Check Out this Android Motorcycle [PHANS]


If one thing is certain, when you love Android you really love Android, as is evidenced in this shot of an Android themed motorcycle all the way from India. We don’t know much more about the owner other than their diehard support of Google’s open platform. Anyone else out there with an Android themed vehicle paint job?

[via BikePics, thanks Wayne for sending this out way!]

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. The bike is Yamaha R-15.
    I currently don’t own a vehicle, else I would also have been branding it the Android way ;-)

  2. thumbs up!

  3. I love how the lady is just looking out at the ocean. If she was an Android phan she should be playing Angry Birds of browsing the market.

  4. Time to paint my market harley

  5. Ment my harley dang swype

  6. This is great. Now to get a bike…

    @ Xxx Don’t you just love Swype sometimes? lol

  7. @TheDrizzle i wished it spelt baloney for balmer

  8. What is that? a bajaj pulsar?

  9. Android, the new cool in mobile. Painting an apple on the side just doesn’t do it.

  10. Can’t believe that made into your news but seeing is believing.

  11. @Mitchell – She is holding her Android in her right hand. If you go to the original you can make out which one it is.

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