Facebook Update Adds Deals, But Where Are They?


UPDATE: Commentor Vrusabh suggests to click on places to check in and nearby places offering facebook deals will show a yellow icon next to to their name. I guess nobody near me is offering any FB deals!

UPDATE 2: AHA! I found a deal! “Patterson Perk” has a deal offering 50% off any Specialty Latte if you check-in 3 times!

Check out Android Market and you’ll notice that Facebook has an update available for download. The main inclusion in version 1.5.1 seems to be the inclusion of “Deals” but I couldn’t seem to find them anywhere on the apps interface. Perhaps they’ve added support for deals but haven’t yet integrated them. Or maybe you need an available deal in your local area to actually receive a notification.

Immediate Android Market comments reflect mixed opinions on the update. Complaints of poor notifications, messed up Groups, and other shortcomings are abundant, but then again we’ve come to accept that negative experiences are more inclined to attract comments – plenty of others have said they like the update.

Also noted in the recent changes to this version are Facebook Chat and Push Notifications, but unless I’m mistaken, these have both been available for the past several version. Keeping them in the recent changes is probably just a reminder for others to get a move on and upgrade their app.

Download the update and let us know how you like it. And if you spot those “Deals” be sure you let us know in the comments!

[Thanks Leo!]

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  1. Just like u i was wondering where are deals???….so I GOOGLED it…and found that when u click on places to check in …U see nearby places….and I if any places are offering facebook deals then there will be a yellow icon next to it showing u can check in and get a fb deal….

  2. Hopefully they have fixed push notifications so they actually stop when you ask them to

  3. Facebook is an absolute mindless waste of time.
    I have no use for the mindless social media.

  4. This all has so far to go. Chat being online keeps the phone awake and drains battery too much. Notifications are still hit and miss. Need more like and tag options.

    This is really sad.

  5. Who gives a f&@k about deals? Fix the notifications before you worry about other bullshit

  6. for a multii billion dollar company that facebook is, this app is a pathetic excuse. come on fb.

  7. Why even comment on this If you don’t have time?? Lol tick tick tick

  8. I have a friend with a Moto Droid that swears her notifications work instantly yet my Droid Incredible gets nothing. I personally wouldn’t care too much about the other features if push notifications would work as advertised =/

  9. Another update, still can’t tag photos? Hopeless.

  10. I think the push notifications only work if you’re signed into chat. I think.

    I swear they used to work for me, and all that I changed was signing out of chat to get rid of the wakelock.

    As for the deals, nothing at all near me, I’m guessing this is mostly a US thing?

  11. @goinghome……

    lol, agreed

  12. I just got a deal for a BOGO Free Blizzard at DQ…..Only question, do I eat two, or bring someone with me?

  13. I loved the Facebook app on my blackberry. Wish the Android version would catch up. One of the few bad things about changing from blackberry to android.

  14. @russ, the push notifications work on my phone (Inc.). I hate them and want to turn them off, but there isn’t a way to do so. I’ve set update to never and turned off notifications and I still receive the push notifications.

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