Oct 21st, 2010 publishUpdated   Oct 22nd, 2010, 12:13 am

Looks like the Big Three are knocking their knees together when it comes to Google TV. Gizmodo is reporting that ABC, CBS and NBC is blocking access from Google TV, and Fox may not be far behind. That’s right, they’re pulling a Hulu on your new $1,400 TV. And when it boils down, it’s all about the ad revenue and fears that Google TV will cut into it with their ads. Not only that, but web advertisements are worth a lot less dinero than their traditionally broadcasted counterparts.

Yeah, we should have seen hiccups coming and knew that not everyone was going to enjoy what Google was trying to accomplish. But, damn.

And from the Reuters end of the web: Google is wasting no time in getting peace talks underway. Hopefully they’ll be able to convince the Big Four that Google isn’t trying to pee in their pool, just make a few more canals for the fishies to swim in.

In the interim, let’s all pray to the Google FSM that this is resolved quickly and relatively painlessly.

Edit: I couldn’t figure out a way to finesse this into the post cleanly, so I’ll clarify here. This block only affects the web broadcasts, and not the standard broadcasts.

[via Gizmodo & Reuters]

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