Jan 27th, 2011

I doubt Amazon meant to publish their pricing for the Motorola Atrix 4G because traces to the previously posted page have been removed. Thankfully our awesome forum members at AndroidForums scooped up a screen shot before it was removed. The Motorola Atrix 4G will cost $149.99 when purchased through Amazon, presumably with a 2-year contract:

That’s pretty darn competitive pricing for what many considered the hottest phone to come out of the CES 2011, especially with the accessories it’s capable of enjoying. That Atrix page is actually still up, but no dice on dashing down your credit card and getting in an order – we’re met with a “gone missing” error message when clicking through:

Also of interest is the $599.99 list price which probably indicates the price without a contract. Notice it’s being sold by Motorola, so this is pretty much a guarantee we’ll see this firmed up and concreted in link form by Amazon/Motorola very soon.

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[Via AndroidForums – Thanks YouAreMe7!]

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