GTV Prepping to Receive Updates


We just received an e-mail from Google regarding Google TV and and some sweet updates they are getting ready to unleash.

1. Netflix – A totally revamped UI for Netflix on Google TV makes it easier to browse and watch movies and TV shows in Netflix’s streaming catalogue.
2. Dual View – Watch TV and the use the web how you want, now that you can resize your screens and move them around to your liking.
3. Remote Control App – Starting today you can use your Android phone as a TV remote. Even change the channel with your voice. Find ‘Google TV Remote’ in Android Market.
4. Movie Results – Find the movie you want to watch in the our new movie search results page. Finds movies that are on TV, the web, Netflix, and Amazon VOD.

In addition to the features that are being pushed, Google mentioned a few bugs that have been fixed but neglected to go into further detail. With any luck these are the changes that needed to be implemented before manufacturers went ahead with showcasing their contributions.

Since its launch, Google TV has been plagued with numerous setbacks led by Fox blocking their content as well as the other Big 3.

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  1. I hope it’s not the same UI as the new Netflix on PS3. That interface is about a thousand times worse than the old one. That old interface was perfect, the new one cluttered, slow, and harder to browse.

  2. Agree. New netflix display is aweful. I thought my TV was set on zoom when it loaded :)

  3. this is old news. I received the update last week and was announced like last monday or tuesday i believe

  4. This is not a new update. The Logitech Revue received this update last week. And yes, the Netflix app is pretty much the same as on the PS3.

  5. I could swear I saw this same story here last week.

    Anyway, my logitech revue got the update on Friday last week. Biggest thing is that the Netflix app allows for searching and adding items to your queue. Oh, and the Google TV remote app is MUCH better and easier to use than the logitech remote app.

  6. A bit delayed on this post. Yeah my Sony GTV box got the update last week too :).


  8. ^Always
    Just found out the Behold II isn’t getting any upgrades beyond 1.6. Time to get back to work.

  9. I other cutting edge news, Apple Computer maker is releasing a music device called the iPod.

  10. They keep giving me email updates from Google & Logitech, but I still haven’t recieved the download yet. It’s kind of pissing me off!

  11. have you’ll heard of this thing call “the Internet”? sounds crazy you can also get “Electronic Mail”, the future is crazy!

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