems like Amazon and AT&T will be offering the same price.

Were you planing to buy either the Inspire 4G or Atrix 4G? Have these prices swayed you in one direction of the other?

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