Android Oreo is coming to all US Galaxy Note 8 variants within 2-3 weeks


Samsung has been working tirelessly to get all the folks with a Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ upgraded to Android 8.0 Oreo on all US carriers. That goal alone took a while to achieve, so many thought the wait for the Galaxy Note 8’s treat would be unbearable.

Thankfully, it seems Samsung doesn’t want there to be a big gap. The company is promising Oreo to Galaxy Note 8 owners on all US carriers within 2-3 weeks.

Samsung also says unlocked owners of the Galaxy Note 8 will get it in that same time frame, a sour note for those still waiting on the update for the unlocked Galaxy S8 models here in the US.

In a rare communicative effort, Samsung revealed the reasoning why their unlocked US models take so long to get updated:

We understand that many of you have Unlocked Galaxy S8/+ and Note 8 devices and may be wondering why those with Carrier models are seeing the updates first. The reason for this is that Unlocked devices must go through more rigorous testing than Carrier-specific devices because we need to make sure there is proper network functionality across ALL supported networks. (Ex. Carrier-specific devices are made to handle that one network. Unlocked devices need to be able to handle ANY / ALL compatible networks. Thus, they require some more preparation.)

Take that for what you will. A vocal, sizable group of pissed off consumers aren’t buying it, but that’s where we are right now. Anyway, Note 8 owners should sit tight, while those with an unlocked Galaxy S8 should keep pestering Samsung on Twitter and other channels until you get what you want.

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