Mysterious Motorola Device Passes the FCC, is it the XOOM?


Over the weekend we were tipped off to an FCC filing for a certain Motorola device with the model number T225. From the looks of the label placement and outline of the device we are guessing it corresponds to some sort of tablet, but unfortunately this isn’t one of the more fruitful FCC filings we have ever seen. The obvious guess is the Motorola XOOM, but a quick search of the model number returns little in terms of results. The T225 might suggest the device indeed uses a Tegra 2 processor inside. At the very least the ‘T’ probably has something to do with tablet.

With nothing much left to go on we can only speculate. Look like the Motorola XOOM to you? A second, unannounced tablet perhaps? It might even be just another Android phone (that we may or may not have seen yet). Whatever it is it received its approval at the end of December.

[via FCC, thanks Alex!]

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  1. i would like one please!

  2. If the dimensions are anything to go by then the sticker size relative to the device as a whole would suggest its a phone. (if measured in millimetres)

    Just a guess…. don’t grill me if I’m wrong =P

  3. That could very well be centimetres too which would suggest tablet. 25 cm is pretty close to 10 inches so it could be the XOOM.

  4. I dont think it is the Xoom as this is the model number Verizon has in their system. Motorola XOOM MOTMZ600

  5. @ ekt8750, that would be one hell of a big label. 10″x18″ and an even bigger device?

    the drawing of the device looks like something we’d see beneath a battery / battery cover of a phone….

  6. Also the vertical parts look like some sort of hinges/rails for a slide-out keyboard.

  7. With those curves, it reminds me of my Captivate….

  8. looks like bluetooth speaker phone to me.. could be an accessory..

  9. motorola t215 is a car speaker phone.. and t225 is gonna be a tablet ??? nah

  10. My number one question – even before cost, clock speed, memory, etc. is; “What did Motorola do with the bootloader?” Of course, we wont know that until it gets close to its launch.

  11. It is mm, not cm.

  12. As long as Motorola keeps stalling with the froyo updates to their non-US devices, new releases will be met with a shout for those updates online. That’s got to hurt their sales somewhat.

  13. Ok, it cant be the XOOM. It has to be another phone. Possibly a phone with a physical keyboard?

  14. I don’t know if the “T” means anything, my Nexus S is model # GT-19020T

  15. OMG! are you guys serious? Its not the XOOM! It’s the ATRIX! duh! The outline of the device is a dead giveaway it’s a view of the back of the phone (under the battery cover)

  16. The aspect ratio is wrong for the XOOM, and this one has two kickstands — it didn’t look like the XOOM came with kickstands.

  17. If you do any research you would know that motorola uses T for there blue tooth devices. also the serial number starting with sjyn is how they start the serial numbers for there bluetooth devices. if this is anything it will be a new bluetooth device and not the xoom. if the xoom is coming out in Q1 like stated then its already been through all the fcc approvals long ago not in Dec

  18. It’s 2 & 2/3 labels long.. 41.9 mm = 1.65 inches which would make it 4.40″ long account for slop in the lines which are thick and blurred.. it’s possible that could stretch this to match the Atrix length of 4.64 inches.. but then I just want more Atrix news…

  19. Are mobile phones always listed as ancillary equipment in FCC testing as it is with this filing?

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