Motorola Atrix 4G Coming To Amazon For $150


I doubt Amazon meant to publish their pricing for the Motorola Atrix 4G because traces to the previously posted page have been removed. Thankfully our awesome forum members at AndroidForums scooped up a screen shot before it was removed. The Motorola Atrix 4G will cost $149.99 when purchased through Amazon, presumably with a 2-year contract:

That’s pretty darn competitive pricing for what many considered the hottest phone to come out of the CES 2011, especially with the accessories it’s capable of enjoying. That Atrix page is actually still up, but no dice on dashing down your credit card and getting in an order – we’re met with a “gone missing” error message when clicking through:

Also of interest is the $599.99 list price which probably indicates the price without a contract. Notice it’s being sold by Motorola, so this is pretty much a guarantee we’ll see this firmed up and concreted in link form by Amazon/Motorola very soon.

Head on over to our Motorola Atrix 4G Forum to join in the convo!

[Via AndroidForums – Thanks YouAreMe7!]

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  1. mhmm, not bad

  2. “Phone Book Capacity: 100 Entries” lol what?

  3. Ugh… I see Motobelch, er, Motoblur. I sure hope it doesn’t have a root-reversing bootloader like the Droid X, but it probably does.

  4. Still up on Amazon as of 10:45pm Eastern, just search for Atrix on main Amazon page and scroll down. Obviously not correct specifications, I’ve seen 9 hour talk time and 10.4 days standby listed on another site. I think I’ll believe the final price listed when the buy button gets activated. I’m with u on root Skynet, it’s got the hardware to stay relevant for 2 years, that’s for sure.

  5. YESSSSSS!!!

  6. Where the hell is the thunderbolt 4g and the Droid bionic I’m going nuts over here with my fascinate, incredible, and x. Oh well once Verizon starts selling the iPhone in two weeks att can bend over and kiss their ass goodbye

  7. Unlockable.?

  8. Root-reversing? What does that mean? My x hasn’t reversed yet.

  9. Waiting to see what the stood bionic brings to the smart phone world

  10. ^Yea I’m trying to figure out what root reversing means too.
    My X has root and it hasnt been reversed…

  11. Anyone know if it’s possible to order it to Europe for $599.99?

  12. Im good on the ATT boat.
    hopefully Tmobile will get something similar and stop getting these lame phones.

    Nexus1.5,Vibrant1.5,Another damn MyTouch, or Crappy Window 7 Phone.

    See Tmobile? This is why the other carriers are laughing at you. You dont know how to choose good phones. I havent even seen a monster like the bionic or evo on Tmobile.

    TMO- You Sickitate me.
    If another carrier gets a better plan than you…im dumping you.


  13. @Blest, I think AT&T is upping its game on Android phones and preparing itself for when it loses its exclusivity on the iPhone. AT&T didn’t have the ‘greatest’ lineup of Android phones before.

  14. @Blest…T-mobile will get great phones this year. The samsung galaxy S2 will blow any other phone with its gpu and cpu.

  15. @Prince The Galaxy S2 will have a tegra 2. It will not blow any other phone away.

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