T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4G Gets Pictured in the Wild


The phone officially announced as the Samsung Galaxy S 4G but what very well may end up going as the Vibrant 4G has yet again been pictured in the wild. While before we only got to see what was supposedly the front of the handset, these new pictures confirm our suspicions that this device will be strikingly similar to the original Vibrant. Aside from a silver battery cover and the addition of a front-facing camera, it looks to be the same exact handset. Oh, and don’t forget the 4G HSPA+ radio.

While the phone has been announced, no release date is known just yet.

[AC via TMoNews]

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  1. it seems like no flash LED? :P

  2. no flash again same old vibrant with a hspa + radio, thats not enough of an upgrade me big fail on Samsung and tmobile part.

  3. no flash again same old vibrant with a hspa + radio, thats not enough of an upgrade for me big fail on Samsung and tmobile’s part.

  4. Samsung is making some very bad decisions for 2011 so far with the launch of phones with minor improvements in some areas and none in others. Not to mention the lack of firmware support from them.

  5. Boo wtf is that crap thats jacked up that theyre selling the same phone, for what will probably be more than the OG vibrant but with faster internet and an fcc…. how bout a brand new model plz?

  6. Se ole phones sans HSPA+ RADIO @and front facing camera which was already done In the vibrant forum. Boohis is this POS. it comes with a OS version that is already behind. And with the frpyo debacle on all of the other galaxy s devices don’t expect to see gingerbread anytime soon. I would say that the G2 and MT4G will see gingerbread LOOONG before this.

  7. HSPA+ is a load of ish. My Mytouch 4G is getting similar, and sometimes worst, speeds at best than my Vibrant and my area is under HSPA+ coverage. Not to mention the frequent random dropped data connections requiring me to reboot my radio to fix on both phones. Samsung and Tmobile are basically trying to cheap on manufacturing cost by hyping and reselling a rehashed phone on an overhyped and overmarketed “4G” network.

  8. feb 23rd is the release date

  9. Good ole T-mobile and Samsung.

  10. They were wise to not keep the vibrant name, but people won’t be fooled. This is a slap in the face to those people who purchase a vibrant less than a year ago.

    Why buy samsung when you’ll get the same product with more hardware features in a couple of months. If this was a brand new model I would understand, but this isn’t. Vibrant owners should get a deal or something.

  11. Looking at those pictures makes me laugh. I laugh because finally Samsung is going to get what they deserve. Nobody is going to buy this shit, and they will be stuck with a shit ton of Vibrant 4G phones that nobody gives a flying fuck about.

  12. As soon as my contract is up, I’m leaving T-Mobile…and I’m getting an iPhone. No fragmentation, no manufacture UI overlays, no bloatware, no bullshit. Android was good on the G1, then it up and went to shit. Sorry Google, but the carriers and manufacturers have fucked Android in the ass with no lube. And I’m not sticking around so they can get seconds on me.

  13. Seems like Samsung galaxy IS the iphone. Comes out with an updated version the next year. Smh.

  14. I’d fire the dude running Samsung’s Mobile Department.

  15. Samsuck

    and LOL @ the no flash…

  16. Hey Samsung, if you’re going to sell the same crap with a different name, at least change the packaging so it won’t be so obvious.

  17. @ Contraus
    Why not get a Nexus S? It’s a Google phone, so you will have the latest update from Google first, though hardware support is from Samsung. You won’t be faced with the fragmentation issue that the other Android phones are facing. One reason why I got the Nexus One a year ago. There’s no carrier bloatware because it’s not tied to a carrier.

  18. It seems like there making the same devices over & over. Just not as powerful as the other.

  19. Samsung is a fucking JOKE, those stupid motherfuckers should stick to making horrible refrigerators or whatever other horrible products they make.

  20. LOL! No flash, ugly back cover. They simply added a FFC and the HSPA+. Sad, sad, sad!

  21. This phone well sell just fine. Most people done upgrade when new phones come out. They upgrade after two years when eligible for a free/cheap upgrade.

  22. C’mon put it on some flash!!!!

  23. i don’t understand why they don’t just put a flash…ridiculous.

  24. hey i have that phone!

  25. It’s Samsung, who cares….

  26. No LED? WTF? Somone at Samsung is sleeping behind the wheel.

  27. Allow me to beat that dead horse once again; No Flash = Epic Fail!

  28. @Roze fragmentation is an Android-wide issue, not a specific phone issue. Fragmentation means there are several versions of the operating system out there at any given time. The Nexus S will have the most up-to-date version for the foreseeable future, but it is still part of the fragmentation.

  29. No one’s going to buy this shit.

  30. The Vibrant 4G supposed to have LED flash?
    The Galaxy S2 will be a worth 4G upgrade.

  31. why dont they have flash player already in the phone its most needed

  32. what a crap! all they added is 4G and FFC? haha!

  33. The Nexus S remains the best Android phone available today and probably for some time to come. The next Nexus will be the first dual core phone that will be running a version of android that actually supports dual cores. The Nexus S is already beating the dual core LG in benchmark tests.


    i have a vibrant already. why in the rat fuck would i want this pile of sammy shit all over again. only reason i still HAVE the damn vibrant is because TeamWhiskey and TeamEinherjar made it possible to use the phone for more than 30 seconds without wanting to hit that bitch with a sledgehammer.

  35. lol that shit will never see the light of gingerbread like all of us who dumb enough to buy the Galaxy S

  36. sprint here i come, back with my tale between my legs..

  37. I know this new vibrant is looking pretty lame for t-mobile, but will be waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S2! Will Know after WMC in Feb

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