Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc to Support “Unlimited” Multi-Touch Points


The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 suffered from a lack of multi-touch, a flaw that saw it often derided as a true smartphone contender with its lack of gesture support. In a complete one-eighty turn, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc will support as many points of multi-touch interaction as you can throw at it thanks to its Cypress TrueTouch All-Point digitizer.

The Cypress product page cites up to “32 X/Y sensor inputs,” which the astute reader will note is not actually unlimited. Compared to the number of fingers on the average human being, even if you get the toes involved you’d still have room for 12 more points of reference. For all intents and purposes we’ll call that unlimited in this instance.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Nice try sony… still ain’t buying.

  2. Nevermind how many fingers are on a person, how many fingers could fit on a cellphone screen at once? At least for my fingers, it’s less than 32 :)

  3. Nevertheless, 32 is still considerably less than “nearly unlimited”.

  4. Interesting, I wonder what the Nexus S uses because I can confirm that I used up to 6 fingers the other day while messing with one of the stock live wallpapers.

  5. Sony Ericsson is listening to the customer feedback. I hope to try this phone out.

  6. This would be wonderful news if the phone was from a company that cares about it’s customers, even in the slightest. But as it stands, the Arc is a Sony Ericsson device, which means anyone who buys it can look forward to being abandoned by SE at SE’s earliest convenience.

  7. Yeah, that phone looks absolutely beautiful. But despite how great their proprietary phones were, there’s no way in hell I’m going with them for Android. Ever. I might not stick with HTC for my next phone (probably will though) but I sure as hell ain’t going to SE.

  8. a complete three-sixty? i would prefer a complete 180… whatever…

  9. I don’t know why but I really like this phone. If I buy it, it won’t be until SE demonstrates support and/or a legit root method is found. But wow this phone looks nice.

  10. I’m still not going buy this phone, Sony Ericsson has shown that they do not care about their customers by screwing all of them and treating them like lab rats at the cost of an xperia x10! Until the x10 gets 2.3 or at least 2.2 there will be no more SE devices, or sony devices for that matter, for me! You have over 25,000 pissed off xperia customers and until we have a voice in the matter your products will be boycotted!

  11. How come the Galaxy S phone’s didn’t get an article like this?

  12. You never checked the source. This story is about the PlayStation Phone (Xperia Play), not the Arc. Fail.

  13. No chance I will never buy another SONY phone after my X10 no updates just glad I return it on time. no I can fully enjoy my Atrix 4G phone when ever it comes available.

  14. For those who dot wawa buy the phone you were not asked if you was gona or not. I mean really x10 was x10, and this is something more better than the previous. In anyway as people we wont have the same taste.

  15. With contracts being typically 2 years, SonyEricsson’s decision to abandon updates to the Xperia X10 series in less than one year is disgraceful, especially with the benefits of 2.2 (adobe flash, install to SD, processor optimizations, etc.).

    And with SonyEricsson demonstrating this attitude with the existing, high-performance Xperia X10 series (which is more than capable of running 2.2, 2.3, and later), why would anyone trust them to do any different on the new Xperia arc?

    The meaning of SonyEricsson’s choices now are obvious to informed consumers: if you want to get the improvements to your phone that come from new versions of android, avoid SonyEricsson. HTC and others have a *much better* track record for providing updates to their customers.

  16. u dogs! Traitors! Sony Ericsson is going to own! Just wait!

  17. Gingerbread update avail. Q2
    You should keep your scum mouth shut.
    X10’s future looking bright.

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